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Removing 1000cc Breast Implants, Replace With 500cc, Then Lift; Can it Be Done in One Procedure? (photo)

I have 1000cc implants. I want to have them removed, with a breast lift and smaller implants (maybe 500cc). I did get a consult, and the Dr. wants me... READ MORE

Why Do my 650cc Hp Gel Implants Look Small?

I had implants a year ago 425 overfilled to 475cc. i am three days post op with my second surgery and i chose 650cc high profile gels. why do they... READ MORE

My Doctor Says This Can Change to Be Symmetrical; 1st Revision. Is This at All Normal? (photo)

Rev. was to sew left pocket to move breast to center, and to fix cc in right. all scar tissue is gone in right, still feel ropes in left. doc. says 1... READ MORE

One Breast Larger Than the Other 2 Years Post Op?

I had my augmentation 2 years ago. Now my right breast is all of a sudden much bigger than the left one. I had a capsulectomy about 6 months ago to... READ MORE

There is internal stitching, but why is it indented with a fat pocket above it? Will it go away? (Photo)

I'm scared it's going to heal deformed like this, the other side looks nothing like this. READ MORE

Will the Infection Come Back After Revision?

I had capsule contracture and needed surgery. I had both breasts replaced and 7 days later I woke up with a fever and flu like symptoms and the... READ MORE

Saline Replaced With Larger Saline Implants, and the Results Are Smaller and Very Jiggly?

Hello i am 34 yrs old and got 425cc saline implants 6 yrs ago. A mth ago i replaced them with high profile 530cc filled to 600 saline implants. I am... READ MORE

Why Does One of my PIP Replacement Implants Keep Dropping?

I had my original breast augmention done 5 years ago and 2 months ago had them replaced due to them being the PIP implants. They were both symmetrical... READ MORE

Revision Implants. Why Is My Doctor Not Cooperating?

I have. Cohesive gel implant Sub glandular. Round moderate. 295 cc. In the left one. And. 260 cc in the right one. 11 month ago. Why My breasts are so... READ MORE

I Had a Silicon Breast Revision Done 3 Weeks Ago, my Right is Lovely and Soft but my Left is Still Really Hard?

Can Someone Please Explain to Me, Why when I Lift my Arms Above my Head my right Soft Implant Stays in the Same Place, but my Left harder implant... READ MORE

Breast Implant Replacement. Why is There An Incision in My Areola?

Hello my name is keylin... A year and 2 months ago i had transumbilical breast augmentation and 2 months ago my right breast got deflated and i had it... READ MORE

Submuscular implants looking flat and small. Is it because I changed to submuscular? (Photo)

My chest is looking flat. I've had 620 cc implants put in under the muscle. This is my fourth surgery. I've had 375 cc, 560 cc silicone , after I went... READ MORE

I'm a healthy, 44yr old. Recently had my 3rd surgery, and have now, yet again popped open. Why does this keep happening? (Photo)

5 wks post op- my 2nd redo of my maxipexy/implant placement. I've healed better this time around but now, after the tape was removed, I've popped open... READ MORE

Why does my revision boob look so terrible? (Photo)

Why do I look so awful? This is horrible and I feel like my PS doesn't know what he's doing. He has made me look like a freak, and I'm so depressed... READ MORE

Revision surgery. Why not subglandular? (Photo)

Apologies I am posting an additional question here because I cannot reply. My surgeon has recommended replacing my 410cc teardrop submusc with 440cc... READ MORE

Will someone please tell me why my 650cc do not look like 650? (Photo)

I've had 325cc before they look a little bigger than that to me, regardless they should look a lot bigger, I'm very happy but I just want to know a... READ MORE

Why are my boobs so flat? (Photo)

I had a breast lift and implant exchange a week ago, where did my boobs go? I had a lot of natural breast tissue also, so I was a FULL DD. Why are... READ MORE

Has anyone ever seen or heard of mesh becoming exposed like this? If so, how does this happen? (Photo)

I have had 5 revisions on one side, after getting breast implants. The 3rd revision the mesh was placed under the implant & seemed to work perfectly.... READ MORE

Why do I have to stop taking birth control 2 weeks before breast augmentation?

In my previous breast augmentation I didn't have to do that, but a new doctor is asking me to for my breast implant revision. Why is that? READ MORE

My areola keeps popping out after tuberous breast correction. Why is this happening? Will it become normal in the future?

Hi! I had a severe tuberous breast deformity and just had a surgery 3 months ago to correct them. My fold lowered  a bit with implants and my... READ MORE

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