Muscle + Breast Implant Revision

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Why Does my Breast Look Deformed when I Flex the Muscle?

I am one year post-op. My right breast looks deformed when flexed. Why does this happen? How complicated is the revision surgery to correct this issue? READ MORE

Muscle Contracture Implant Distortion

My breast implant (surgery 40 days ago, 300cc, silicone, round, dual plane) is distorted upon muscle flexing. Can this be corrected? Can muscle that... READ MORE

Chest Muscles Extremely Painful 1 Year After Breast Augumentation. Should I Be Concerned?

Had augumentation 25 yrs ago Due to weight loss I had lift and rev in 3/11, due to extreme CC had rev again 6/11 (extensive surger). Chest muscles... READ MORE

Hurt and Unhappy- Need to Talk with a Doctor About Muscle That Was Took Out, After Breast Implant?

Breast implate 3x now! one with down got another implant done 12/11 was to high and nipples where pointing to floor doctor said to much muscle, 3x cut... READ MORE

I feel like my implants have have drop to low. What do you think? Will alloderm help with muscle pain in chest? (photos)

I had my exchange surgery in May 12, 2014. I got mentor 800cc high profile. Due to the fact I was so large before I wanted all I could get. I don't... READ MORE

"Thinning out the muscle". Does this sound right?

My implants are too far apart after augmentation and I'm speaking with a new doctor regarding revision. He says he can get them closer together by... READ MORE

For a BA revision, is split muscle an option? (Photo)

I'm 50, 5' 08', 155#, athletic, 22% BF, animation deformity and "bottoming" out. My scar is ~1.5 cm above the crease, evident by 6 mos. post BA... READ MORE

Can a muscle that has been released too much during a BA be repaired?

I am a very active 55 year-old in excellent health who lifts 5 times a week. I had a BA on 10/20/15 to replace 15 y/o saline implants with silicone.... READ MORE

PS thinks I will need my muscle cut in cleavage area to allow the implant to settle into lower pole? (photos)

3 different breast implants and two breast lifts in 12 months! Still not happy! PS wants to cut the muscle in cleavage area to help release the... READ MORE

Fluid around silicone implant. How should I interpret different results of MRI?

Just recently had silicone implants changed out because of a misread MRI stating a rupture. The implants were actually intact and I had a tissue mass... READ MORE

Can six Breast surgeries had a long term effect on chest muscles as it pertains to weight lifting?

I have had 6 breast revisions in the past 3 years (two deflations then capsule contracture). My most recent was an inflammatory fold repair to one... READ MORE

Pain in muscles on both breasts that have bottomed out

I had a BA 16mth ago and both implants have bottomed out. I am having revision in 2 months to correct the position. In the last 2-3 months I have... READ MORE

Released muscle at crease and on chest made implant lower on chest. Can it be reversed for more upper pole? (Photo)

I was at 450cc silicone crease incision which looked so beautiful but I had a lot of muscle animation. I had excellent upper pole and the breasts were... READ MORE

Should I let my surgeon loosen my muscle or should I change position to subglandular? (Photo)

1 year ago i did a correction because of db, mdf and a too wide space between my breasts. We changed from 380 cc to 580 cc, as my surgein suggested.... READ MORE

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