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11 Days Post Op from Hematoma Removal- Worried I Have Capsular Contracture.

Orig implants 1-27-11,Capsulectomy R side 10-14,bleeding stopped via surgery 10-17,random hematoma 200ccs of blood/fluid removed 12-21,Staph R... READ MORE

Should I Have to Pay for a Second Breast Augmentation Surgery After Infection?

One week after my breast augmentation surgery I had to have my implants removed due to infection in both sides. The doctor said it was not staph, but... READ MORE

Should I Have Implants Replaced or Removed Entirely?

I had 400cc implants ten years ago and a lift. i was a 34b and went to a 34dd. Now I want to have the implants removed and go back to a B cup. Will i... READ MORE

Any Medical Procedure Available to Remove Capsular Scars and Scars from Incision Site?

I had liposuction with horrible scars from my neck to my knees which all connected under my skin from point of incision and look like ropes everywhere... READ MORE

After Internal Bra Procedure, is It Possible to Remove the Permanent Sutures with Explant?

I had a revision breast aug w/ internal bra a year ago & have decided to explant. Is it possible to remove the internal bra sutures (attached to... READ MORE

What Happens to Scar Tissue That's Left in the Body After Implants Have Been Removed?

I had a re-do operation 1.5 yrs ago because of symmastia and the doctor fixed it by moving the implants from under the muscle to over the muscle.... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Vs Breast Surgeon for Explantation?

GP has recommended a breast specialist who seems to specialize in breast cancer. I am just having removal and no replacements nor lift at time of... READ MORE

Are You Able to Remove Saline from an Implant Six Months Post-op?

Four months ago I had breast augmentation.Going into surgery my doctor advised she was going to fill the left breast with 30 cc more than my right... READ MORE

Are polyurethane breast implants difficult to remove and replace?

I had a breast revision after 22 good years (Natrelle ) my surgeon replaced then in January with Slimed polyurethane implants They have been placed... READ MORE

Can a double bubble go away after implants have been removed? (Photo)

I had a revision done and it got worse. Then I had another revision with implant replacement. I still had a small bubble afterwards. I had my implants... READ MORE

Will High Profile Remove Rippling? (photos)

I currently have 450 silicone mod+ sub-muscular. I am 5'2 105lbs small frame. I have significant rippling in cleavage and implants sit too close.... READ MORE

Can't Decide if I Should Replace Implants or Just Remove Them, Which is Best?

I've had my saline implants 5 years. I went from a small B to a full C, and just 5 years later they look terrible. I can't decide if I should... READ MORE

Pectoral muscle removal

I had a capsulectomy several years ago. I then had a capsulotomy with some recontruction and a slightly larger implant placed 1 1/2 years ago. I... READ MORE

Surgeon Referral for "Difficult Cases"? LARGE Implant Removal, Lift. OKC/DALLAS Area

In 2002, I had my first breast augmentation. Due to bad scarring I opted to go with very large implants instead of a lift. I have saline McGhan 850CC... READ MORE

Can Naturalfil Be Used on Breasts Post Many Implant Replacements?

I have had nine implants over the years due to incapsulation. I am not badly incapsulated and uncomfortable. My physician says she can remove the... READ MORE

Is my only option removing the implants for an entire year? Why can't they just be replaced? (photos)

6 months ago I had a breast revision (to go bigger). 7 weeks after the surgery I developed a stitch abcess that infection the breast pocket. I've... READ MORE

What if You Need to Remove the Capsule Years After a Capsullorhaphy?

What if you need to remove the capsule (capsulectomy/capsulotomy) years after a capsullorhaphy that was done under the muscle? Is it possible? When... READ MORE

Would Ohip cover surgery to replace a breast implant removed due to severe infection of the breast?

Three years ago I had an emergency surgery in which my right implant only was removed. The effect of being left with 2 severely assymetrical breasts... READ MORE

Abscessed Present in Implant After Capsular Contracture, Should I Remove Implant?

Capsular contracture, 4 mos after surgery. PS advised addressing it surgically when I was ready. After a year, I scheduled surgery, and I woke to... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to a Remove the Scar Capsule when Replacing an Implant?

I want to replace very old textured saline implants for smooth silicone ones (under the muscle). If don't have capsular contraction is it better to... READ MORE

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