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Hello Can You Have One Breast Implant Replaced?

Hello I had my breast done about 5 years ago and I've always dislike the feel of one of them. One breast is a little harder I think due to capsular... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Ripple Effect in One Breast After Replacement.? I Am 53 Years Old.

Is It Normal to Have a Ripple Effect in One Breast After Replacement.? I Am 53 Years Old. READ MORE

Revision Surgery for One Implant Slightly Lower, is It Normal to over Correct and Now It is a Lot Higher?

Had saline implants replaced with silicone to minimize rippling. I ended up with one breast slightly higher than the other. Y The doctor did a... READ MORE

What Would Cause a Double Bubble In One Side 1 Week PO?

I am 7 days post op after having re-augmentation following severe rippling after having 2 children.I was previously 375cc above & decided along... READ MORE

I'm having Breast Implant Revision surgery; what would you recommend to fix the asymmetry of my breast? (photos)

I would like to know what you recommend for making my breast even. As you can see after the surgery the began to sag again and one is higher than the... READ MORE

Breast Assymetry After Implants?

I had a 200 cc silicone implant put in one breast. It's too low and much rounder than the other one. The dr says he will have to leave a vertical scar... READ MORE

Would you recommend placing one implant under the muscle after reoccurring capsule contracture in one breast?

One under - one over? I am having surgery soon for capsule contracture in one breast. My original BA was placed over the muscle. One breast has been... READ MORE

Right Implant Falls into Armpit, It's Soft; The Left is Very Hard and It Seems to Have Stayed Very High. Surgery? (photo)

My surgeon has set a date for this upcoming Febuary. I'm very unhappy with my BA and more so that I will have to undergo surgery once more. Should I... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: Is my result normal? (photos)

(resubmitting the question with more detail) April of 2014 I had my breast augmentation, later my RIGHT breast bottomed out. I got my revision surgery... READ MORE

What size implant should I choose to replace my left side only due to asymmetry? (Photo)

I am 6.5 months PO and have Natrelle 450 silicone HP under the muscle. My left side is larger, enough that I see it in clothes and bras have to fir... READ MORE

My left breast has become harder and feels heavier than the right. What can be done to restore it? How much will it cost?

I've had silicone implants for 24 years. Over the past year the left breast has become harder and feels heavier than the right, and its profile is... READ MORE

Breast surgery went horrifically wrong. Only one implant and skin remaining from the pocket formed for the right breast. (Photo)

I had multiple breast surgeries many years ago. I have since excelled in my career and had a daughter. My areola is not attached to my chest wall and... READ MORE

Left Breast Implant Revision less than 4 weeks ago. When will it drop? (photo)

 I had a left breast revision a little over 3 weeks ago and it has not moved at all. The breast did not have a crease and was slightly... READ MORE

My wrinkling implants did not get better with a revision. What should I do now?

10 yrs after my saline implants were put in they started to ripple. They were beautiful but over time I lost more & more if my own breast tissue. I... READ MORE

How long should it take for my implants to be even after a revision on just one?

I have to get a revision on my right breast as the sergeon used a mod plus 450cc implant to even out a projection issue (didn't work) As other side is... READ MORE

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