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Right Implant Rising Up Under the Muscle.

I had silicone, sub-muscular implants about 1 year ago and the right breast implant is "rising up" under the muscle. This is what my PS said... READ MORE

Can I Have a Breast Lift?

Three months ago I had a breast aug with L310cc and R335cc round impl. As you can see on the first picture my fold was moved down. My breasts and... READ MORE

10 days post op, will this improve? (photos)

Hi, I am ten days post op and have had an implant replacement and nipple lift as I wanted them smaller as after my son my nipples had stretched and... READ MORE

Painful Slightly Raised Vein After Revision Breast Surgery for Capsular Contracture?

Hi, I had revision for cc 14 days ago. It's not easy to see on the photos, but I noticed a visible vein on my upper chest not long after the operation... READ MORE

What is the best solution for recurring capsular contracture? (photos)

I had breast aug. in July of 2015, 350 cc Mentor silicone placed under the muscle, periareol incision. A few months later I developed capsular... READ MORE

110 lbs 5'2" breast implant revision #2. Contemplating Inspira srm 330 or srf 345. Dr wants me to pick size. (photos)

Circa 1980 ruptured, replaced with421cc style 15 (2015) and anchor lift (1) revision lower pocket ( 4-2016) 1st revision Doctor lowered both pockets... READ MORE

Is it too late for a thong bra? My skin has raised between my boobs after my breast augmentation. (photos)

I think the implants might be too big for my frame or I need a different style implant. My PS insisted that 550cc would be fine for my frame. I was a... READ MORE

Can fold be heightened after being lower. I don't mean a lift. (photos)

No breast tissue, no sag- 1st ba lowered my fold to accommodate my 650hp (14.2cm) implant, after symmastia- revised to smaller implant 500hp (13cm)... READ MORE

Is a revision needed? Is the scar supposed to feel like a keloid? (photos)

So it's been 4 months since I got my BA. I had hoped that they would have spaced out and look a little bit normal. They are still too close together... READ MORE

Can my breasts be raised & made rounder? I had a BA & lift. 450cc gummy bear implant surgery, Mid Nov/14 in Toronto (Photo)

I saw my surgeon today. He said what I see, is what I get. Due to my age, (50) nothing more can be done. He said my nipples prove that they are... READ MORE

What to do about hypertrophic scars? (photos)

I got breast implants 4 months ago and I got two huge hypertrophic scars. I'm almost sure they're not keloids since I've had them before in the same... READ MORE

Why are my nipples uneven and my left breast is bigger than my right - a larger implant was inserted to even them out. (photos)

I'm 5 weeks post op and my left breast is incredibly larger and has a raised nipple that is shifted and pointed outward. There is 210 on left and... READ MORE

Uneven/different shaped areola after BA. How much can it be raised? (photo)

I'm 8.5 months post op and started out with tuberous breasts. I'm pleased with everything but my assymetrical areolas. my left areola is hanging lower... READ MORE

How much does downsizing, capsulopexy, and fixing capsular contracture cost?

Help! My left breast feels hard, raised scar, painful. My right breast feels soft, less raised scar, no pain. Uncomfy sleeping on left. Is it capsular... READ MORE

Can my breast fold be raised after it has been lowered? Have I bottomed out? (photos)

I was wondering if my Breast fold can be raised again? I feel like my breasts are too low on my body and it has made my torso look too short and makes... READ MORE

When going under the pec, can you raise the crease? (photos)

I had my Breast implant Xchange & donut lift 3weeks ago but I'm not happy with result. They are still wide set & are sitting very low with a double... READ MORE

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