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Will 100 Ccs in a Natural C Cup Be Pretty Much Not Palpable?

I had a BA with 300 ccs and salines but i had such an AWFUL case of stria cause by skin is really tight i guess. I didnt want to go from that to... READ MORE

Disappointed with Size & Gap, Should I Upsize Since I Need Revision Surgery Anyway, or Too Risky? (photo)

6 mnths ago I got 300cc, round, smooth, silicone implants 12 cm subpec. Pre op BWD 12.2cm left & 13cm right. I have distortion when flex. My... READ MORE

Researching options to reduce implant size and achieve a more natural look/feel. Are low profile implants appropriate for me?

One year ago, I had 390 moderate profile saline implants overfilled to 420/440 placed under the muscle. I was naturally a VERY flat 32D and am now a... READ MORE

I Have Saline Implants and Have Always Wanted Larger Implants That Are Silicone?

What type of procedures are involved in replacing saline implants with silicone? Also, I want to be larger. I made the mistake of giving my surgeon... READ MORE

Can an implant swap be done under local anesthesia? (photos)

I had a BA about 5 weeks ago. Healing has gone well. I wanted a very modest BA. Athough I'm happy with the surgeon's work and how natural the outlines... READ MORE

Best and most natural feeling implant for tuberous breast?

I am not happy with the anatomical implant I had put it. I want to change it to a round implant. I feel the implant still makes my breasts look droopy... READ MORE

Can downsizing from 550cc to 250cc be accomplished without a lift and without nipples pointed down to ground? (Photo)

Was a 34B to start & I thought I was a 36D now, but my doctor says I'm more like a double or triple D. I had very little skin under the nipple, we had... READ MORE

Could/should I go bigger breast aug? (Photos)

I had breast aug about a yr. ago with 286 cc. Since then I have contemplated if I went too small and if I should get them redone. My surgeon chose the... READ MORE

Type of Implants For Active Person?

I workout 6 times a week and do a lot of push-ups, what type of implants should i get, and should it be placed under or over the muscle? I have to say... READ MORE

When exchanging implants due to capsular contracture, can I go bigger using the warranty? (photo)

I am 4 months post op and my right still looks like it did day 7. It is hard, and painful, and high. Right is significantly smaller, though the... READ MORE

Will downsizing from 350 uhp to 275 mod +help me achieve a more natural look?

I have had my implants for 8 months now & feel they are too large. I am downsizing from 350 uhp to 275 mod +silicone Mentor unders via transax. I... READ MORE

Should I change the position of my implant to achieve the look I'm going for? I have a lot of natural breast tissue. (photo)

I'm 5'7 and 200 lbs. I have/had large breasts for my entire life. 36 DD. After pregnancy and weight gain and loss they had fallen and lost all... READ MORE

Implant exchange concerns. Is the upgrade worth the future issues with larger implants? (photos)

Went "too natural" first augmentation. I'm 33 y/o, 5'2" 112lbs and got Mentor 375 mod+ silicone unders. My issue is that I'm flat in the cleavage... READ MORE

Implants are bigger than expected!

I am only one day post op but know my implants feel far larger than I wanted. I agreed with my surgeon I would like to achieve a D/DD at the very most... READ MORE

Switching from mod profile saline 330 and 375cc unders to silicone allergen hp. (photos)

I am 5'5" no kids and I was 155lbs when I had breast aug 2012. I was 34b pre-op. doctor told me I couldn't go big because my muscles were very tight.... READ MORE

I am almost a year post op, and one side(the left side) has always been healing much slower than the other side. (photo)

My right side started to look more natural recently, but the left side is still very high and the upper pole looks very unnatural. When I exercise,... READ MORE

My breast have no cleavage what procedure can be done to get cleavage after breast augmentation? (photo)

I got my breast done a year ago and I asked for them to look natural with Saline but I feel the Saline bag underneath my breast I actually want to... READ MORE

Old 1999 saline implant. Want revision w/ silicone implants. Soft, natural, what breast lift & implant would you suggest?(photo)

1999 saline implants feel very hard, saggy, with full hard upper pole. Original augmentation filled too full, saline withdrawn two weeks later leaving... READ MORE

Can I benefit from silicone implants? (photo)

Can I benefit from silicone implants? I currently have Saline implants. There are imperfections as with any breast augmentation; however, I am overall... READ MORE

Follow Up to: Breast Revision, which approach; Pocket revision with larger implants, or fat transfer to breasts?

I would like to have revision surgery to replace my present 1.75 year old 425cc 12 cm diameter, high profile implants. My goal is to achieve a fuller,... READ MORE

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