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4 weeks post breast implant replacement and lift. Cracking skin redness rippling and yellow spotting... (photos)

The yellow fluids have not stopped since my surgery. It has lessened to spots on my bra at 4 weeks. My ps says that it is normal with this type of... READ MORE

Redness and sharp pains at incision site normal after 4 1/2 months post op?

I started working out 2 weeks ago and noticed breast pain and occasional sharps pains at my incision site of my breast lift and tummy tuck. Is this... READ MORE

5 days post op, I'm experiencing redness, itching, and rash surrounding incisions. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 5 days post op from a revision from saline to silicone implants. No pain, no fever, skin isn't hot. Not CRAZY itchy either. READ MORE

Redness, rash and itchy around breast after surgery (Photo)

I had implants switched from saline to silicone 4 weeks ago. immediately i was itchy,red & blotchy. We removed glue strips and while it got better im... READ MORE

Normal redness? 4 days post op breast lift with implant exchange (Photo)

The redness has gotten a lot worse over the last day. Normal? I'm also concerned the breasts are too low as well. Could this resolve itself as I heal... READ MORE

Bright Redness on breasts 3 days post-op; could it be a infection? (Photos)

Ive noticed my right breast near the incision is red and then there is a place on my left breast that is bright red as well. SLIGHTLY warm to touch... READ MORE

Should I have my implants removed if 6 different antibiotic regimens do not completely clear what seems like an infection?

Had revision of old implants dec 14 , developed bilateral hematomas due to blood thinner, surgery to clean pockets jan 8, 2015. Wound healing issue,... READ MORE

I just had a breast augmentation implant exchange. How long can I expect it to take before I know there isn't any inflammation?

I just had a breast augmentation revision surgery from 300 cc saline to silicone 425 cc. My pockets had little alteration, except for a small cut to... READ MORE

After revision breast surgery I have fever, pain, redness, swelling, flu like symptoms and pus. What is causing this?

10 days post op breast revision surgery. Yesterday had intense pain over breast (stronger than day of or after surgery) intensifies when breathing,... READ MORE

Looking for a board certified Seattle area breast surgeon with experience working with gel implant rupture. Must accept Premera.

I have a capsular contracture that I have been told by imaging is herniated and is a silent rupture. I am in severe pain with redness and clear... READ MORE

Is breast redness after upsizing temporary?

I'm exactly 2 months after BA. I used to have 335 g implants, explanted and chose 525 cc. I am a small A cup naturally. What bothers me is... READ MORE

What is the cause of redness 2 week post op breast implants revision due to rupture?

Redness and increased pain were found 2 weeks later on one breast which had the capsuletomy. Oral and IV Vancomycin did nothing to relieve redness.... READ MORE

Extreme itching and redness on scars (Photo)

I had a breast revision 8 weeks ago after initial BL with implants 6 months prior. My implants had bottomed out and right breast had capsular... READ MORE

Is this redness normal 1 week after revision? (Photo)

I had to have one lifted and they injected fat into them to fill them out. It is extremely painful to the touch READ MORE

Redness on one breast two weeks after augmentation. Cellulitis or something else? Worried after researching cellulitis (Pohto)

I replaced my 350cc saline implants with 700cc silicone implants. Today I happened to have a gyno appointment, my dr noticed redness on the underside... READ MORE

Burning Pain Under Implant Day 4 Post Op?

Hello Had my op on Monday 265cc, all went well infact they actually look good, no bruising or redness or blood or anything, but internally i am in so... READ MORE

Left breast monthly recurrent redness, inflammation and pain for going on a year now, following a breast red/aug?

Have any of you had any patients with this problem. The first swelling occurred @ 1 mo. & would go away after 1-2 wks & then come right back for 12... READ MORE

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