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Got Implants That Were Too Large for My Body, I Want Perky, Small Boobs, Advice? (photo)

5'4" 98lbs, petite! Surgeon deflated 480cc implants last week, that he put in initially 2 months ago; they were HUGE for my body. I'm... READ MORE

Will I Need a Lift If I Reduce my 450cc Implants to 350cc? (photo)

Greetings. It has been 3 months since my breast augmentation. My implants are touching each other ( no gap between them). I'm 5'4, and 130 lbs... READ MORE

Can I Get Saline Implants Deflated a Little if I Think They're Too Big?

Can I get my saline implants deflated a little if I think they are too big? READ MORE

I Want to Reduce my Breast Implant Size? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation 11/17/12- I was a 36B and I went to a 36DD. They are saline implants Moderate profile 700 cc. I do not like how low my... READ MORE

Will filling my implant more help with the rippling or should I fat graft? (photo)

I had a revision surgery almost 4 weeks ago, and as the swelling has subsided I've noticed an abundance of rippling on my right breast. I changed from... READ MORE

I had BA with 320cc teardrop shaped silicone implants 12 months ago. (Photo).

I always expressed that I did not want large breasts and now I am wanting to reduce the size if it is an easy thing to do. I find the breasts are a... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Approach a Silicon Implant Reduction?

At 16 I had a breast reduction. I went to a pediatric surgeon appointed by my insurance. Years later I had severe scaring and sagging. I sought out a... READ MORE

Downsizing Sooner Rather Than Later? Need Second Opinion.

PS chose 300cc-400cc range for my 32A 5'5" athletic frame. I loved to 300's but the nurse and my friend urged me to embrace cleavage and ultimately I... READ MORE

Breast augmentation to reduce the size of my implants. What's the smallest I can reduce to without having a lift? (Photo)

Currently I have saline 450cc TUBA method. I would like to go down to 350cc silicone periareolar method if I don't need a lift. I have good amount of... READ MORE

Would like to reduce my silicone implant size. Want to know if I can go to saline. How difficult a surgery & cost? (photo)

I am 58 years old. I originally got 500cc silicone implants placed in 1987. They had to be replaced in 2000 due to both were ruptured. The doctor said... READ MORE

Implant Revision Surgery. Will reducing 1 cup size make a lot of difference?

I met with a surgeon to discuss breast implant revision surgery. I have PIP high profile 270 cc, 11.2 cm diameter with a 4 cm projection. I would like... READ MORE

How to achieve the results I want downsizing? BA was done 3 months ago. 339cc Natrelle 15. Reduce to 150cc Natrelle 10? (Photo)

Considering going from 339 to about 150. I'm reluctant to go larger than 150cc (my doctor recommending keeping diameter) because I want to ensure that... READ MORE

Will downsizing 300cc, Saline MP to 240cc Saline MP reduce 1/2 cup size without a lot of sagging? I'm 48 yrs, 5'4 1/2, 112 lbs

Under, had a lift also at that time, 5 yrs ago. Before kids and surgery, was 128, naturally 34 D and top heavy. After 2 kids breast feeding, weight... READ MORE

What size and shape should I reduce to for a natural look? (Photo)

My PS gave me 505 HP implants under the muscle & they are WAY too big. I had 335 HP before & I loved the size but I had a huge bony gap plus some... READ MORE

Reduce Breast Implant Size 505 cc to 400 cc. Will I be able to avoid a lift?

I am 22, 5'7", 140 lbs. I had a breast augmentation 2 weeks ago, 505 cc HP under the muscle. I feel like my boobs are way too huge. I hate the way... READ MORE

Can you reduce from 450cc high profile gel to a 350cc moderate? (Photo)

It's been 2 and half years since first BA. I am finding the heavy when working out. I become easily out of breathe. I have a lot of tissue and my skin... READ MORE

How many CC's will I need to lose to lose a full cup size? (Photo)

I'm approx 4 months post full lift/ augment. I love my breasts and feel my PS did a wonderful job. My issue is the size. I feels heavy in the lower... READ MORE

Hi, I am 27 years old and have had implants (325cc hp). I want to reduce them to 200cc. Should I wait after having children?

I was originally 32B and wanted to be 32C... unfortunately, I am now 32DD (same brand for all sizes mentioned). I want to go back to 32C assuming that... READ MORE

How do breasts change after revision surgery and the implants are smaller?

I am at the moment 4.5 weeks post op. They are improving in shape however still quite big- too big for my frame and personality. I am totally aware... READ MORE

What are my options for reducing breast implant size? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation with 515 cc implants. I was originally a saggy B but now 3weeks after sugery, I don't feel comfortable at all, they are... READ MORE

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