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What Do You Recommend for One Sided Recurring Capsular Contracture? Cohesive Gels?

I have had my implants changed x3 in 6 yrs and most recently just had a capsulectomy on the right, with return of the capsule w/in 2 months. It is... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Getting Capsular Contracture Again?

I have had my implants in for a little under 3 years. I have saline and got them done through my belly button. I have capsular contracture in my left... READ MORE

Recurrence of Muscle Contraction Deformity with Breast Implants

I recently had a breast augmentation revision to correct several problems, including muscle contraction deformity. The surgeon used 400cc MPP silicone... READ MORE

Have Had Encapsulation With Saline Implants, Than Again After Revision. What Are My Options?

I Had Saline Breast Implants 6 Years Ago.  I Had my Left Breast Implant Replaced Due to an Encapsulation.  Within 4 Months I Had an... READ MORE

Am I Getting a Contracture AGAIN? (photo)

First surgery 1-27;CC surgery 10-14 after singular for 4 mos;surgery re-do 10-17 for hematoma;still on singular as of 12-17;breast seems higher in... READ MORE

Infection After 3 Mths of BA. Are my Chances Higher of Having Another Infection? (photo)

I had breast implants removed and will have them put back in soon but I am worried i will get another infection or cc again. Am I more likely to have... READ MORE

Bilateral Baker IV CC and Mild Pain After 10 Months of BA- Will CC Reoccur With Revision? (photo)

10 months ago I had a BA with Mentor silicone implants under the muscle. I developed CC at 10 wks. w/severe pain at 13 weeks & have intermittent... READ MORE

Cost of Revision? What is the Percent Chance of Another Experience with Pain and Folded Implant After That?

My left breast hurts I think the implant is folded forward on the top so it's pointing outward at nipple. The bottom of left breast hurts. I... READ MORE

Concerns About Downsizing and Reoccuring Capsular Contracture?

I had 700 cc memory gel implants put in 4 months ago along with a tummy tuck and lipo on my arms, thighs, stomach , lower back and butt. Everything... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Recurrence? What Are the Chances? Anything I Can Do to Prevent?

I had revision sx 3 mo's ago to go to smler breast implants went from 2.25cc to 1.50cc. I was diagnosed by my dr that I have capsular contracture of... READ MORE

Wounds Would Not Close First Time Around, Will This Happen Again?

I Had Breast Augmentation in August, over the Muscle 340 Cc. 5 Weeks Post Op a Blister Appeared in the Incision (Right Side) the surgon checked it out... READ MORE

Will the Infection Come Back After Revision?

I had capsule contracture and needed surgery. I had both breasts replaced and 7 days later I woke up with a fever and flu like symptoms and the... READ MORE

Best Method for Recurrent CC?

I had my first BA in spring 2010. In fall of 2011, I had a revision to correct lateral displacement, bilateral grade II CC and to go smaller (200cc,... READ MORE

What is the best solution for recurring capsular contracture? (photos)

I had breast aug. in July of 2015, 350 cc Mentor silicone placed under the muscle, periareol incision. A few months later I developed capsular... READ MORE

What is the best approach for treating and preventing a reoccuring seroma?

I developed a seroma 3 weeks after I had a breast revision (this was confirmed via sonogram). I understand that seromas can be reated via needle... READ MORE

Second Breast Surgery, Another Capsule. Is This Going to Be Consistent? Should I Remove My Implants?

Is the bottom line I have to go for surgery every 6 months or get rid of the implants? I'm sick to death of all this :( READ MORE

What causes a recurrent seroma in breast?

Developed a seroma post breast redo. Dr said some serous fluid was in breast which he drained. Went from 700cc to 420. They looked great til 3 weeks... READ MORE

Recurrent Bilateral Capsular Contracture. Would that increase my chances of success?

I've had 3 breast surgeries, each time with brand new smooth silicone implants under the muscle. First was full lift with augmentation, and subsequent... READ MORE

Recurrent hematoma? 1 week post-op. (photos)

First Surgery 11/16/16 pain and swelling on left breast since day 1. I had a muscle spam/hematoma removed on 11/30/16. Left implant never dropped, I... READ MORE

Left breast monthly recurrent redness, inflammation and pain for going on a year now, following a breast red/aug?

Have any of you had any patients with this problem. The first swelling occurred @ 1 mo. & would go away after 1-2 wks & then come right back for 12... READ MORE

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