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Unhappy With Results, What Is The Protocol For Breast Augmentation Revision Pricing?

1st week follow up after having BA. I was a bit shocked at my PCs attitude. He seemed to be defensive when I said I did not like the results. He also... READ MORE

I Paid $9,300 for my Breast Lift, Do I Have to Pay for the Revision when It's the Surgeons Mistake? (photo)

I had a lift years ago and now had it redone 7 weeks ago. As you can see in the photo the right side is much smaller than the left. It was the... READ MORE

Is using Alloderm for Implant Revision worth the extra costs?

I spoke to my ps about breast revision. She gave me two prices. One with using something similar to alloderm to help hold implants up and another... READ MORE

Surgeon Put Bigger Than I Asked & Now Saying if I Want Smaller, I'll Have to Pay for New Silicone. What Should I Do?

I wanted a Very small implant. I made it clear I wanted 160 cc - 200 MAX. He pushed for going slightly bigger saying I would want bigger. I made it... READ MORE

Is it right to charge several thousand dollars for a BA revision 4 months after the original?

The revision is being done for MAJOR ripples, not the right SIZE per sizing from saline to silicone, and very weird shaped implants. Bad, bad results.... READ MORE

Symmastia, stretch deformity, and one side is bigger than the other. What price would I be looking at for procedure to fix this?

I got breast augmentation, and a breast lift about 13 years ago. I didn't worry about the symmastia then because I was young and didn't understand.... READ MORE

Replace saline with silicone or gummy bear? And push up and in? (Photo)

Here's some pictures of my 550 cc.. I want to push up, move closer together and go smaller with a silicone or gummy implant. What's the difference... READ MORE

My Dr. and I agreed 350ish implants he put 300. Now I want 400 or 450 after only three months. Should I have to pay full price?

Before my augmentation my Dr. and I talked an agreed close to 350 high profile. I woke up to 300 and I feel like im to small and I think I should have... READ MORE

Breast Revision. New physician?

I had a breast augmentation almost a year ago, my left breast has not dropped as much as my right breast has. I got 275cc saline unders and I am also... READ MORE

I am wondering about the price average on revision surgery.

I want to get my implant size increased. First of would this surgery cost the same as the initial surgery or less? Also, after 11 months one breast... READ MORE

General Price of a Revision

Is the general price of a revision or second surgery the same price as the initial surgery? READ MORE

What's the price range to go from saline to silicone implants? And is the sizing in CC's with silicone similar to saline?

I got a BA back in November 2013 and went with 550 CC saline implants at a moderate plus profile (I think.) My incision is under the breast and it's... READ MORE

Do plastic surgeons charge full price for a revision?

Hello. Do most plastic surgeons charge the full price for a revision of the only reason you would like them to redo is because you are unhappy you... READ MORE

$6500 first BA. Revision with bigger implants exchanged and strattice (only right breast). Is this a normal price in WI?

First BA 8/13 (500cc gel mod+ under). Now getting 700 cc gel high pro. unders with strattice placed only right breast. Same surgeon. WI READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision needed. I am post-op 10 years Breast Implant w/Augmentation. I currently have saline implants. (photos)

My boobs have dropped and I can feel my saline implant bags. Looking to get a revision with breast augmentation. Looking for a doctor that is board... READ MORE

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