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What Are the Chances That Capsular Contracture Will Occur Again and Can I Do Anything to Help Prevent It?

In April of 2002 I had a breast lift and augmentation. In August of 2002 had surgery to correct the capsular contraction that had occured in my left... READ MORE

What is the Chance of Recurrence of Symmastia?

I am going for a consultation for symmastia revision. I would describe the symmastia as moderate. I do not want an overly large gap between my breasts... READ MORE

Whats The Chance of Capsular Contracture Happening Twice?

So one week out of surgery 2nd time a round went great look great had capsularcontrature got it all fix p.s. said it was from my hematoma I got they... READ MORE

Fixing Capsular Contracture - Odds of Reoccurance?

I got my first implants about 8 years ago (425's) and then replaced them with 625's filled to 700 a year later to achieve more upper fulless. I have... READ MORE

Second Time Capsular Contracture. What is my Best Option?

9 months ago I had implants replaced due to capsular contracture. The new ones capsulated to grade 2 and 3 within a couple of months. They were placed... READ MORE

What is the Likelihood of Repeated Capsular Contracture with Implant Replacement and Position?

I developed Baker Grade IV capsular contracture within a year of getting silicone implants above my muscle. Years later my ps replaced them with... READ MORE

Capsular Contraction in Breast Second Time Around?

I got my first breast augmentation 5 years ago with 250 cc gel implants. I soon after got capsular contraction in both breast. After 4 years I changed... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Likelihood for Subglandular vs Submuscular?

Had surgery for cc of L breast (never went Bk to soft squishy state).now right cc.Chances of cc w/sub-glandular vs.sub-muscular? better to place both... READ MORE

Reccurent capsular contracture specialist?

My 1st surgery was on 10/13, smooth silicone unders. Implants never dropped. Capsulotomy with implant exchange followed on 2/14. Cc formed almost... READ MORE

I Have Had 6 Breast Implant Infections This Yr. Even 2 Following New Implant?

I have had 4 different antibiotics, even IV. they work for about 2 months and infection returns. what to do READ MORE

Saline Vs Silicone-re Size-capsular Contracture?

Is it true that you need to go at least 100 cc's bigger when switching from saline to silicone implants in order to get the same projection?... READ MORE

Breast revision surgery after unsuccessful closed capsulectomy. What are the chances of CC returning?

Against better advice from this site, I went forward with a Closed Capsulectomy. Needless to say, it was unsuccessful & I needed to have open... READ MORE

Is my Body Trying to Reject the Implants?

I had the 1st surgery on April 2011. 3 weeks later my right 1 ruptured, 3 months later in August of 2011 my right 1 ruptured. Then this past Saturday... READ MORE

Two Months Post Op from Bottoming out Revision. I Feel Pressure and Bruising on One Side. Could I Be Bottoming out Again?

I had a breast augmentation 1/31/13 (silicone- 286cc). By 4 months post op I had bottomed out on both breasts & had a revision 7/31/13. I am now 2... READ MORE

Replacement Due to Capsular Contracture in 2007, 6 Years Later I Feel a Tightness in My Chest Again?

I had my first silicone implants in 1999, in February 2007 I had one replaced due to CC then just 6 months later the other one had to be done. Now 6... READ MORE

What are my options for reoccurring capsular contracture on one side only?

I had my breasts done in '12 through the nipple w/ saline under the muscle, my right side developed a terrible CC and I had revision surgery w/ a new... READ MORE

Do I Need to Take out my Breast Implant?

I had to remove a breast implant that collapsed on my right side. So both breasts were placed with new silicon implants. I felt sick right after... READ MORE

Evil recurring capsular contracture from hell. Does ADM help with bottomed out breast implants?

I've gotten my breasts done twice, and one of my boobs has the same hard stubborn dent (scar tissue) that won't go away! My 2nd pair is... READ MORE

Would trying subfascial be worth a try ? When considering recurring capsule contracture? (Photo)

My size is 410 saline 3 surgeries 1 year. Last one was with capsulectomy in feb 2015. No plans to do anything for a while. Give my body a break . My... READ MORE

How good of a chance is there to correct capsular contracture?

Hi I just had my 2 month post op appmt. with my PS, & found out that I have cap. contracture. This was my FIRST cosmetic procedure EVER. Is this... READ MORE

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