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Silicone cc's vs Saline cc's.. are they equal?

I was curious. I went from 270 cc's (saline) to 450 (silicone) and I am pretty much available to wear the same bra, presurgery.. is this normal? I... READ MORE

Will 400cc from High Profile to 350cc Moderate Plus, See a Change in Size?

Hi, I had breast implants 4years ago at 400cc high profile. 2 weeks ago I had them downsized to 350cc moderate plus profile. I still feel they have... READ MORE

Went from 325cc to 600cc and Still Feel Their the Same Size, Will I See a Change?

On January 2 of this year I had a Bellini Lift with an implant exchange and bigger. I am under the muscle and went from Mentor Saline 325 cc to Mentor... READ MORE

A Week Post Op , Not Happy with Size, Will They Look Better In Time?

I just had a donut lift and replaced my 325cc saline implants with 600 HP silicone implants under the muscle. For some reason to me I look like the... READ MORE

Breast Lift Options After 2 Breast Surgeries? What to Do Next? Can I Get a Refund on my Surgery? (photo)

I had 360cc breast implants put in in 2007 due to saggy/breastfeeding breasts which are too big for me (34DDD). I consulted a surgeon asking for the... READ MORE

Why Do My Implants Look the Same when I Added 143cc? (photo)

Hi, A few weeks ago I was worry and wondering if going from 390cc to 550cc was going to make me look "fake", I had my surgery 18 days ago and instead... READ MORE

Breast Revision with No Pocket Revision, I Got New Implants but Was Left with Same Problem, What Should I do? (photo)

I had 4 years ago a breast implant, the surgeon pushed me into a teardrop implant which was placed too high and lateraly falling into my armpits and... READ MORE

Implant Replacement After Revision Because No Change in Size?

I had under the muscle saline implants 390cc replaced with 475 cc hp silicone implants. I am 1 wk post op and not happy with the little to no change... READ MORE

What do you recommend I do to correct an uneven and one bigger than the other boob? (Photo)

My surgery September 2015 under the muscle and from the beginning i told my dr that my left boob looked bigger and dropped more than the other, he... READ MORE

Mastopexy and Augmentation Surgery - Why Didn't my Surgeon Make Me a Small Cup Size As I Requested?

My history:- breast enlargement from A cup to E cup 400cc implants then years later smaller 300cc taking me down to a dd cup. Then again years later;... READ MORE

It's been 8 weeks since my implant exchange surgery. Why has there been no improvement in the symmetry of my breasts? (Photo)

I went from saline unders (360cc) to high profile silicone unders (425cc). I have included photos of my pre-op breasts, 12-day post-op, 5-week post-op... READ MORE

What should I tell my ps without being offensive?

Just a breast exchange and revision 5 days ago, I'm 5'10 172 lbs and have 4 children. My ps put in 650 kl using high profile implants. I feel they are... READ MORE

Any difference in size between 350cc Mentor high profile breast implants and 415cc full profile inspirit breast implants?

I recently had a breast revision done to increase my breast size by half a cup from a smll C to a full C,. I had 350cc hp mentor on rt and 325cc hp on... READ MORE

Breast swollen with fluid? 1 month post breast implant revision. (photo)

10 years ago I had BA. Recently I had left replaced due to leak and it got a capsular contrature only 2 months. I then had both removed and replaced 6... READ MORE

Revision, 1 month after breast implant surgery. I cannot see any difference. Why is this?

Hello, I've undergone my breast augmentation exactly one month ago. I've had an exchange with "larger" implants the old ones were 325 cc subglandular... READ MORE

What to do about hypertrophic scars? (photos)

I got breast implants 4 months ago and I got two huge hypertrophic scars. I'm almost sure they're not keloids since I've had them before in the same... READ MORE

Still uneven with no change even after revision. Do I need a third surgery? (photos)

I had an augmentation 6 weeks ago. I recently had a revision surgery two weeks ago to correct a significant size difference. My doctor was supposed to... READ MORE

Should my breast shape still be disfigured after Capsular contracture if I had a capsulotomy? (photos)

5 yrs after my initial BA, I started to develop CC on my left breast. Before that they were symmetrical. 10 years after my first BA, I finally had a... READ MORE

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