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Improving Breast Tissue Attached to Pectoral Muscles with Fat Grafting? (photo)

Hello. I'm experiencing animation deformity much like this patient, :( Having some difficulty with my moving pectorals, I've been consulting with a... READ MORE

Pectoral muscle removal

I had a capsulectomy several years ago. I then had a capsulotomy with some recontruction and a slightly larger implant placed 1 1/2 years ago. I... READ MORE

best method for a breast augmentation revision?

Revision replacing saline implants with silicone and moving them from a sub glandular pocket to a submuscular? I have consulted with three different... READ MORE

Is it possible to reattach breast tissue to the pectoral muscle? (photos)

My first implants were over the muscle. Now they are under. While playing sports I felt a rip/tear in my left breast. There was an immediate deformity... READ MORE

Can breast revision be done when multiple problems exist?

I was told by a surgeon that my problems were too challenging , He said I have bottom out breast , one is capsular contraction , one needs a re-lift ,... READ MORE

16 yo implants replaced. Is this indentation caused by my pec muscle? Will it go away? (Photo)

My 16 yo 455cc saline unders were replaced with 650cc silicone unders, 14 days po with no pocket work. I had this indentation before my remove/replace... READ MORE

What can be done to fix bottom out, animation, pain in pec muscle and IMF, and boobs falling into armpit with revision? (Photo)

I am 5.5 months post revision from saline 310 cc overs to 500 cc silicone under with gala flex. PS will revise after 6 months but I can't get back... READ MORE

Are my results from the implants being placed to high or is it from my pectoris muscles? (photos)

I had my breast done 10/11 w/silicone gel implants by a board certified Dr, right away I could see my left breast was lower than right breast & was... READ MORE

Under vs over: worried about damage.

I have implants that are under the muscle and now am wondering just how much damage are we actually doing to the pectoral muscles ?? Also when I flex... READ MORE

Which implant placement would best eliminate pectoral upscale deformity ?

Implant behind the fascia ? The dual plane split muscle ? Or above the muscle ? Thank you Doctors . READ MORE

Which implant position is best for my revision?

My implants are currently behind the muscle . I have pectoral muscle deformity, This bothers me the most due to it being visible and deformed looking ... READ MORE

Can anything be done to alleviate pain in left pec muscle across top of breast? I am 5.5 mths post revision (Photo)

I am 5.5 months post revision surgery (capsullorhaphy and downsize 500 to 400 cc silicone hp sub pectoral). I have constant pain in my left pectoral... READ MORE

Best way to restore the pectoralis major to its previous thickness? Surgical approach? Hormonal? Or combination? (Photo)

Through previous problems I lost about 70% of the muscle density &all breast tissue, I noticed that 1st after my last implants were placed 3months ago... READ MORE

Capsular contraction at 4 months post op? (Photo)

I had a breast revision and periareolar lift 4months ago and the right breast never settled. My ps said he's now concerned with the firmness of the... READ MORE

Can push ups cause a breast implant to rupture?

Ive had mild breast pain for about 6 years in my left pectoral muscle (ever since i had silicone implants.) It seems to be aggravated a day after... READ MORE

What could have gone wrong during the procedure to cause all this? (photos)

Immediately after my breast surgery in 2010, I had major pain to the left breast and side of my body. I can't feel my entire left breast/nipple, have... READ MORE

Have I injured my breast or my pectoral muscle?

I am 4 months post op breast lift implant replacement over the muscle (375cc) Today I pulled a sliding door rather hard and felt pain. I can't tell if... READ MORE

Will my pectoral muscle settle or will I need more surgery?

I had revision breast augmentation 6 months ago because I had rippling and wasn't happy with the shape (originally had tubular breasts). Now after sex... READ MORE

If I pulled my right pec, would my silicone implant be super sore and tender from the right down to the bottom? (Photo)

2 sets implants which are a little over 5 years old. My 1st set was saline and they were almost 10 yrs old before my right one deflated. My same... READ MORE

3 weeks post-op, can doing normal things like housework do any damage at this stage?

Breast implant exchange & fat transfer.  When I move or bend & reach feels like they are shifting. I'm on 2nd set of... READ MORE

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