Repair + Breast Implant Revision

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Symmastia Repair, Sports Bra Suggestions or Should I Wear a Thong Bra? (photo)

I had symmastia repair in Jan '12 to replace 15-year old 425 mods. I changed to 550 mod+ implants filled to 625; however, they were really hard due to... READ MORE

Unusual Appearance to Breasts After Bottoming out Repair? (photos)

Im 5 weeks post op from a remove and replace with correction of bottoming out as well as a pocket repair on the left due to the implant sliding into... READ MORE

TUBA pocket problem or something else? (Photo)

I got 380 cc TUBA two years ago and my right breast is too high, my new ps says its a pocket not being even because of the TUBA procedure. I'm getting... READ MORE

Is it normal to have massive bruising? (photos)

I had Revision surgery and needed much repair work done to correct things gone wrong the first time with a different PS. Is major bruising normal for... READ MORE

Part II of question on Capsulorraphy, capsulectomy, capsulotomy repair without use of alloderm. (Photo)

"The use of alloderm has increased risk of seroma form and infec, & the need to use drains for a prolonged period of time. Alloderm is required to... READ MORE

I Had my Breast enlargement 2 years ago now and none of them have dropped! Too late to fix? (photo)

I Had my Breast enlargement 2 years ago now and none of them have dropped! There that Perky you can see the scars. Everyone who looks at them are like... READ MORE

Capsular repair worth it? Larger size? (Photo)

Post op 4 months. Dr. Said I need a capsular repair to lift my implants up since they are falling down. I can't wear most bathing suits or bras right... READ MORE

When can this be repaired? (Photo)

I can't live with this! I am a monster! The surgeon had a mistake! I asked a 32C cup and now I have this! With 445 cc anatomic polytech this is the... READ MORE

I am not sure what has happened, but I did my regular massage and awakened to this! Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had 9 surgeries in the last 20 years,5 in the last 2. I had saline implants replaced in 6/13 with silicone and got jumbo sized against my... READ MORE

Will breasts be even if repair is done on one?

I am scheduled to have a cc repair on my left breast this week . My ps assured me they will be even after surgery - but I am so nervous about it. In... READ MORE

Just had a breast lift, capsule repair and implant exchange. But breasts look much smaller (Photo)

I got a lift, a capsule repair and exchanged my 375cc silicone under the muscle to 550cc silicone under the muscle. This was done on the 22nd and it's... READ MORE

I had capsular contracture corrected 12 years ago. My right implant is dropped, Can this be repaired w/o implant removal?(Photo)

- the fold isn't proper and the "seam" close to the breastbone is loose. Cost estimate, too please and thank you. READ MORE

How would you repair my asymmetry after a ruptured implant?

I had surgery in 2004 to correct a breast asymmetry. I was an A cup on the left side and small C on the right. They did a lollipop lift and small... READ MORE

Can an implant that is sinking in one breast be repaired? (Photo)

Got breast implant in 2006 and from 2007 has been sinking READ MORE

Can a muscle that has been released too much during a BA be repaired?

I am a very active 55 year-old in excellent health who lifts 5 times a week. I had a BA on 10/20/15 to replace 15 y/o saline implants with silicone.... READ MORE

Procedure for repairing left breast implant. Shifted and hard.

Had implant replacement after 40 years. Am 71. Left implant shifted upward on inner side and hard. This was done 9 months ago. Am scheduled to have... READ MORE

Breast implant exchange, lift, and capsule repair, what can I do/wear to keep them nice looking and "in place"?

I had 350-375cc silicone U/M implants done in 2012. 6 months ago I went in for a full breast lift, a capsule repair on both, & went to 550cc silicone... READ MORE

What should I look for when choosing a surgeon for breast revision with multiple issues needing repair?

What is the best way to be sure I'm picking the right doctor ? I don't see any doctors that specialize only in breast revision ,most doctors do... READ MORE

1 week post op - capsular contracture repair and replacement from saline to silicone. Breasts are a little swollen. Thoughts?

I am one week post op. The drain was removed. I had to go back to work (not strenuous) 5 days post op. Today woke up with 100.4 fever and pretty... READ MORE

Can this turn out okay? (photos)

10th surgery. Lots of single side repairs & cc in between. Capsulectomy on left side w/strattice, symmastia rep abdfold repair on right with strattice... READ MORE

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