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Areola Reduction with No Skin Excision--periareolar Subcuticular Purse String Suture? (photo)

Feeling self concious about areola size after 300cc impants and then having a child. I would like to exchnage impants for 425-475cc moderate profile,... READ MORE

Best Approach for Downsizing Breast Implants? (photo)

I have 700cc subpectoral mod+ silicone. Periareolar incision. Flat chested preop, no asymmetry. I have mild symmastia & bottoming out.I want... READ MORE

I Have Calcium Deposits in One Breast. Can These Be Removed & my 325 Cc Implants Be Replaced with 175 Cc Ones? (photo)

I don't want the scars of a breast lift. I would like the same peri areola incision used to remove the calcium deposits. is this possible? I have good... READ MORE

Can I Get New Implants w/ the Same Periareolar Scar? (Saline to Silicone Exchange)

I had breast surgery last year under muscle, under nipple with saline, if i want to redo will it be under nipple again? im afraid since i dont want... READ MORE

How Much Smaller an Implant Can I Get with an Implant Exchange Without Requiring a Lift? (photo)

I would like to remove my 375cc (over-inflated to 425) saline implants, placed 12 years ago, with 250-325cc silicone implants. My implants are above... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Periareolar Lift - Possible Double Bubble? (photo)

I am not please with my left breast. It feels loose, slightly uncomfortable, heavy, looks lower, and you can see the natural breast over the implant.... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Likelihood for Subglandular vs Submuscular?

Had surgery for cc of L breast (never went Bk to soft squishy state).now right cc.Chances of cc w/sub-glandular vs.sub-muscular? better to place both... READ MORE

Do I Need a Peri-Areolar Lift Along with my Implant Exchange? (photo)

My 11 yr old saline implants are being replaced on May 10, 2012 due to a rupture of the right side. I had 475 cc with Peri-Areolar when I had my BA.... READ MORE

What Happens to the Pocket when You Switch out Saline Implants with Silicone?

I am getting saline implants because I am not old enough to get silicone. I really really want silicone because of the look and feel but am stuck with... READ MORE

How long does the puckering to fade & breast take on a rounder shape after periareolar lift & implant revision? (photos)

I had a periareolar lift and implant revision/reduction 8 wks ago. I went from a 475 cc implants to 325cc. I love the size and overall shape. However,... READ MORE

Periareolar vs lollipop lift. Which would be better for perkier, fuller breasts? 32DDD, 525cc moderate profile implants. (Photo)

I'm 5"6' about 125 pounds with 2 kids that were both breastfed. I'm approximately a 32DDD with 525 cc moderate profile implants. I'm looking for a... READ MORE

Scared of returning to Fort Lauderdale because of this post - "Breast Revision Gone Very Bad - Fort Lauderdale, FL" (Photo)

On August 15, 2012 (when I was 18), I made the stupid decision to get 700 cc implants (Natrelle HP, under the muscle, periareolar incision.) I want to... READ MORE

Is it possible just to exchange my implants without lift? (photos)

So I have Natrelle high profile silicone implants 600cc (I have a periolar incision under the muscle/Keller funnel) and I would like to exchange them... READ MORE

When is the ideal time post Breast Augmentation to have a Capsulorrhaphy and can existing Periareolar Incision be used?

My implants are too low as IMFs were over lowered (N-IMF 9cm right, 8cm left; 275cc implants from flat chest). I know I should wait 6-12 months but is... READ MORE

Candidate for Periareolar lift? Difference between Benelli and Periareolar lift?

***PLEASE VIEW MY PROFILE FOR PICTURES*** I don't want the vertical scarring that comes from a full breast lift. What type of lift do you think I... READ MORE

Breast Plant Out of Place/ Dropping?

I'm so upset. I saw my PS today to be completely honest how I felt about my left breast. It feels loose and heavy compared to the right. My right is... READ MORE

Would Internal Lift and IMF Revision and 385cc Textured Implants help my problem? (photos)

After a periareolar lift with 650cc Ultra High Profile implants which I did not choose. Had explant and Full Anchor Lift. I am left with complete loss... READ MORE

Does removing implants and leaving several months before replacing help reduce chance of repeat capsular contracture?

I have CC (grade 3) & 1 nipple lower+larger. I've seen two surgeons. No.1 advised capsuloectomy, replace with larger (over) implants (for tighter... READ MORE

When is a good time to replace your implants? (photos)

I have saline rounds 360 & 370 cc's placed under the muscle with periareola incisions done March 3rd. That was the max he could fit in. I was looking... READ MORE

Peri-areolar lift or implant replacement only? (Photo)

Consulted 3 surgeons re changes in breast size/shape (mentor saline from 02). All recommend capsulotomy w/ implant replacement (silicone). One... READ MORE

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