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I have 375cc UHP over the muscle implants. I'm getting a revision, can I achieve the look in my wish pic photos? (photo)

I currently have 375cc ultra high profile over the muscle and I'm having revision in August to go under the muscle and a larger implant. Not sure on... READ MORE

Gummy bear anatomic implants vs cohesive smooth round - is it a tradeoff between looking natural and feeling natural?

Hi, trying to select implants for my reoperation due to capsular contracture, overly full upper pole and visible knuckling. Will move from over to... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision- Overs to Unders for Rippling? (photo)

Two years ago I had 410cc textured High Profile, silicone cohesive gels placed over the muscle. It took me from a 34b to 34D.I was told I needed to go... READ MORE

Are my Goals Possible? (photo)

I started with tuberous breasts and had them corrected years ago. However, my areola was not reduced and is now very large and low on the breast. I... READ MORE

Will Going Under Muscle with New Pockets Fix my Symmastia?

I am 160 cm 48 kg, i had my last ba 3 months ago 325 uhp above muscle . i had symmastia because my ps placed the implants two close and over disected... READ MORE

What is the Process for Having Augmentation 'Re'done?

Hello, I had breast augmentation ten years ago. I was doing some reading recently and saw that it is recommended to have them re done at ten years or... READ MORE

Why Go Under when Current Saline Implants Are Over? (photo)

5'6" 160lbs current 300 cc considering smaller and silicone and lift READ MORE

Implant Exchange from Overs to Unders?

I had my second BA 8 months ago with 560cc high profile overs and my results is sitting too low and visible rippling. My surgeon is also unhappy with... READ MORE

Can My Breasts Be Fixed? (photo)

Breast reduction in 1988 , too much tissue taken from the left breast made left side a full A cup and Right side a full B, 5 yrs later had implants... READ MORE

Should I Go Back to Overs Because I Do Not Like the Unders?

I had 475cc saline overs for 13 years with no issues. After having a child I had a lift with 475cc silicone implants put under the muscle. I have... READ MORE

Anatomical Over Muscle (775cc) Vs Round Under Muscle (800cc) 6 months post explantation (1000cc) on 6ft Frame?

My 1000cc looked fine on my 6ft frame, but the base width and fullness in the upper pole was a bit too much. However I have decided that I still like... READ MORE

Sagging Breasts After Conversion Surgery from over the Muscle to Under?

8 days ago i had a breast conversion from over the muscle to under due to capsular contracture. My original implant was saline ( 325 ) and was... READ MORE

3 months post op Breast Implant Revision from over to under muscle. Droopy and uneven, wide, lopsided? (photo)

I posted pics here right after this surgery and now 3 months later I am stuck with a super droopy breast and other breast looks smaller and breasts... READ MORE

Can an implant swap be suitable from above muscle to below, w/o revision? Any idea what is happening with these implants?(Photo)

I always knew there was a position problem with my implants but now I see how bad it is. 12 years ago I did not do my due diligence picking a... READ MORE

Over to Under (Breast Implant)?

Hi! I have had over the muscle saline implants for quite awhile now. Can you go to under the muscle when you do a revision/redo? Thinking of silicone... READ MORE

Breast revision surgery after unsuccessful closed capsulectomy. What are the chances of CC returning?

Against better advice from this site, I went forward with a Closed Capsulectomy. Needless to say, it was unsuccessful & I needed to have open... READ MORE

Would you recommend placing one implant under the muscle after reoccurring capsule contracture in one breast?

One under - one over? I am having surgery soon for capsule contracture in one breast. My original BA was placed over the muscle. One breast has been... READ MORE

Exchange breast implants to go bigger... where and what it cost? (photo)

Had a BA 2 months ago, i discussed with ps what was looking for/my expectations(500 or 600cc under the muscle and not this large space bethwin each... READ MORE

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