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Are my breast too close together? (photos)

Had breast implants in January and a revision in March due to not matching in size and one being higher ect. Now I am concerned they are too close... READ MORE

Overnight Hardened Breast? (photo)

I've seen doctor,got antibiotics,pain is gone but breast is still bigger and hard.Just feel discomfort if i lay onto my breast-feel pressure and if i... READ MORE

Are This Symtoms of Bottoming Out? (photo)

3 wks. po Breast AG, I'm still having lots of pain, and I feel a lot presure and feeling of heavines when I take off my brad. READ MORE

Hematoma - Should I Get a Second Opinion? (photo)

1 day post op from a breast implant revision, I had developed rapid swelling and pressure in my right breast. Though my surgeon did not seem too... READ MORE

Can I go on a 16 hour flight with a Seroma? How long can I go without having surgery? (photo)

My right breast is considerably tighter and higher than my left. After a workout I noticed slight pain and overnight it pretty much swelled up. I have... READ MORE

Constant pressure on bottom left boob with aching & hardening around areolas when in bra 10 weeks post. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had an implant exchange due to rupture. Went from textured teardrop to smooth round. Areoles ache and have hardening when wearing a bra and left... READ MORE

Breast Implant Too HIGH - 4 days post-op BA. (photos)

Had with Dr. Freiman. 750cc High Profile implants. In a lot of pain from 1 side only (left side) which is super swollen and pressing down on my chest... READ MORE

How much pressure can I expect to feel after getting implants converted from over the muscle to under?

I'm scheduled to convert over the muscle saline implants to under the muscle silicone w/ breast lift. My implants are 20 years old and I have capsular... READ MORE

Breast fold revision incision. What should it look like?

15 days post op fold revision right breast saline under muscle. Feels very heavy. What should incision look like? Very pink and tender. Seems stichrs... READ MORE

Could my body be rejecting my breast implants for the second time?

My body rejected my first breast implants after cancer surgery. Continual layers of scar tissue formed and continued to form. My surgeon removed them... READ MORE

Breast exchange/lift bad pressure at times but only in left breast

I had my breasts redone after having them in for 16 years and also redid the lift. After a few weeks i started feeling weird pressure (only left... READ MORE

I feel a lump on my left breast (Capsulation Revision) Lump is pliable and soft when pushed on. Feels like a bubble .

Breast revision 1/31/17 because of a capsulation on LB. I had both (28yr old) implants replaced with same size, over muscle, silicone with coating. I... READ MORE

Have I ripped stitches - band on - really sore left side. (photos)

I had breast lift with pocket revision on left side when surgeon got in there said had a lot more work to do than thought. I had my surgery on May 2nd... READ MORE

Is this sharp shooting pain normal?

I recently had a BA and had my saline 515 implants swapped out for silicone 700 implants. 5 days after the BA my right chest is experiencing a sharp... READ MORE

Fluid leaking from breast implant site - 5 months post-op. (photos)

I had breast implant replacement nearly 5 month ago. My right is fine. My left has had problem since day 1. I had big hematoma after the removal of... READ MORE

Pinching, Stabbing, pains and pressure? Im 2 years post op with silicone textured "gummy bear" implants 380cc (photo)

2 yrs post op. I had to get a revision on my left implant just two weeks after due to massive bruising of my armpit and rotation of the implant. Since... READ MORE

How long after textured implants do I have to wait to touch, move or put pressure on them?

I had capsular contracture after approx 6 years with 500 cc smooth round implants. I am 2 weeks post op with new 325 cc sientra textured implants. My... READ MORE

Is there a natural way to minimize muscle animation besides surgery? (Photos)

 And help an incision that has adhered to my implant? I have some muscle animation on both breasts, as well as an incision that has adhered to my... READ MORE

Did my nurse squeeze my 2 week old saline high profile implant too hard?

I went for my 2 week checkup today. When the nurse squeezed me it hurt, and while I was ready for this, being it's my second time, she seemed to... READ MORE

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