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What Are the Chances That Capsular Contracture Will Occur Again and Can I Do Anything to Help Prevent It?

In April of 2002 I had a breast lift and augmentation. In August of 2002 had surgery to correct the capsular contraction that had occured in my left... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Avoid Recurrence of my Baker II Capsular Contracture Following Capsulotomy (Scoring Capsule) & Pocket Revision?

I am scheduled to have revision surgery in two weeks. I have baker II contracture. I had 350 silicone implants placed through armpit in October 2010.... READ MORE

Would TENS Breast Massage Electrode Pads Be Helpful in Preventing Capsular Contracture?

I have CC on one breast and am going to get new implants but prefer to stay sub-mammary and not make new pockets under the muscle If it can be... READ MORE

What Specific Upper Body Exercises Should I Avoid After a Breast Revision & Capsulorrhaphy? (photo)

I had saline sub-glandular implants replaced with silicone sub-muscular implants, internal bra due to shifting, and liposuction in the axilla/underarm... READ MORE

Vitamin E to Prevent Capsular Contracture After Implant Reconstruction?

Even though vitamin e isn't proven to prevent capsular contracture if it doesn't hurt then why not, right? How many IU's is recommended... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Approach Capsular Contracture Revision?

I had my first augmentation July 2011 with silicone smooth unders through the areola. Developed contacture at week 4 in my left beast that is now... READ MORE

Graduating From a Donut to Full Lift- Which Pedicle Technique (Wise Pattern) To Avoid Nipple Necrosis?

I am looking to obtain a full lift & downsize to smaller implants. To be clear, I do not smoke and attempt to avoid all secondhand smoke to the... READ MORE

Any advice on Motiva breast implants?

I originally had natrelle anatomical implants but unfortunately the right breast implant has rotated and so am now looking to get a revision - however... READ MORE

Can I Beat CC with Newer Treatment Options?

Original BA Aug'10, redo of left side 3 weeks later due to seroma & included drain. The left breast is smaller and aches, I know I have CC.... READ MORE

What Should I Wear After Breast Pocket Revision Surgery (Lateral) to Prevent Sutures from Rupturing on the Sides?

What Should I Wear After Breast Pocket Revision Surgery (Lateral) to Prevent Sutures from Rupturing on the Sides? READ MORE

Can I Switch Over the Muscle to Under the Muscle (Sub Fascial) Implant to Prevent Future Sagging? (photo)

I was a natural 34dd, lost over 30 pounds, lost fullness and saggy breast, i got saline implants over the muscle (5 months ago) 650 cc left 700 cc... READ MORE

Is their enough evidence to prove that a breast Mesh or other devices to prevent bottom out really is successful?

Has their been enough evidence yet to prove that devices used to prevent bottom out breast really work ? And if so for how long ? Which device is best ? READ MORE

2 Surgeries or 1 for Replacing Breast Implants with Capsular Contracture?

I really want to know if 2 surgeries (removing the breast implants in the first surgery, then having a second surgery to replace them) is the best... READ MORE

Texture or Smooth Implant to Prevent Capsular Contracture Only on my Right Side of Breast?

Please help, How do I tell the implant was place under or over muscle? my first time implant was have mild capsular contracture. For second time... READ MORE

Can I Move Back to Under Muscle Placement to Reduce Risk of Recurrent Capsular Contracture Risk in 3rd BA?

2002: 1st BA under muscle,saline. PS informs of mild tuberous breasts but didn’t recommended anything to fix Result: muscle flexion deformity 2006: w... READ MORE

If I got a mesh put in my breast can I work out after the allotted rest period ?

I'm considering getting a mesh put in when I so my breast revision . I know their is a period of time that no activity is allowed to prevent bleeding... READ MORE

Are There Measures to Prevent Cc when Having a Revision Surgery?

I had ones Dr tell me there are ways of preventing this from happening again and another that said there is no way to tell if a cc will happen again READ MORE

Is there any way to stop capsular contrapture from getting worse?

Just had my second surgery due to the first time having capsular contrapture on my left breast. Now my left one is great but my right one is... READ MORE

Downsize Implants So That It They Won't Droop?

My question is, is it possible to remove some skim from breast to the small implants won't droop? I have 600cc'c want to downsize to 400 or... READ MORE

Is a dermal matrix such as surgimend necessary to prevent contracture in an implant revision?

I am having a second implant revision after 10 years. I'm currently 275cc silicone and plan on going approximately 200cc silicone with a lift and... READ MORE

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