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How Much Can Saline Implants Be Overfilled?

I had my saline breast implants replaced 6 months ago to 450cc's filled to 475 and 525. I am not pleased with the results. They are full on bottom... READ MORE

How Much Can TE's Be Filled Beyond Their CC Amount?

I had a skin sparing BM . My TE's are filled to 550cc's. I want full C's. I am 5' 6, 120 lbs. My chest is 32 although I wear a... READ MORE

My Implants Are Too Big. Can Saline Be Withdrawn?

I just had breast augmentation with Natrelle saline filled implants. My left breast is a 168-330 filled to 330cc and my right breast is a 168-360... READ MORE

Can Internal Sutures Create a Fake Look From A Natural One? (photo)

I got 650cc Mentor Mod+ shells overfilled to 800cc, under the muscle, in February 2012. I started with a perky small B cup. I wanted an obviously fake... READ MORE

Would 650cc overfilled to 700 (or 750) under muscle be enough? 225-250cc doesn't sound enough to make a visible difference.

5.4" 104lbs. 32A pre-op. got 425 HP silicones (34D-BDW 14.5). Im upsizing&switching to salines. My ps said he'll overfill a 650cc shell. a different... READ MORE

If 325cc Model of Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline is Overfilled to Aproximately 430 Cc is Will It Ripple??

Hi , i had breast augmentation 5 months ago. I shceduled surgery for may 24, in which i will get added like 30-40cc to my left implant and am having... READ MORE

Redo Breast Augmentation?

I had my subglandular augmentation done about 9 or 10 years ago. I was mostly happy with the surgeon had very little pain, no noticeable scarring.... READ MORE

Do I Need a Revision (1 Yr After Ba)? (photo)

I had a breast augementation about a year ago. I went 4 sizes up: 350 moderate plus saline overfilled to 365 left and 375 right. When I stand up my... READ MORE

Would I need a lift if I want smaller implants? (photo)

Hi I've had implants for 4 years now and since I've had them I've never really liked them. I think they are too big for my body frame. I'm 4'11 and... READ MORE

Is It Safe To Overfill Implants 7 Months Post-Op?

Hi, I now have 7 months with my implants and Im not happy with them because I still have some extra skin. I went to seee my dr and he said that he can... READ MORE

I have 525 cc saline low profile of/ to 650 cc. I feel they are flat and wide with minimal projection and not that big.

My question is should I get them replaced with a 625 cc moderate plus saline overfilled to 750 to help with projection? Does a low profile overfilled... READ MORE

I had saline over the sub glandular over filled too 1000cc. I am 7 weeks post op. I'm afraid I have capsular contraction (Photo)

My left breast is ideal. Exactly what I wanted. My felt breast in high and firm. It has never been soft. I like the "saggy" natural look. My surgeon... READ MORE

Downsize in a Few Days. What Can I Expect?

Hello I was wondering if you Dr's can tell me if I will see a smaller look downsizing my implants. I have mentor 500 mod plus overfilled 600 saline... READ MORE

6wks ago bilateral displacement of L implant & scalloping of overfilled R implants. HP, gel, now need another revison. (Photo)

Revision 6 wks ago for bilateral dis L implant I had 550 saline filled 625cc and R implant 550 filled to 675cc. I downsized w/silicone gel hp implants... READ MORE

Will 1000cc saline implants give me the soft feel I currently have with my 650cc silicon implants? (photos)

I currently have 650cc HP silicon implants but I am not happy with the size, so my surgeon suggested Saline implants overfilled to 1000cc. Will they... READ MORE

Researching options to reduce implant size and achieve a more natural look/feel. Are low profile implants appropriate for me?

One year ago, I had 390 moderate profile saline implants overfilled to 420/440 placed under the muscle. I was naturally a VERY flat 32D and am now a... READ MORE

Downsizing breasts? (Photo)

I have now-800 cc saline moderate plus overfilled to 1000-1025-Problems--They feel too heavy and big.They dropped a bit and wish they were higher,... READ MORE

Desperate for answers on my recent revision surgery. Please help. (photos)

I already started with large saggy breast as seen in pic. I got 800 cc saline. Loved them!loved the roundness fullness. But still had loose skin. 6... READ MORE

I currently have 730cc saline implants overfilled that are 11 years old. Getting them replaced Sept 4 with a full TT!

My ps told me to stick with saline implants bc silicone implants have a much narrower diameter. Example 800cc silicone has same diameter of 600 cc... READ MORE

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