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Implant Reinsertion Vs Fat Transfer For Revision?

I have a single silicone implant (above the muscle) that was placed in 1979 for asymmetry at age 13. In 1983 I had a reduction on the other side. The... READ MORE

Should Plastic Surgeons Have a Informed Consent if They Are Reusing the Same Implant in Revision Surgery?

I would like to know why on the consent form there is no mention for breast implants being "single use only""once explanted should... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of using mesh to fix and further prevent bottoming out? (Photo)

This May will be 2 years since I had my breast done. At almost a year I noticed they were dropping and my right more than my left. I'm scheduled to... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Saline Vs Silicone? What are the Pros and Cons?

So... here I am again faced with THE decision.. one of many. If you haven't read my previous postings, a few weeks ago, I went from 270 cc's Teardrop... READ MORE

Is Six Months Too Soon for Revision? (photo)

I had breast augmentation six months ago (end of Feb) and had capsular on the right side of my breast. My doc told me he would give me a revision but... READ MORE

Double Bubble Revision Adivce- Surgery 12/14/15, Revision appt on 3/15/16, pics taken 2/24/16. Any suggestions? (photo)

I know supra-muscle placement of implants can cause a ripple effect, but is that what I need? I had a short distance from my inframammory fold to my... READ MORE

Explant with Lollipop Lift and Lipo or Explant and Anchor Lift. Opinions, pros & cons, please. (Photos)

I would like opinions or pros and cons about these 2 methods of removal and lift. Explant with lollipop lift & Lipo on the sides OR Explant and... READ MORE

Would switching from 625cc saline to 800cc silicone implants make that much of a difference? (photos)

Just wondering if paying for another surgery would be worth it. I have 625 cc saline and thinking about switching to 800cc silicone. Wanting to be a... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of ultra high profile breast implants? I am narrow & very petite, with 10.5 cm width.

I am considering revision surgery. I am looking into 375/400 cc ultra high profile to give me more projection and volume than my current 250 cc HP... READ MORE

Breast augmentation from saline to silicone. Any suggestions?

Hello, In a few weeks I will be having my current 420cc sailene implants replaced with silicone. What are the pros and cons of ultra high profile... READ MORE

Revision options to increase lower pole post mastopexy with augmentation? (Photos)

Had a lift and aug in January 2016 and unhappy with results both aesthetically as well as nerve issues on one side. Looking to increase fullness as... READ MORE

Saline vs "gummy bear" silicone. Which would be best for obtaining more cleavage w/ the teardrop shape? Pros & cons? (photo)

I will be having a revision to fix my 13 year old saline submuscular implant. When doing so I am opting to go slightly bigger but want to have the... READ MORE

Pros and cons of Saline vs Silicone considering a Breast Lift with replacement of my saline implants.

I'm considering a breast lift an replacement of my saline implants. What are the pros and cons of Saline vs Silicone? Are silicone safer now than they... READ MORE

Pros and cons of Keller Funnel in capsular contractures removal and cohesive gel implants?

Is the Keller Funnel a wise choice for a patient who had capsular contractures 3 times with saline implants and removal 3 times who currently desires... READ MORE

Capsulorraphy surgery - any doctors in Toronto with lots of experience?

I'd like to hear from surgeons in Toronto, Canada with lots of experience in replacing 10 yr old saline implants and/or lifting the existing ones to... READ MORE

I'm trying to prep my body for a fast recovery and have read pros and cons about vitamins and supplements prior to surgery.

I'm having an implant exchange / lift in two weeks and this is what I'm currently taking. Vitamin C - 1000 mg Bioflavonoids - 650 mg Rutin - 550 mg... READ MORE

Pop old saline implants to try on new implants? (photo)

11 yo saline over the muscle implants being replaced with silicone under the muscle. What pros/cons come along with intentional deflation? TIA READ MORE

Travel after breast implant revision op.

Im A young 54 yrs old woman, had implants done 29 yrs ago. My procedure is on Monday 19th Dec morning for a breast augmentation & re-implants. Now... READ MORE

Bad rippling with textured implants vs displacement with smooth, is there a way to know which is more likely? (photo)

I have talked to my doc. Just love other thoughts 1. I have rippling with 600 cc smooth silicone hp unders. Natrelle 20. I've bottomed out + drifted +... READ MORE

Tell me what to expect from permanent sutures/Internal bra?

Pros and the cons Is it more painful? How long does it take to recover? Is it stitched to the ribs? Are the boobs able to jiggle/move? READ MORE

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