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6 Months Ago I Had Mentor 325 Cc's Smooth Round High Profile Silicone Breasts Implant Surgery, I Am 5' 4"

110 lbs. small frame and very athletic and feel they are too big for my lifestyle. I asked my Dr. what 325 cc was equal to in bra size prior to the... READ MORE

Will Reducing my Existing Implants 50cc Change the Size of my Breasts? (photo)

I have 330cc implants (filled 390cc and 375cc) and it took me from a full B/small C to a fullD/DD. This is just too big and I want to be more at a... READ MORE

Can I Go from 350cc Gel High Profile to 275cc Gel High Profile at 4 Months Post Op?

I am 4"11" and now weight 110 lbs. I had a breast augmentation Dec 29th 2010. 350cc gel high profile was placed in my breast. I was a 32A... READ MORE

I Want to Reduce my Implants from 300cc to 200cc, How Can I Choose the Best Implant Option?

I am 27, 60kgs, no pregnancies. 18 months ago i received 300cc mentor silicone gel high profile implants under the muscle. I feel they are a little to... READ MORE

I Want to Get Larger Implants, Plus Reduce the Size of my Areolas. Should the Procedure Be Staggered? (photo)

In 2008 I got 450cc high profile silicone implants placed over the muscle of my tubular breast. My areolas stretched even larger and scarred and I am... READ MORE

Reduction in Breast Implant and Areola Size

I have 450ccs on both breast under muscle, crease. Originally I wanted aerola incision & reduction ( and C cup)but doc said aerola would like fine... READ MORE

Who Specializes in Implant Exchange Reduction of 200ccs or More? (photo)

Presently have 550 cc high profile under muscle. Since my pocket switch from 350 to 550cc can't carry the weight of new implants. My revision... READ MORE

If I replace 325cc for 250cc, will they sag down because a larger pocket has already been formed?

Like to go smaller and thought 250 cc would be more my fit. I am athletic 5'4" 110 and lost most of my breasts due to breast feeding. B cup... READ MORE

Distance Running and Implant Revision Surgery Dangers?

I have posted here before and I REALLY appreciate all the prof. advice. I have 500cc sil. implants and am an avid runner. Right now around 30+ miles a... READ MORE

How Many CCs Would I Have to Remove to go From DDD to Small D/Full C Cup?

Hi, I just got 421cc mod+ silicone implants 13 days ago, and I am measuring a 32ddd. I know it is still early, but I am considering replacement. How... READ MORE

Hematoma on Right Breast?

I am three weeks post-op from breast reduction/lift/implant exchange. On day 10 I saw my plastic surgeon and he informed me I had a small hematoma... READ MORE

Second Breast Augmentation for Reduction - Which Size Implant to Switch Too?

I am looking to reduce my breast size with 2nd breast augmentation. I currently have a 300-330cc round saline implant under the muscle and wear a... READ MORE

What would you recommend to achieve round high cleavage look? (photos)

Hi Guys, I have recently undertaken breast augmentation and have gone from a D cup (natural) to a DD with silicone implants I went in and requested a... READ MORE

Rethinking for a revision. I'm 4"11, about 135 lbs have 470cc gummy bears. What is a good size for me going down? (Photo)

Rethinking for a revision I'm 4"11 and weight about 135 have 470cc gummy bear ..My question is what is a good size for me thinking going down 100cc... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction with an implant and lift 6 months ago. There was a revision 4 weeks ago. What should I do? (Photo)

Help I feel botched. I had breast reduction with an implant n lift 6 months ago. There was a revision 4 weeks ago because the left implant was to high... READ MORE

Post benelli lift with 550 implants. Now large areola, ptosis, scarring, and out of place implants. (photos)

What can I do to fix things? I'm hoping to smaller breast or anything? Cost is of it is not an issue but if you could give me a ball park figure that... READ MORE

Downsizing advice please. 1st BA 6 months ago. Mentor, round, smooth, 225cc, moderate plus 10.9 cm. Too big and round. (photos)

I'm small and short, 4’11’’, 43kg. I'd like to downsize, to as small as possible. Please kindly advice: 1- Moderate 150cc, 10.3cm w or 130cc, 9.6cm? ... READ MORE

Headed to surgery soon, wanted other doctors opinions: Bottom out breast (textured or smooth). (photos)

The doctor is going to take the fluid out of my breast 2 weeks before surgery . He is going to tighten my poles , the bottom and the sides . I am... READ MORE

What is the biggest implant I can get if I get a breast reduction and lift first?

I now have 1400 cc saline implants.. i still have alot of lose skin.. i want the porn star fake boob look. i want them to be very high on my chest... READ MORE

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