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Subfascial Breast Augmentation?

I have subglandular saline implants right now, and have been told to get a more natural appearance I should go submuscular, but I don't like that... READ MORE

Breast Implants Too Close Together - What Has Gone Wrong?

Hello, I am 29 years old, my height are 1,73 cm and I weight today 62 Kilogram (before the breast Augmentation I weighed 50 Kilogram). I had in 2007 a... READ MORE

Possible to Replace over Muscle Implants with Under Muscle Implants?

I had silicone implants for many years under the muscle, had them replaced with over the muscle and don't like the look.  Now I want to get... READ MORE

Unhappy with Final Breast Aug Result - Placement Too Low?

I had a sub-pect. BA 10 weeks ago. I requested a "natural" look, but I also wanted them to sit in a youthful, not low position on my torso.... READ MORE

Pockets Made Too Big Implants Move Around & Hang too Low, Can This Be Corrected Without an Uplift? (photo)

I had 450 implants 3 years ago and I have never been happy with them they are too big,and now move around but I dont really want an uplift due to... READ MORE

Can I Go from Breast Implant Unders to Overs?

I don't like the way the muscle feels over the implant. How will my muscles be affected if I had revision surgery? READ MORE

Are over the Muscle Breast Implants Really As Risky As I've Been Reading About? (photo)

I posted not long ago regarding the disappointment with my size following my recent breast aug & the possibility of having 'Double Bubble'... READ MORE

Process for Revision of High Implants?

I had 325 moderate profile Mentor implants placed through the armpit and under the muscle about 7 months ago. They are still very high. I have been... READ MORE

Breast Implant Placement Revision and Size

If I had breast augmentation with 375cc and 350cc implants over the muscle and they are removed and placed under the muscle without changing the size,... READ MORE

What Should the Lower Pole Measurement Be for Full D and DD Breasts?

I had revision breast aug surgery 2 weeks ago. I exchanged my 325cc saline unders for 550cc silicone (gummy bear) unders. My breasts dropped almost... READ MORE

Should I Get a Revision to Smaller Narrower Implants to Fix How High They Sit? (photos)

C to DD silicone unders approx 325cc now 3 yrs post op. My surgeon said at 6 months they would still drop and a month ago (they still haven't... READ MORE

Did my Dr. Make a Mistake? Found Out One of my Implants Are Upside Down?

I had surgery in Feb. for breast augmentation and lift, however my Dr. Decided not to do the lift. I then went to another Dr. To finish the job... READ MORE

I Want to Reduce my Breast Implant Size? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation 11/17/12- I was a 36B and I went to a 36DD. They are saline implants Moderate profile 700 cc. I do not like how low my... READ MORE

How Do You Make a Brand New Pocket During a Breast Augmentation Revision, when the First Was Under the Muscle?

I am getting a BA revision and replacing smooth silicone under rounds with textured gummy bear anatomicals. I am going much smaller, as well. My... READ MORE

Preferred Placement of Silicone Implants - Sub Pec or on Top of Muscle, After Capsulectomy?

Dear Drs, thanks for your prof.opinion. I decided to have my 40 year old implants removed & replaced w/silicone gel.Present implants are on top of... READ MORE

Double Bubble After Breast Implants Changed

I had my implants placed under the muscle and my left side developed a double bubble. My PS changed the implant from under to over the muscle but left... READ MORE

Is This Lateral Placement of Silicon Implants? (photo)

My plastic surgeon has said he is going to do a revision as my implant has been off to the side since day 3 post op. It moves more to the side with... READ MORE

Advised to Change from Submuscular to Subglandular 6 Months Post Op-Some Advice Please? (photo)

I had 330cc subpectoral silicone implants placed 6 months ago, they never dropped despite vigorous massage & wearing a strap. My surgeon suggested... READ MORE

Is Breast Lift Always Required when Implant Changed from Subglandular to Submuscular? (photo)

Long story short...Saline implants subglandular placement 2.5 years ago. Developed a bleed in L. Breast, post-op, fluid drained, no infection.... READ MORE

Need Breast Revision + Lift Currently over + Saline 300cc Considering Silicone...drs Want to Go Under I'm Not Clear Why? (photo)

18yrs ago I had 1 side expanded then implants. I now have a leaking saline implant. Currently placed sub-mammary, tuberous breasts, asymmetry, likely... READ MORE

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