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Is there anything I can do to stop my "high beam" nipples from showing all the time?

Had breast augmentation and lift done in 2009 with 420cc silicone. since my surgery my nipples have been protruding thru my clothes and bra. Is their... READ MORE

Gummy bear implants lodged

Hi. After having silicon implants with rippling, a new doctor said he could correct with the gummy bear implant. Right after surgery there was pain on... READ MORE

From protruding implant, to lateral displacement to bottoming out. After 2 revs, another is inevitable. Suggestions? (photo)

Nov. 2012 - implant replacement, lift, capsulotomy. Left breast droopy & smaller than right after surgery. Jan. 2013 - Surgeon did skin trim at crease... READ MORE

Augmentation revision options? Bottoming out and other issues (Photos)

BA in 2010: 575cc each, HP saline & placed through TT incision (bad decision in hindsight). Told pre-op by several doctors I have tuberous breasts... READ MORE

How soon can one go under a revision for bottoming out after having a breast lift with implants?

I had a lift with 425cc L and 400cc R silicone back in February. C to a DD, but now a corner of the implant is protruding on the inside of my left... READ MORE

Advise on what to do when original surgeon doesn't seem to notice? (photos)

About four yrs ago had revision contour saline, over C-D to silicone, under DD & look great. First yr had popping, flexing, slight protrusion in left... READ MORE

My left breast has become harder and feels heavier than the right. What can be done to restore it? How much will it cost?

I've had silicone implants for 24 years. Over the past year the left breast has become harder and feels heavier than the right, and its profile is... READ MORE

REPLACE or REMOVE my Implants? (photo)

Silicon Gel 220cc Above the muscle Was 34B Now 34D I had my BA done 10 years ago. After weeks of surgery, my implant was poking through my skin. My... READ MORE

Breast implant reduction: 355cc to 250cc, under muscle. Edge of implant protuding out top & side of breast in solid ridge. Pain.

Breast implant reduction 6 weeks ago (silicon). Right breast needed numerous stitches at top & side of breast to tighten pocket. Since op right breast... READ MORE

Textured silicone implant under muscle is poking out bottom of breast less than 2 months post surgery. What can be done? (Photo)

This was a revision surgery from smooth saline implants that were sliding over into my armpits when I would lay down. My doctor did the popcorn... READ MORE

I want to have smaller implants. I feel these 325cc HP protrude too much. Is it possible? (Photo)

I got 325cc hp a couple of years ago... i know feel they are too large for my body and protude too much. Could I get smaller implants? Maybe 250cc... READ MORE

Can I get smaller implants? I feel like the ones I have protude too much.

I got 350cc hp implants 2 yrs ago. Can I get them changed for smaller implants that fit my body better? I am tall and thin.. 5'7 and 115lbs. Is it too... READ MORE

Is there anything I should do to help one breast drop like the other? (Photos)

Is there anything I should/could do to help my right breast drop like my left breast? I am 9 weeks post-op so I know it's still to early to tell the... READ MORE

1 wk post op spitting stitch? (photos)

I'm 9 days post op breast revision using strattice and notice today where my drains and stitches were removed 4 days ago is what appears to be a... READ MORE

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