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Why Does Left Arm Remain Numb 8 Months After Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery?

I just completed my 3rd BA Revision surgery in L.A. after 2 unsuccessful surgeries in Thailand. My 2nd surgery was done in May 2010, and it was a... READ MORE

Nerve Pain/Muscle Spasm/Pain and Tightness in Shoulder and Under Shoulder Blade 11 Mo After Surgery. Is This Permanent Damage?

11 mo ago, silicone under muscle, left 175cc/right225. Having problems since day one on right side. Pain, tightness in breast muscle, shoulder/blade,... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if a Nerve was Cut During a Breast Implant Revision? (photo)

I got a breast augmentation surgery on Nov,2010. left side never drop.Doctor told me he has to operate again to make the pocket bigger than what it... READ MORE

How Long Before Numbness Goes Away in Lower Breast After Scar Tissue Removed?

I had my implants replaced 3 weeks ago. The Dr needed to remove scar tissue from both breasts. One had more than the other but both breasts are numb... READ MORE

Should I have my 800cc silicone implants removed? (Photo)

Hi ! I had a breast lift / augmentation 2 years ago in Tijuana Mexico (I live in San Diego ) everything went great at first ! But 2 years later and a... READ MORE

Little left breast is totally numb.

I had a revision three days ago and the results so far are beautiful..exactly what I expected.. The one thing that I am finding out isn't hat my left... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Too Much Too Soon?

I am 7 weeks post op from 2nd breast aug (same size 34c).At 4 weeks my scar split & i've had strips to seal the scar for 10 days.It split when i... READ MORE

What are my options after having a capsular contraction twice on the left side? How likely am I to have another one?

I had breast augmentation done two years ago and had a capsular contraction on my left side. I had surgery under local anestia to release the capsule.... READ MORE

Is There Increased Risks for Complications After Breast Implant Replacement? (photo)

Ex. More Numbness Suggestion on Replacement Size? Advised, by the lady in my surgeons office who does sizing, to go with 300cc moderate profile... READ MORE

How do i know if my skin is too thin and possibility of necrosis?

My breasts feel thin after multiple revisions, if i go in for another revision would it be dangerous, because my skin is thin and could die? Also I... READ MORE

Numb fingers, arm and loss of arm strength after BA revision, is it normal? Will it pass? Should I worry?

Yesterday I had BA revision due to CC and exchanged from 415cc to 560cc I think. I wrote a review. I have since op numb fingers, forearm and loss of... READ MORE

Right breast is making swishing/gurgling noise. Had them done 4 months ago, 2nd surgery, cuz the right one popped, saline(Photo)

I just started noticing the swishing and gurgling noise about a month ago, but it's still doing it, this is my 2nd augmentation, because I had saline... READ MORE

Can i go from 370cc to 500cc? I had my surgery about 2.5 y ago and my implants were 370cc silicon gel filled. (photos)

My height:165 & my weight:49kg One of my implants has been damaged due to an accident i had & i'm gonna change them & i wanna change the... READ MORE

43 years old, 2nd BA after 14 years. From 360cc saline to 550cc. Is it normal to still have some pain on the incision?

It's been 4 1/2 months . Is it normal still to have some pains on the incision under the nipple mostly on right breast . It's not really painful but... READ MORE

Is there a specialty or sub specialty for plastic surgeons re: breast augmentation revisions (concerns: circulation/numbness)?

I am on my 3rd set of breast implants. First surgery in 1994, breast augmentation/nipple lift, saline, ruptured. Second surgery in 2004,... READ MORE

I have had my implants for 1 year in this coming April. Now I've had a constant pain in the side of my back very numb. (photo)

I need a quote on how much it will cost to make my implants bigger as I am lop sided and my breasts are 2 diffrent sizes. My scars are very painful... READ MORE

It has been 4 months since I had my breast implants. Still numb and tender on my right one. Under muscle, silicone 475cc

My 1st surgery I got saline, 325cc, under muscle. Well the right popped, so I went back and got silicone under muscle 475cc feel like natural breasts,... READ MORE

Is arm pain normal after breast augmentation?

Hi. I had breast revision surgery 7 days ago and yesterday I developed a strange sensation in my right arm. It was almost like a numbness and then an... READ MORE

Still swollen after 3 months post breast aug revision? Could that account for asymmetry? (photo)

245cc Mentor anatomical sub-muscular. I haven't been happy with this revision: more fullness in upper pole than my old implants and from what I... READ MORE

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