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Which Breast Implants Size and Profile is the Best for Me? (photo)

5.6 feet; 120 pounds; Narrow, chest wall with visible bones; BWD: 11cm. I´d like to achieve a proportionate look and gain projection without going ... READ MORE

Revision Worth It? Will This Increase Upper Pole Fullness and Projection?

I am 5 ft, 7 inches, 135 pounds - I currently have Mentor 450 cc's, HP silicone, Unders. I'm very unhappy with lack of projection and seriously... READ MORE

2 weeks PO right breast revision with seri. Is the bottom suppose to be this high? Is it common to use diff projection? (Photo)

2 weeks post right breast aug revision. Originally had on right- mentor gel round moderate 300cc, left 350cc. I have asymmetry on my chest wall. The... READ MORE

10 yr BA Post Op Deflation with Lift and Implant Replacement? (photo)

425cc submuscular saline implants drained in preparation of anchor lift, pocket revisions and implant replacement with silicone mod plus. I am 36B... READ MORE

Does 1600cc silicone implants will be too projected on me? Will it be too big? ( i don't like the feel of saline implants)

Hello,I'm 6'2 and I already have breast silicone breast implants implants (500cc, low profile,15,3/ 4.2cm),too narrow for me. I want a fuller breast,... READ MORE

I have 525 cc saline low profile of/ to 650 cc. I feel they are flat and wide with minimal projection and not that big.

My question is should I get them replaced with a 625 cc moderate plus saline overfilled to 750 to help with projection? Does a low profile overfilled... READ MORE

I am wanting to have my breast implants changed to a larger size. What size should I get? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation almost one year ago and I am unhappy with the size. I feel my breasts are still small. I am 28, 5ft 7 and 126lbs. Bra size... READ MORE

What Are My Options For Having More Projection of Implant Through Revision Implant Surgery?

Since I have to get them replaced from car accident (10 days after my surgery...slow leak) in 30 days, I want more fullness at top of implant or more... READ MORE

Can I downsize as I hate the projection? (photos)

I have Allergan 410 anatomical implants (370gm) and I hate them. Dr chose them and I feel the projection is way too full 6cm. I am really upset and am... READ MORE

Breast Revision Going Smaller: Should I Change Profile or Just Reduce? (photo)

I'm 1,52m (5ft) and 45kg (99lbs) and I have moderate profile silicon implant 255cc for 2 yrs. I feel they are too big and round and I really don't... READ MORE

Can I Find Double-Extra-High Profile Breast Implants?

I have 250cc HP implants but i'm looking for more projection. I haven't any more chest wall width, so HP with more cc is not a choice. Can I... READ MORE

I Am Replacing PIPs 405cc UH. Will an Increase in Projection and Size Address a Slight Sagging Issue?

I have met with my surgeon who has stated that I have a very slight sagging of my breasts however this is not worth surgery at this point. I am... READ MORE

Looking to exchange current 650cc HP silicone natrelle to 800cc UHP silicone? (Photo)

Current meas: 14.5d 34" ribcage, hoping to remove 650cc HPs for 800cc UHP. No current complications & have no sagging where a lift is needed. Does... READ MORE

Too much Side Boob. What are my options? I want revision, would like suggestions to tell my PS so this won't happen again(Photo)

Original implants base are too wide, way too much side boob,breasts too far apart, for the petite, narrow breast look I wanted. Time does not permit... READ MORE

Would 520 cc cohesive gel extra full projection fit my 13.5 cm chest?

I got my breast augmentation done in 2007 after my first child and after my second child I have noticed some breast tissue loss and rippling. I now... READ MORE

Upsizing from 650cc HP to 800cc UHP hopefully. From your experience will I see much of a difference? (Photo)

Apt is made with my original surgeon for 8/15 been two years since my surgery. From your experience will I see much of a difference going from 650cc... READ MORE

I had my breast surgery May 2014, 410cc. Need help choosing implant for my revision surgery! Round or stay tear drop?

I breast fed 2 kids so had very empty breast sacks. I Had 410cc anatomical silimed polyurathane implants. 12.3 width & height, 6.6 projection & 8.3... READ MORE

Going from 36C (385cc/415cc HP) to 485cc MP or 505cc HP. What size will I be?

Hello.... I had Breast augmentation got 385cc and 415cc HP. Started with 34/36B, ended with 36c wanted a full C small D. Don't know if I got used to... READ MORE

I want to elevate my nipple to a higher position & get more projection w/ rounder faker look but don't want to go bigger?(photo)

I naturally had large breast slowly over time I lost weight and breast volume so I had a small reduction lift with 250-300cc mod plus overs a year ago... READ MORE

Will going from 375cc HP silicone to 550cc silicone give me another cup size?

I'm getting my second BA in two weeks. Initially, I wanted a bigger implant, but my surgeon wouldn't do it because there were too many risks. I am... READ MORE

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