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Implants Are Puckering 4 Months Post Op- How To Fix This?

4 months out of BA... Implants are puckering and folding so much that I have to be careful what I wear ..The pucker will sometimes be 1/4 in high..... READ MORE

Internal Bra Recovery, From the Side They're Puckered and Dented. Normal?

Hello ,I had revision surgery 1 week ago. I had an internal bra, and replaced 480 cc mod profile with 550 cc HP silicone implants. They are very... READ MORE

Loose Skin, Abnormal Cleavage After Implant Exchange? (photo)

Original BA 350 cc saline 7 years ago. Very hard and unnatural. Had exchange done 4 mths ago. Asked for 500 cc hp silicone and ps put in 650 cc.... READ MORE

How long does the puckering to fade & breast take on a rounder shape after periareolar lift & implant revision? (photos)

I had a periareolar lift and implant revision/reduction 8 wks ago. I went from a 475 cc implants to 325cc. I love the size and overall shape. However,... READ MORE

Skin Sagging After Implant Exchange to Smaller and Capsulorraphy?

I had my original ba 7 years ago. 300 cc saline implants were put in. They were never very natural feeling and I decided to have silicone put in. We... READ MORE

Follow up: What can I do about a botched surgery , where my breast look worse than before I had it? (photo)

I paid for a breast lift & implants Dr. Horndeski said I would be a D cup, I am still a C also my breast have very bad puckering where his scareless... READ MORE

Symmastia repair with strattice, what to expect?

I had a symmastia and fold rep w/strattice last week. I had a symmastia repair w/o strattice that failed, but this looks very different. I have a... READ MORE

4 weeks post op of capsulorraphy revision for bottoming out, skin folding/puckering? (Photo)

I had my surgery about 4 weeks ago to fix the bottoming out of my left breast. Both breasts were done using internal stitches and I was made aware of... READ MORE

Revision? Second surgery? Areola repair? How long do I need to wait? Should I trim the stitches poking out? (photo)

My tape came off today. I'm appalled with the incisions. One he cut straight through areola & then beneath. My skin is puckering at the stitches... READ MORE

Breast lift revision? What's best approach? (Photos)

Due to saggy post baby breasts I had donut breast lift and implant at 450 cc moderate silicone. 6months ago. My breast have have dropped and look... READ MORE

Post RB capsulectomy and bilateral mastopexy, will puckering under nipple and cone shape go away with time? (photos)

BA in 2012, silicon nurtrelle style 20, 450cc LB, 500cc RB. Contraction began in 1st yr, progressively tightened & never dropped into fold. Just... READ MORE

Can I get revision breast augmentation for free?

I had breast implants replaced 5 months ago. I had silicone implants before and now saline under the muscle.I really really don't like the results.My... READ MORE

One week post op revision surgery BL and my skin is puckering. Is this normal? (photos)

Originally had lollipop lift. Bottomed out. I went to do the revision with the same surgeon. I'm a week out and this time we opted for the anchor scar... READ MORE

3 weeks post-op breast aug replaced saline implants, did my implants shift? (Photos)

Thing look weird to me 3 weeks 3 days po breast aug replaced saline implants.  My boobs were looking really good. Now things look a little... READ MORE

The breast tissue above my implant has opened causing an outward "pucker." It is very noticeable. How can this be repaired?

Subglandular placement, 9 years ago, silicone recommended repair by my surgeon is suturing the tissue or grafting the tissue, along with replacement,... READ MORE

Change over of implants - BL

I am 44 mother of three. Went in for a breast lift and larger implants. Woke up from surgery and he had changed my implants without lift. Traumatised-... READ MORE

Extremely unhappy with BA results and surgeon, what are my options? (Photos)

Hi i am 16 weeks PO from a donut lift with 490cc implant. I had moderate ptosis. Soon after surgery i noticed a significant droop and "double bouble"... READ MORE

How can my botched up breast surgery be fixed? (Photo)

I'm 23 and My breast were very asymmetric one was completely flat and the other was big about a A 36c as first I had a tissue expander put in the... READ MORE

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