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Would of an Extra 100cc Make a Difference in Cup Size?

Hello, Thankyou for all the feedback I recieved on my previous questions they were very helpful...... I had another successful BA recently I went from... READ MORE

Revision to HP or Mod Plus? (photo)

Currently have 650 HP (Allergan #20) Bottomed out and wide gap. For revision should I stick with HP or change to Mod Plus? How many cc's? Was told BWD... READ MORE

I Want to Switch from 525g HP to 700cc Mod Plus? (photo)

I have 525 g CUI implants (12.7x6.2) I want more width and I'm ok with losing some projection. My PS said she would do the 700-750 range. I am 6'1,... READ MORE

Switching from 510 Cc Mod Profile to 750 Cc High Profile?

I am replacing my implants. I am going from 510cc saline mod profile to 750cc silicone high profile. I am 6' and 145lbs. Is there going to be a... READ MORE

Breast Revision from a Silicone 365cc Mod to a 550cc or 610cc High Profile to Help W/ Slight Droopiness? (photo)

I am a 36y/o w/ one 5y/o who has always had a case of slight ptosis. I had my first Sx May' 12 and chose to not have a lift bc of scaring and... READ MORE

Switching Implant Profile? (photo)

If I choose a different implant profile will I get more upper pole fullness?. In the photo I have 460cc round saline. My Ps Recommends textured gel... READ MORE

What Implant Profile Will Give Me a Bigger Fuller Look?

Hello, I had my first breast augmentation last year but am very unhappy with the size result.. however my doctor did an excellent job otherwise..My... READ MORE

Which Implant Should I Choose? (photo)

I am having a revision surgery involving a switch to silicone implants and a lift. I currently have Allergan saline 465 filled to 475, under the... READ MORE

Should I Revise my Breast Aug from a Moderate Plus 325 Cc Implant to a 400 Cc Hp Implant for Upper Pole Fullness? (photo)

I have an average to wide chest wall and i have a natural space between my breasts. I have had one child and i had lost alot of volume in my breast... READ MORE

Switching Implant Profiles? (photo)

Hi there, currently I have 375cc hp silicone implants with a lot of sagging. I'm considering a revision and my dr suggested either a 575cc moderate... READ MORE

Would There Be a Big Difference in Size Between a Mentor Moderate 375-425 Implant Versus a Mentor Mod Plus 375-450?

I am 5ft 3in. I currently have allergen 360-390 and have a deflation. So I am wanting to go up just a little. I am already a 34 DDD BWD is 14cm with a... READ MORE

Breast Aug Revision - 650cc HP Allergan Silicone or 550 Mod Plus Silicone or Dare I Say 700cc? (photo)

I'm looking to be a DD or DDD. Implant size now is 480cc moderate saline. I used to be 36D Currently 34D with some rippling and loose skin due to... READ MORE

Will 350cc Mod+ to 475cc HP Be a Good Idea?

I'm 4'11", 114 lbs, broad shoulders, BF 1 child and went from 34C to 34B but looked like an A. Had my BA on Sept. 2011 - inframammary, 350cc L&R,... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision with a Smaller Profile?

I had a subfascial breast augmentation with 295cc extra high profile implants. (12cm dia, 5.4cm projection) What i wanted before the surgery was to... READ MORE

Can I Find Double-Extra-High Profile Breast Implants?

I have 250cc HP implants but i'm looking for more projection. I haven't any more chest wall width, so HP with more cc is not a choice. Can I... READ MORE

Pregnancy After Implants, Volume Loss and Implants are Firm? What Size/Type Should I Replace With?

I have implants but after my implants I got pregnant. Now I have lost all fullness on top and my implants are firm feeling also the look wide set. I'd... READ MORE

Currently seeking the best profile implant to give side boob plus XL size. I have 650 silicone under muscle now.

If I switch to sailine implants for revision, what profile is best for upper pole with plenty diameter (side boob)? Looking for the 1400+ ccs under... READ MORE

I Have Scoliosis and Wondering About Sizing and Profile of the Two Implants?

Tall, thin 34 AA. My left is bigger than my right due to scoliosis. At first, 286cc left, 304cc right (both mod profile) looked even. I went back this... READ MORE

What Size Implant Do I Need? Highs? or Lows?

I am 5 foot 2 , 52 kgs or 114 pounds size 10 DD already 250 cc low implant I think ? I ve had 2 kids and do like how my breast sit anymore I do not... READ MORE

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