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My Wound Isn't Healing? (photo)

I had a breast implant exchange and full anchor breast lift on 11/8. 3 weeks after the surg I noticed an open wound under my R breast. I went to the... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post of After Breast Lift and Replacement of Implants is This Normal?

>2 weeks after surgery I landed up having a drainage tube placed in my left breast due to a blood clot forcing through my incision and constantly... READ MORE

Deformed breasts and nipples! Is this fixable? (Photos)

I got a breast lift with implants (under muscle) 2 years ago, there were some complications with my right breast, it wasn't healing right and I had an... READ MORE

I Had a Revision and Just over 2 Months Post Op Did a Areola Revision and One Part of It is Open? (photo)

I have part open incision not sure if it will need to be resurgical sutured again. I had steri strips on it and they were removed but I put on... READ MORE

Concerned with continued open wound and drainage (Photo)

2 wks post revision to remove scar tissue that was holding my R implant up. I also had touchups on my vertical scars on both breast. At 7 days post op... READ MORE

3 stage breast revision? (Photo)

I've had my 550 implants for 10 yrs & hate them. So after several consults Next month I'm starting a 3 stage revision process. Stage 1 is removal... READ MORE

What's your opinion about these open wounds? 6 weeks post-op BA revision. (photos)

I am 55 had 650cc saline implants under muscle, and had a reduction to 550 silicone. I am coming up on 6 weeks out and the holes appeared about 3... READ MORE

Torn suture and infection. (photos)

9 days ago I had revision surgery. Implants replaced from over the muscle to under the muscle, I had a little amount of scar tissue. I also had a... READ MORE

Open wound after breast revision?

I had abreast revision for simmastia and capsular contracture and lift again 6 weeks ago . I am experiencing an open wound where the T meet , my Dr is... READ MORE

There is a noticeable indent and a visual poking through my left side breast, & I have constant extreme sharp nerve pain?(photo)

R side deflated,both replaced with 533cc M+ silicone sub. gland. told doc how much i didn't want so much side boob & want more cleavage (i know i have... READ MORE

The breast tissue above my implant has opened causing an outward "pucker." It is very noticeable. How can this be repaired?

Subglandular placement, 9 years ago, silicone recommended repair by my surgeon is suturing the tissue or grafting the tissue, along with replacement,... READ MORE

Is it okay to wake up on the belly 3wks post op?

I have been able to sleep comfortable on my side but before reop was always a belly sleeper hence why I probably rolled to front whilst sleeping, can... READ MORE

I had a breast lift & argumentation at the same time. I don't think they look normal, what can my surgeon do redo them? (photo)

I had both procedures done August 6th . 3 weeks after that my left implant ruptured without me noticing.. they took one whole month to replace the... READ MORE

What to do with my incisions opening up? (photo)

31st may breast revision full lift new implants 12th June where fine. past week they have gotten worse, have seen 3 doctors at 2 different medical... READ MORE

8 days post op breast lift and I am bleeding from my incision and as if my stitched opened up. (Photo)

I had breast lift and implants 1 year and 5 months ago. Unfortunately my breasts dropped again and i relifted them. I am 8 days post op my implant was... READ MORE

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