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Got Implants That Were Too Large for My Body, I Want Perky, Small Boobs, Advice? (photo)

5'4" 98lbs, petite! Surgeon deflated 480cc implants last week, that he put in initially 2 months ago; they were HUGE for my body. I'm... READ MORE

800 or 900cc's Too Much??

I had a BA done 2 months ago. I am 5'6" and 218lbs. I am a 40 band size. I had 500cc/520cc implanted, and as you can see from the pictures,... READ MORE

What Size Implant Should I Get Going into my Second Breast Aug?

I was a small 32A, with little breast tissue and a narrow rib cage. Now fitting a C-cup and some B-cups. I got moderately profiled silicone 325cc... READ MORE

I'm Going from 325cc to 500 or 550cc but Can't Decide on Saline or Silicone...any Advice?

I'm going in for a second augmentation for larger boobs. My PS says b/c of the way my ribcage sits that there is no way to get a lot of natural... READ MORE

Debating on 650cc's mod plus or 750cc'ss high profile. 5'1, 113 lbs. Is 750cc HP totally out of proportion with my body?

My measurments....5'1 113Lbs Projection 4.2 cm Width 13.6cm..Im getting a redo due to deflatted implant (saline). I'm going with silicone this time... READ MORE

Follow-up: Suggestions? Muscle flex deformity. How should I proceed with a revision? (photos)

I had 275cc silicone implants put in (submuscular) a year ago to add fullness to the upper pole. When I flex they look very strange. I'm... READ MORE

I Am Considering Going Bigger.

I am 5'6" and weigh 115 lbs. I currently have a breast augmentation and they used 425 implants filled to 440cc on both breasts. I am... READ MORE

Could/should I go bigger breast aug? (Photos)

I had breast aug about a yr. ago with 286 cc. Since then I have contemplated if I went too small and if I should get them redone. My surgeon chose the... READ MORE

110 lbs 5'2" breast implant revision #2. Contemplating Inspira srm 330 or srf 345. Dr wants me to pick size. (photos)

Circa 1980 ruptured, replaced with421cc style 15 (2015) and anchor lift (1) revision lower pocket ( 4-2016) 1st revision Doctor lowered both pockets... READ MORE

Embarrassed by very small implants. How many cc's can I go up and still look natural? (Photos)

Got implants 1 year ago, 250 cc moderate mentor round textured dual plane (11,5 wide en 3,3 projection). Stats: 1,65 (5,5"), 53 kilo (116 pounds) and... READ MORE

Is it possible to make "breast pockets" bigger than original to fit a certain size implant? (photo)

I'm 5'11'' and 165lbs, with a wide ribcage but small breast pockets. Dr. told me he could only fit HP375cc implants which turned out to look small on... READ MORE

Want to downsize implants. From 365cc High Profile to 300 Mod Plus. Is 300cc appropriate for what I want to achieve?

I am 5'6 tall, weight 114 lbs. I want to look as natural as possible. I am 50 years old and not interested in the voluptuous look, just want to be... READ MORE

I would like a more aesthetic look proportionate to my body. Implants are Natrelle Inspira SRF-745 Help? (Photos)

I think these implants are SO wrong for my body. Under my arms, low on my chest, no upper pole ,uncomfortable and RIPPLE all the way around. Huge on... READ MORE

Breast revision, looking to go larger. Curious if the size I'm thinking would look proportional to my structure. 3rd BA (Photo)

Trying to achieve a fuller appearance and a better cleavage in a bikini top.. have had minor issues with my left breast having a slightly lower... READ MORE

Any suggestions for augmentation revision? (photos)

I had 275cc silicone implants put in (submuscular) a year ago to add fullness to the upper pole. When I flex they look very strange. I'm very... READ MORE

How much is a revision? (Photo)

I got 210cc/240 & feel like they do not go with my hips. My surgeon told me that I have a small rib cage and that was the reasoning on why I could go... READ MORE

Changing from anatomic to round implant unders, what profile shall I go with? (photos)

I had BA 4yrs ago. Went with 315MI&365 HP, 12,3cm, projection 5.2, unders.Planning to change them for a smaller round implant. My surgeron... READ MORE

Revision surgery 410cc? I am 5'5" height, weight 106lbs. (Photos)

Chest width 4,3inches. Now i have round high profile 260cc , i like to go bigger and make body more proportional. Thinking about 360-410cc teardrop... READ MORE

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