Realistic + Breast Implant Revision

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I Have 380 Cc Silicone Implants Would It Be Possible to Change to 800 Cc?

I am 5'7 weight 110 hoping for bigger implants double d or ddd READ MORE

Is my wish boob realistic? (Photo)

My surgery is scheduled for next week. Currently have 20-yr. old saline unders and need a unilateral capsulectomy. I'm hoping to add some cleavage,... READ MORE

How Likely is It That my Doctor Will Fix the Assymetry That I Orginally Saw Him For?

7/20/11 I had Mastopexy/Aug & TT/lipo, for breast asymmetry, & loose sagging skin Pre-op right-c cup & left D-DD(did lollipop smooth mod... READ MORE

Replacing Implants After Having Kids, Is It Unrealistic To Expect The Results I Had Prior To Kids?

I originally had 190cc, high profile implants and downsized to 120cc since then i've had 2 kids and have lost volume with a little bit of drooping... READ MORE

Why Won't my Surgeon Do my Breast Revision the Way I Want?

Breasts are assymetrical post lift/reduction with 400cc silicone implants done over 1 yr ago. Left breast is still 100cc larger than right sits lower... READ MORE

Revision options? Am I too unrealistic to want "Barbie" boobs? (Photo)

I am 42 years old and got 325cc saline implants 14 years ago. I want a youthful chest. I wear a 34g bra and need xl shirts to fit the boobs leaving me... READ MORE

I am I being unrealistic thinking that changing my 450 silicone to 580 gummy bear will give me a natural teardrop shape? (Photo)

Help! I just had 450 silicone placed and they feel like balls on my chest. I would like a full D cup with a natural tear drop shape. I'd like more... READ MORE

Restrictions on breast revision? (photos)

I just had implants done July & after was obvious right was much smaller than left. surgeon said would do the revision 4 free b/ have 2 pay for... READ MORE

What could this be and how soon can I fix it? Is it realistic to have revision at 4.5 months po or is it required to wait 6 m?

Had massive reduction/lift/remove/replace 4 months ago. Third reduction in my life (they just grow back). Very small implants 150cc for upper... READ MORE

Is the look in my wish pictures and "look" I have described below realistic or possible with current breast and stats? (Photo)

I'm 31, no child, 150lbs, 5'8". I suffered ptsosis, sig asymmetry from puberty so had FULL lift with small LOW profile implants (r:175cc) (L:225cc)... READ MORE

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