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Polyurethane Implants, Round or Anatomical, Moderate Profile?

Im undergoing a revision due to CC using polyurethane implants. My new surgeon recommended them and has the experience. Current anatomical implants... READ MORE

Are polyurethane breast implants difficult to remove and replace?

I had a breast revision after 22 good years (Natrelle ) my surgeon replaced then in January with Slimed polyurethane implants They have been placed... READ MORE

Asymmetrical breasts w hypertrophic scars after surgery, should i get Implant Revision? (photos)

Asian,20s.170cm,70kg.Jan2013 silimed 485cc xtra high,silicone gel filled,roundbase,polyurethan surface implant. Upper pole n under pectoral muscle, on... READ MORE

Weird Feeling in Left Breast?

Had my old tear drop implants removed and had them replaced with polyurethane implants Had my post op examination 3 months after op on the 3rd Sept... READ MORE

I had my breast surgery May 2014, 410cc. Need help choosing implant for my revision surgery! Round or stay tear drop?

I breast fed 2 kids so had very empty breast sacks. I Had 410cc anatomical silimed polyurathane implants. 12.3 width & height, 6.6 projection & 8.3... READ MORE

Can my left breast be fixed 4th time for breast revision. Each time was with polyurethane implants. Will it settle? (photo)

I've breast revision 2 times on left breast after 1st Augumentation using polyurethane implants. Bow left breast is still positioned wrong and looks... READ MORE

Silimed implants - why are they not used in the US?

Hi docs, here in nZ, surgeons tend to use the same implant range from Silimed. Why are they not used in US? Seems that Mentor or Naturelle are the... READ MORE

Can Polyurethane Implants be replaced with softer Smooth Gel Implant, while leaving just Polyurethane coating in place?

As my surgeon has mentioned, this will give benefits of lowered cc and the softer feel that i desire. I already have the PURE implants inserted and am... READ MORE

Is it possible to change polyurethane coated implants? Should I seek a specialised surgeon for this?

I have sillimed polyurethane implants 200 cc anatomical under the muscle by inframamary incision. I am unhappy with the assimetry that resulted. It... READ MORE

When can this be repaired? (Photo)

I can't live with this! I am a monster! The surgeon had a mistake! I asked a 32C cup and now I have this! With 445 cc anatomic polytech this is the... READ MORE

Are Polyurethane breast implants safe?

Hi, I currently have silicone implants, for about 10 yrs now and one of my breast is encapsulating, this is the seond time my breast is encapsulating... READ MORE

Concerned about my Breast Revision results, do I accept how they look or should I ask my surgeon to revise his work? (photos)

I have had to have breast implant revision after a year of having allergan 410, 295cc under the muscle. Unfortunately I had implant rotation and... READ MORE

Breast revision exchange what's the formula? (Photo)

I''ve seen 2 doctors and after research believe that textured or polyurethane implants are better for cc. I don't want to go bigger and been told that... READ MORE

Any suggestion for a US dr who specializes in breast revision surgery w/ experience in removal of polyurethane implants?

I had breast augmentation 4 years ago and the dr chose 205cc of polyurethane foam covered implants. I was unhappy about the size and positioning since... READ MORE

Question regarding change of polyurethane coated implants> Asymmetry of position and slimed are reasons for my revision.

I repost a q about changing polyurethane covered implants because some doctors seem to be reluctant to this procedure. I want to change them after 17... READ MORE

Brazilian-furry implants?

I used to have implants placed in the subglandular plane and recently switched them to under the muscle cause they were getting saggy However I've... READ MORE

Can I switch from anatomical texture implant over the muscle to round smooth implant under the muscle (dual plane)? (Photos)

I had a BA 4 months ago (polyurethane over the muscle 395cc). One of my implant looks very round and they feel too big for me as well. I saw a... READ MORE

Recommendation for board certified surgeon for breast revision in Ireland Dublin or UK. (photo)

I'm looking for a doctor with experience in breast revision surgery in Ireland/UK . I want to go smaller(320/350). Now I have 395 polytech over... READ MORE

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