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Got Implants That Were Too Large for My Body, I Want Perky, Small Boobs, Advice? (photo)

5'4" 98lbs, petite! Surgeon deflated 480cc implants last week, that he put in initially 2 months ago; they were HUGE for my body. I'm... READ MORE

Heavy Impants, Want Perkiness, Too Broke for Breast Lift, Should I Do Under Muscle? (photo)

I have PIP impants that are leaking, replacing next month. I have them 6 years, never happy with result. Was 34b got 290cc silicon above muslce... READ MORE

Redo Breast Augmentation with Smaller Breast Implants After 6 Years of Having Large Implants? (photo)

Hello, 6 years ago I was a 36DD and working out very rigorously as well as dieting for fitness competitions. I was doing this for 5 years when I... READ MORE

Looking to Go to 650CC Implants? (photO)

I am looking to replace my existing 375/400cc saline mod implants with 650cc high profile silicone to get my perkiness back. After breastfeeding 2... READ MORE

I've had implants but are left not satisfied with the result. What needs to be done to achieve smaller, perkier breasts? (photo)

Hello, in September last year I had implants in England, as I had being deflated and left with a lot of excess skin from having children. I am very... READ MORE

Will a breast revision with HP silicone 550cc submuscular Allergan implants & skin removal achieve desired results? (photo)

I'm a 5'7"140lb. 37 year old fit Mother and had a breast lift with Allergan high profile 265cc saline implants 6 months ago. The result wasn't great... READ MORE

How to get perky breast with a revision? 2 1/2 month po had lollipop lift Mod+ 350 saline unders and areola reduction. (photo)

I went to my ps for my 2 month po check up and let him know I was not satisfied with my breast.I asked for perky breast that look good with out a bra... READ MORE

Should I get my boob implants placed under the muscle or above the muscle? (Photo)

I already have my implants under the muscle but my Dr messed up the pocket so he Haas go fix it.i had a second opinion and they told me to put it over... READ MORE

Periareolar vs lollipop lift. Which would be better for perkier, fuller breasts? 32DDD, 525cc moderate profile implants. (Photo)

I'm 5"6' about 125 pounds with 2 kids that were both breastfed. I'm approximately a 32DDD with 525 cc moderate profile implants. I'm looking for a... READ MORE

Can I downsize as I hate the projection? (photos)

I have Allergan 410 anatomical implants (370gm) and I hate them. Dr chose them and I feel the projection is way too full 6cm. I am really upset and am... READ MORE

What does overfilling breast implants mean?

I have 600cc under muscle and i want them to be very perky and bigger and thats why im opting for 800cc since its the biggest size for mentor gels. i... READ MORE

Is Internal Bra necessary? (photos)

1.BA i think the dr made the pocket too big. 2.BA 600cc under muscle but im still afraid of bottoming out in the future. I heard internal bra can... READ MORE

I didn't want large breasts; I wanted a flat stomach and my pre-pregnancy perky breasts back. Can I have a revision? (Photo)

I made a big mistake and had a crescent breast lift with saline implants over the muscle along with lipo to my stomach. I did not want large breasts I... READ MORE

Need a BA Revsion After PS Mistake. Do I Need a Lift? (photo)

After having my old implants replace,my PS put uhp in my perky breast & hp in my droopy left.He was supposed to give me bigger implants to take me... READ MORE

I would like to downsize my implant and undergo a lift. How can I achieve round, perky breasts? (Photo)

9 months ago I had 550cc(r) and 450cc (l) HP unders. I am unhappy with the result as they are way to big for me. They sit low on my chest, my nipple... READ MORE

What needs to be done to get the perkiness back? (photos)

475ccSal>300SiliconMod+(sub) due to lat.displacement. Capsullorapphy done-no lift. 6 weeks postop; unhappy w results so far. Implants seem to be... READ MORE

Could my nipples be higher? (photos)

I had breast augmentation 9 years ago. After seeking advice from doctors I went with the benelli nipple lift as the sagging was minimal & the surgeon... READ MORE

Do the breast pockets need to be made smaller if I switch from MOD to MOD PLUS profile while staying at 300cc? (photo)

2 of 3 PS recommended MOD PLUS 300cc. I settled with the PS who recommended MOD 300cc as he came highly regarded and the incision would be axilla. I... READ MORE

Third Implant Revision? Want Higher Cleavage and Perkier Breasts?

I ve already had my breast implants done twice in 9 years , due o the fact the first time I had a capsular , so a year later I had a capsolectomey and... READ MORE

Will Silicone HP 300cc Make Me Look Fake or Should I Choose Mod Plus? (photo)

I have 225 & 250 Mentor Siltex implants, which took me from 34B to 34C/D. I am disappointed by the pendular appearance of my breasts still &... READ MORE

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