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Is it safe to go under general anesthesia 3 times within 8.5 weeks period?

I am having Austin and tailors bunion surgery on my left foot (2.5 hr under general anesthesia). Taking off 8.5 weeks. Have decided to do breast... READ MORE

What Are The Options For This Animation Deformity After 2 Surgeries? (photo)

I have had two breast surgeries. The 1st was a non-dual plane aug with small implants. The second was a mastopexy and implant exchange with slightly... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Correcting Capsular Contracture for the Third Time?

I have Saline breast implants submuscular. I have a capsular contracture on my right side for the second time. I have taken all the necessary steps in... READ MORE

Next Step After Explant?

2 BA 1) 1999 saline 380cc 2) 2004 silicone 450cc + benelli Lift (BAD scars around areola) 2011(photo is after explant) removal of implants due to... READ MORE

How does Pamela Anderson still have nice breast after multiple surgeries?

Pamela Anderson and Victoria Beckham have gone through multiple breast implant surgeries, large to small, back to large, to explant, back to implant... READ MORE

What Happens to Scar Tissue That's Left in the Body After Implants Have Been Removed?

I had a re-do operation 1.5 yrs ago because of symmastia and the doctor fixed it by moving the implants from under the muscle to over the muscle.... READ MORE

On my 3rd revision for capsular contracture, is B.I. Secret a good supplement to keep this from happening? (photo)

I just had my 3rd breast implant surgery. The last two were for revisions for capsular contracture. I'm desperate not to end up with it again. I read... READ MORE

I Am 3 Months Post-op from my 4th Revisionary Breast Surgery on my Left Breast. My Left Breast Was Significantly Larger Due to

I Am 3 Months Post-op from my 4th Revisionary Breast Surgery on my Left Breast.  My Left Breast Was Significantly Larger Due to swelling,... READ MORE

Uneven Results After Capsulectomy of 30 Y/O Unilateral Implant on Right Side. Will Two Revision Be Enough? (photo)

Five weeks ago, I had a capsulectomy of a 30 year-old unilateral implant on right side (done at ~age 20 for symmetry), along with BL and BA on both... READ MORE

I Have Had 4 Breast Lift Operations, After my Initial Breast Augmentation. They Won't Stay Up? (photo)

I am 28.I have had 4 breast lift surgeries.My 1st breast aug was in 2010.They won't stay up.I wanted a round "fake look".That wasnt achieved after my... READ MORE

Why would I have rapid heart rate of 150bpm during surgery (breast implants and lipo)?

Today I had my breast implants put back in and liposuction above my belly button. During the procedure my heart rate went up to 150bpm. I do nit have... READ MORE

Would expanders or multiple surgeries help me achieve a K to KKK breast size?

I had my first implants, 1300cc overfilled saline, done 10 weeks ago and I'm already hoping to go a lot bigger. I'd like to be a between a K & triple... READ MORE

Can I Go from a 360cc to 120 Cc? I Have Had 12 Breast Surgeries All With Complications.

I have had 12 breast surgeries Original lumpectomy and subsequent ruptured silicon, capsules and other problems. I currently have 360cc Gummy bears... READ MORE

What Will Happen if Under Go for Breast Augmentation 3 Times Within 13 Days?

My first implant was 300cc which I didn't choose. It didn't fit my body so I told my surgeon it's too high because of size. He recommended... READ MORE

I am "Bottoming out" and need Pocket revision. Any recommendation?

Looking to correct low sitting implants. They are also a bit far apart. Original doctor says that nothing can be changed bc of my original breast... READ MORE

Will donut lift give me a round look? Shift my implants to over? if I switch to big implant will it give me breast fold? photo

26 years old,i had 330 cc Mentor Silicone CPG anatomical under muscle inframamlar about over a year ago,i was a little constricted in lower pole.they... READ MORE

Is it ok to get a facial or Botox after just having surgery ?

I just had surgery 3 days ago and I am planning on getting a facial tomorrow and Botox next week. Will it be ok ? READ MORE

I am looking to get Breast Implant Revision, Liopsocution/ fat transfer, can you take Adderall & Klonopin without any risk?

I am looking to get breast implant revision and lipo/fat transfer. I am seeing conflicting answers in a google search. Can you take adderall and... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a Breast lift with implant revision along with a tummy tuck and a bbl all at the same time ?

Can I have a breast lift with implants revision ,a tummy tuck and a bbl at the same time ? If so how would I be able to lay down for my recovery... READ MORE

Breasts Implant Gone Wrong. PLS HELP! Guide Me. Each Time, Only Thing I Hear from my PS Was, "It Will Drop, Just Wait".

Initial surg. Left perfect. RT smaller w/loose skin (bottom). A year later, revised. dropped both imp. LT gone wrong (imp placed below the pocket) RT... READ MORE

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