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Right Breast Implant Removed Due to MRSA. When Can I Get my Implant Back In?

5 weeks ago i had my right breast implant removed, due to an MRSA infection, since then everything has been fine i stopped taking the antibiotics 3... READ MORE

Got MRSA Infection in One Breast Shortly After Breast Augmentation, How Long Until I Can Have Revision to Replace Implant?

Infection and the implant was removed. How long after removing the implant may I have another implant surgery to replace the original?? I am 64, in... READ MORE

Was Msra Infected Breast Implant Salvage Successful?

Update on Mrsa infected implant. 3 weeks after breast agumentation, My doctor took out the implant, soaked in antibiotics and implant was put back in.... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement, then Mrsa Now a New Infection?

I had breast enlargement surgery and 2 days later, Saturday I had a hemotoma. They wouldnt drain it until Monday because I ate breakfast. Two weeks... READ MORE

How to tell if you're developing capsular contracture? (photos)

Hi doctors! I am wondering how you're able to tell if you're developing capsular contracture. I had my BA last may, developed MRSA in my left breast,... READ MORE

MRSA infectied implant salvaged without removing implant! Is my Dr on to something?

MRSA infected implant was sucessfully salvaged without removing the implant! 3weeks after breast agumentation, mRSA positive Dr. took out the implant,... READ MORE

MRSA infection post op, emergency implant removal, how can I get this fixed asap?

I'm 20 yrs old & one of my implants got infected (only sign of infection was drainage, no fever/redness/warmth) &was removed in an emergency... READ MORE

Reinfection risks in re implantation after 8 months?

I had breast implant last December. I had MRSA (Staphylococcus aureus) infection while I was removing hematoma in a re surgery. After that I had... READ MORE

MRSA infection. When can I get implant back in?

Just had breast augmentation surgery two weeks ago. Got MRSA infection on the right side and right implant had to be removed. How long do I have to... READ MORE

2nd BA after Cellulitis 7 years ago. Could my tonsils be the reason for my BA infection?

Had a BA done 5 yrs & caught an infection on the 3rd day.Had my implants removed 7 days after.My PS never gave me the results of my culture.I am... READ MORE

What exactly is a "hold harmless contract" ? My 3rd BA surgery was done 10-21-16 (Photo)

First BA May 2013 and in Oct 2014 1St deflation RS had it removed and replaced than Aug 2015 left deflation removed and replaced. I had the saline... READ MORE

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