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Differing Opinions on Breast Augmentation Revision

4 month post op. Plastic surgeon agrees that right breast needs to be fixed on bottom and left breast needs to fix on bottom. He said that he can... READ MORE

Breast Revision from a Silicone 365cc Mod to a 550cc or 610cc High Profile to Help W/ Slight Droopiness? (photo)

I am a 36y/o w/ one 5y/o who has always had a case of slight ptosis. I had my first Sx May' 12 and chose to not have a lift bc of scaring and... READ MORE

Would Like a More Rounded, Lifted Look, What Would You Suggest? (photo)

Have 225 L and 250 R Silicone Mentor Siltex Moderate Profile Now Above the Muscle.  I am 5'7", 10.7 stone, slim build. Would a larger HP implant... READ MORE

How to Correct Implant Ptosis 3 Months Post Op?

I have Perthese silicone mod profile 350cc micro-textured implants placed under the muscle, the surgery performed last October. My implants sit about... READ MORE

2nd BA, regret going too large. Got 500cc silicone unders, mod-plus implant w/another donut lift. What to do? (photo)

I'm 5'5" 115-120lbs. Regret my decision of having gone lgr and wonder if too large now and if I'll be needing another BA later.Help! I wanted to... READ MORE

Post benelli lift with 550 implants. Now large areola, ptosis, scarring, and out of place implants. (photos)

What can I do to fix things? I'm hoping to smaller breast or anything? Cost is of it is not an issue but if you could give me a ball park figure that... READ MORE

Will I Need a Breast Lift with my Revision for Suspected Rupture in Implant? (photo)

7 years ago I had 325cc high profile round memory gel implants placed under the muscle. My left breast had always been bigger, but my surgeon said... READ MORE

Do I need a breast lift for more perkiness? 2 months post-op revision. (photo)

Hello, So I'm about 9 weeks post op from breast Reaugmentation with 600cc silicone implants. First implants bottomed out and fell laterally so... READ MORE

Exchange implants + lift or lift only, and what type lift? (Photos)

I currently have saline breast implants that are subpectoral, but since having them placed, I have had two children that I have breastfed. I have... READ MORE

Will my double bubble fix itself with aggressive strapping, or cause more ptosis? Lowered IMF. & dual plane. (photo)

My implants are quite large 600cc Hp left 800cc mod+ right Will my double bubble correct itself with aggressive strapping? Could this cause more sag?... READ MORE

What revision is possible following Mastopexy/areola reduction? My areolae keep expanding far beyond their orig. size. (photos)

Hi. In 2007 I had peri-areolar mastopexy with implants to correct ptosis and asymmetry (100cc difference). I had revision surgery a few months later... READ MORE

Going for a revision. What precautions should I take this time?

I got 325cc, silicone, round, textured, under the muscle implants through crease incision in April. They never dropped, I have some ptosis now and... READ MORE

350cc Mentor Silicone Moderate Subglandular, Left Capsule Contracture. Need Revision/Lift? Submuscular? ADM? All three? (photo)

Original implants in 1999, 2003 had a rupture (left breast), replaced w/new, 2006 had a Grade III capsular contraction (left breast) - & found out... READ MORE

Is a double bubble the same as ptosis? What should I do to correct the damage? (photo)

I was given a HORRIBLE surgery by Dr. Goodkind in Branford CT and am desperately searching for a way to correct what he has done. Firstly- is a double... READ MORE

Will the crease lower over time under the weight of implants?

I have very thin skin. I got BA in April (full unders) but they remained high. Revision was in October and my PS made them partial unders. They look... READ MORE

I think I'll need a revision. BA 06/16/17, was told my ptosis was slight and would not need a lift with an implant (Photo)

I'm 5'7 155lbs, 2 non breastfed kids. Wanted a D cup. Saline under muscle and was told 480 would get me exactly what I want. I am now a DD and have a... READ MORE

What degree of ptosis do I have? Do I need a breast lift? If so, which type? Will a breast lift correct the asymmetry? (Photo)

I currently have 9 year old 375 cc saline implants under the muscle. I had 30 cc more placed in my smaller breast but it didn't help very much and I... READ MORE

What type of revision is necessary to correct my augmentation? (Photos)

I was very asymmetrical my whole life. Due to fibroadenomas in my breast, I had the lumps removed last year and breast augmentation back to back on... READ MORE

Nipple ptosis, is there anyway to correct this? (photos)

Smaller than avg areoles, w long nipples. Ive had 2 augmentations, the 1st in '01 was performed with the incision under the nipple. I breastfed in '09... READ MORE

Combination Breast Augmentation - Silicone Gel Implant and Fat Transfer?

I need a revision. I had ptosis prior to ; I don't have a lot of fullness in the clevage after.There is a double bubble or bottoming out. I want an... READ MORE

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