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I Have 380 Cc Silicone Implants Would It Be Possible to Change to 800 Cc?

I am 5'7 weight 110 hoping for bigger implants double d or ddd READ MORE

Is my wish boob realistic? (Photo)

My surgery is scheduled for next week. Currently have 20-yr. old saline unders and need a unilateral capsulectomy. I'm hoping to add some cleavage,... READ MORE

How Likely is It That my Doctor Will Fix the Assymetry That I Orginally Saw Him For?

7/20/11 I had Mastopexy/Aug & TT/lipo, for breast asymmetry, & loose sagging skin Pre-op right-c cup & left D-DD(did lollipop smooth mod... READ MORE

Replacing Implants After Having Kids, Is It Unrealistic To Expect The Results I Had Prior To Kids?

I originally had 190cc, high profile implants and downsized to 120cc since then i've had 2 kids and have lost volume with a little bit of drooping... READ MORE

Why Won't my Surgeon Do my Breast Revision the Way I Want?

Breasts are assymetrical post lift/reduction with 400cc silicone implants done over 1 yr ago. Left breast is still 100cc larger than right sits lower... READ MORE

Revision options? Am I too unrealistic to want "Barbie" boobs? (Photo)

I am 42 years old and got 325cc saline implants 14 years ago. I want a youthful chest. I wear a 34g bra and need xl shirts to fit the boobs leaving me... READ MORE

Implant revision opinions? Very tight and non desired outcome. 8 months PO is my wish pic achievable realistically? (Photos)

110 lbs 5'3 ,275 cc moderate round silicone unders 34b/32d They moved way apart after swelling dissipated, desperate for cleavage .I am having issues... READ MORE

I am I being unrealistic thinking that changing my 450 silicone to 580 gummy bear will give me a natural teardrop shape? (Photo)

Help! I just had 450 silicone placed and they feel like balls on my chest. I would like a full D cup with a natural tear drop shape. I'd like more... READ MORE

Is it realistic for me to have the "fake look". (Photos)

I had a breast lift with implants HP 450cc 2 years ago loved the result now my breast appear long rather than fuller . Would it be possible for me to... READ MORE

What surgery will I be looking at to achieve the look I want of perky, large breasts w/ no lateral movement of breasts? (Photos)

I also want to go bigger I am currently a 400cc and wouldn't mind going to 750cc. I was also wondering if my pockets are too large as the breast go... READ MORE

7 years post-op: Have I bottomed out? Do I require corrective surgery? (Photos)

Good Afternoon, I had BA in 2010, 2 years ago I had concerns that my right breast was 'bottoming out' I have since had a baby & would like a... READ MORE

Can the aesthetic of my breasts be improved? (Photos)

I am 2 years postop from an intiial breast aug. I haven't been as pleased as I hoped with the overall look and considering secondary surgery to... READ MORE

Replacing 421cc implants with smaller ones? (Photos)

I had a breast augmentation in February 2013 and got 421cc mod+ silicone implants. I went from an A to a DD, which at the time seemed like a good idea... READ MORE

Revision to correct asymmetry? (Photos)

Meeting w/ my Dr at my 1 year mark. Will be asking to do a revision. Keeping same implants, but want a lift, as well as make my breasts match. They... READ MORE

Do I need revision? Is it reasonable I don't like about the outcome of my surgery? Are my expectations unrealistic? (Photos)

I'm 7 weeks p.o with 375 anatomical unders. I wanted 550,but they couldn't fit. I came for a correction for tubular breasts. The surgeon said the only... READ MORE

Restrictions on breast revision? (photos)

I just had implants done July & after was obvious right was much smaller than left. surgeon said would do the revision 4 free b/ have 2 pay for... READ MORE

What are some realistic options for revisions and time frame to wait?

Donut breast lift w/implants, 6 m post op w/concerns- visible puckering/pleating & un even nipples. Unhappy with scars. Best options ? I tried just... READ MORE

What could this be and how soon can I fix it? Is it realistic to have revision at 4.5 months po or is it required to wait 6 m?

Had massive reduction/lift/remove/replace 4 months ago. Third reduction in my life (they just grow back). Very small implants 150cc for upper... READ MORE

What are realistic expectations from surgery to remove scar tissue and change tear drop to round implants?

I have tear drop implants for 1 1/2 years. L side is ok. R side has Scar tissue won't soften, a line from under my arm to where my port was, a hole... READ MORE

Is the look in my wish pictures and "look" I have described below realistic or possible with current breast and stats? (Photo)

I'm 31, no child, 150lbs, 5'8". I suffered ptsosis, sig asymmetry from puberty so had FULL lift with small LOW profile implants (r:175cc) (L:225cc)... READ MORE

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