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After Two Months I Feel a Pulling Sensation Under my Left Breast - Is This Normal?

I have mentor moderate plust smoothe 375cc's implants. After two months yesterday I began to feel a pulling sensation or like pressure below my... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Pulling/tugging Feeling Under the Breast 6 Months Post Op from a Capsulorrhaphy?

Is it normal to have a pulling/tugging feeling under the breast 6 months post op from a capsulorrhaphy? It feels bruised almost but not when I touch... READ MORE

I'm removing a deflated saline implant on the right side. Then replacing both with silicone. Any suggestions?

My saline implants have deflated three times now. Each replacement has been through the nipple. I now have a weird pulling on my right nipple almost... READ MORE

3 weeks since replacement surgery of 16 yr old ruptured implant. My scar is pulling, will this corrected?

Waited 6 mos for revision. Breast that held collapsed saline implant is still swollen from the struggle it was for surgeon, since the muscle had... READ MORE

It looks as if the muscle was pulled quite tight under my breast and looks weird after revision of double bubble. (photo)

I've had a reconstructive surgery after my 1st BA on left breast. The left fold was much longer and there was a double bubble effect. I am now 2 weeks... READ MORE

A muscle tear or pulled sutures?

My left breast bottomed out so an internal bra was put in place and also both were lifted. My left breast and under arm have been VERY tender. On day... READ MORE

Replacement Saline Implants, something wrong, left smaller, lower, leaking, twisted? Done less than 3 months ago. Help? (photos)

6/29, I had new saline, low profile round 310CC implants. Replaced those from '99-300CC saline teardrop textured - right one leaking. Replacement Surg... READ MORE

8 days post op breast lift and I am bleeding from my incision and as if my stitched opened up. (Photo)

I had breast lift and implants 1 year and 5 months ago. Unfortunately my breasts dropped again and i relifted them. I am 8 days post op my implant was... READ MORE

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