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Graduating From a Donut to Full Lift- Which Pedicle Technique (Wise Pattern) To Avoid Nipple Necrosis?

I am looking to obtain a full lift & downsize to smaller implants. To be clear, I do not smoke and attempt to avoid all secondhand smoke to the... READ MORE

Can someone please tell me if my incision looks infected, is necrosed and/or needs debriding, or is it continuing to heal? (Phot

I had breast scar revision 3 wks ago & one of my incisions isn't healing as well as the others or at least not as fast. I've gone to the clinic 2x to... READ MORE

275cc to 375cc revision? (Photo)

Hello, I have silicone implants 275cc under the muscle 2 months ago along with breast lift but I'm not happy with the result. This black spot is skin... READ MORE

I was looking for big round even breast. I switch from 420cc. What can be done to get the look I'm wanting? (photo)

I had BA. May 20,2015. Same night I had a hematoma. I thought I had necrosis. I went next day to my PS. He worked on my left breast. I had to ask... READ MORE

Would a 4th Breast Surgery Be Considered High Risk for Nipple Necrosis After a Reduction 25 Years Ago?

I'm51 yrs old,5'4"&120#. 35 yrs ago, I was 32DD &had a reduction. At age 42 & very fit @108lbs, I desired fullness in upper poles. Ended up w 345cc... READ MORE

How do you avoid nipple placement being too high?

I had implants & a Benelli lift but now hate the widened scars and permanent suture. I wish to undergo a revision at some point but worry that my... READ MORE

Had Rads in 2007 & I Don't Have a Radiation Ulcer. Am Currently Going Through Breast Reconstr & Having Issues with Healing.

47 Yr old. Had breast cancer, chemo & rads (whole left breast) in 2007. Had bad mammograms at every 6 month f/up so I opted for bi-lateral MX.... READ MORE

What are some of my options to fix muscle flex deformity and 2nd contracture of left breast? (photos)

I had BA with a lift in 2015. 5 days after first procedure my left breast became red, warm, and my aeriola had some necrotic spots. 18 days later my... READ MORE

Is my necrosis healing on its own, or do I need to get it debrided to make any difference? Is it getting better/worse? (Photo)

Breast scar revision/sm lift/lipo done 3.5wks ago. What should I see btw now/healed? How long? My doc just went on vacation in another country! She's... READ MORE

How do i know if my skin is too thin and possibility of necrosis?

My breasts feel thin after multiple revisions, if i go in for another revision would it be dangerous, because my skin is thin and could die? Also I... READ MORE

How long does it take to heal after breast augmentation and necrosis revision? (photos)

Does my aerola look even? i had the revision surgery 6 months later and it still looks bad.. What's my next step? READ MORE

Painful horizontal hard lumps under breasts after open capsulotomy, implant exchange after rupture & CC. What is wrong? (Photo)

I am four months out of surgery and have painful lumps under my breast. They are knotted feeling lumps that run horizontally. They hurt in a pulsating... READ MORE

Follow-up: update on breast. Is this necrosis? Will I need a skin graft to try to finally look normal? (Photos)

This is what my areola looks like now, continuing proper wound cleaning and antibiotics. I see my ps twice a week and it seems like there's no... READ MORE

Can I reimplant if I have had abnormal mammogram and biopsy showing fat necrosis beside my scar?

Two years ago I had my 26 year old saline implants removed along with a breast lift. I have lost 20 pounds since then (now 145) and my breasts keep... READ MORE

10 days post op breast lift and breast implant exchange. Concerned with black scab. (Photos)

Originally 400 cc saline implant. To lift with silcione soft touch.concerned with size and black scab on incision on right lower breast. Doctor said... READ MORE

How complicated is a third revision removing fat necrosis, lifting and implant swap?

This will be my third revision. First one was lift with exchange from SALINE to silicone. Second revision was ruptured implant. About a year later... READ MORE

If I have another revision through the same areola incision, will I be at risk of necrosis?

So I've had 6 breast revisions done through my areola. One of the revisions it was burnt on the bottom half while in surgery. I was wondering if I... READ MORE

Breast revision with thin skin can it lead to necrosis?

I have strattice placed with one of my breasts because that one had the most complications and has the thinnest skin. I am wondering what is the... READ MORE

How can I find a surgeon in NYC who specializes in breast revision surgery?

In particular from breast reduction? I suffered necrosis several years ago with other complications to the breast area and would finally get it fixed... READ MORE

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