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How Do I Choose the Best Size Implants After Mastectomy? Going from 425cc to 650cc

I had 425cc implants put in but I have very little profile. I was a B cup using a great push up padded bra. I am 53, have always wanted larger boobs.... READ MORE

My Breast Implants Are Too Far Apart - Can This Be Easily Fixed?

A month ago I had round 310cc medium extra high profile implants put in. I like the size & shape but unfortunately they are so far apart that I... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Fix Uneven Breast Size After Silicon Implants?

I had 400cc silicone implants placed under the muscle but my right breast looks bigger than my left breast. Also them seem to be too far apart. My... READ MORE

Does a Caspuslorrhaphy Involve Stiching to the Ribs?

I have bottoming out on one of my implants. I have been on multiple consultations trying to find a surgeon to correct this. I am confused because I... READ MORE

What Are The Options For This Animation Deformity After 2 Surgeries? (photo)

I have had two breast surgeries. The 1st was a non-dual plane aug with small implants. The second was a mastopexy and implant exchange with slightly... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Correcting Capsular Contracture for the Third Time?

I have Saline breast implants submuscular. I have a capsular contracture on my right side for the second time. I have taken all the necessary steps in... READ MORE

Is This a Double Bubble and How Can I Correct It?

I have a 2nd BA on 6-9-10 after. Back ground: 4/97 was ~ 34b and had over muscle 360 cc saline 4 pregnancies and BF 6-9-10 2nd BA went to silicone 600... READ MORE

Got Implants That Were Too Large for My Body, I Want Perky, Small Boobs, Advice? (photo)

5'4" 98lbs, petite! Surgeon deflated 480cc implants last week, that he put in initially 2 months ago; they were HUGE for my body. I'm... READ MORE

Is It Window Shading with Double Bubble or Bottoming out and Ptosis?

Pre-op:very mild ptosis & lacked volume from breast feeding. Surgeon discouraged me from getting a lift & told me to get overs. During surgery... READ MORE

Need To Redo BA w/ Silicone After Bottoming Out, Any Advice? (photo)

I had my BA two months ago. (330, silicone, super high profile, submuscular, infra) Now I know my breasts have bottomed out. The doctor said he would... READ MORE

How to deal with a Chloraprep allergy when needing a secondary augmentation surgery due to a rupture?

In a previous surgery I had an allergic contact dermatitis reaction 4 days following the procedure and ended up needing a prednisone pack treatment.... READ MORE

I Really Want to Achieve a Full 32D - How Many CCs Do I Need?

I'm 5'3" and have a fit body type/slim. I went from a 32A to a 32B/C by having 290cc/grams (silicone implants) 4-5 years ago.Currently... READ MORE

Loose Skin and Rippling 4 Weeks Post Under the Muscle Silicone Breast Revision Surgery (photo)

I went from over to under the muscle silicone revision surgery. My right breast has loose skin on the outer side, unnatural shape, rippling in... READ MORE

What to Do to Correct a Lot Rippling and Asymmetry in a Very Thin Woman? (photo)

I had a few previous surgeries (to remove capsule and to remove infectious tissue). I currently have textured silicone partially under the muscle (400... READ MORE

Smooth or Textured Implants for Someone with Muscle Flex Deformity? (photo)

I have problems with double bubble and muscle flex deformity that have not improved despite corrective surgery. After a second opinion from another... READ MORE

Removing 1000cc Breast Implants, Replace With 500cc, Then Lift; Can it Be Done in One Procedure? (photo)

I have 1000cc implants. I want to have them removed, with a breast lift and smaller implants (maybe 500cc). I did get a consult, and the Dr. wants me... READ MORE

Tuberous Breasts Still Not Right 12 Months After BA Surgery, What Are My Options?

Hi, I had my BA surgery 12 months ago. I had incisions made below my natural high creases ( I had tubular breasts). My surgeon said they 'would... READ MORE

Muscle Flex Deformity, What are my Options? (photo)

30 yr old, breastfed 3 children. 1st Op: 375cc mp, coh1 submuscle,axilar incision. Got Muscle flex deformity and double bubble. 2 Op: Muscles are cut... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Third Breast Implant Revision: How Can I Permanently Fix This?

1st BA May'03-subgland tex. saline. Same PS redo Feb'11-submus smooth silicone. Problems with left breast since day after. Muscle felt... READ MORE

What Kind of Revision Do I Need for Bottoming out and Rippling After Augmentation and Lift 1 Yr Ago?

I am 49,5'9",128lbs,breastfed 7 children-34B prebaby, 36D-DD pregnancy/nursing, 34A post.I had BA/donut lift,subfasical,340cc textured... READ MORE

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