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Silicone Implant Slides Around and is Painful - What is the Cause and How Can I Correct it?

Had bilateral mastectomy, expanders and silicone implants. After lifting felt a pull on right implant. Left skin numb and now implant moves too far... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post-op. Implants Move to the Side When I Lay Down. Revision Needed?

I Had a BA 4 Weeks Ago, Subglandular 350cc Gel. When I Lay Flat my Implabts Move to the Side. 5 foot 1 inches 120 pounds.. Was a 34 deflated c due to... READ MORE

Improving Breast Tissue Attached to Pectoral Muscles with Fat Grafting? (photo)

Hello. I'm experiencing animation deformity much like this patient, :( Having some difficulty with my moving pectorals, I've been consulting with a... READ MORE

I feel my left breast implant has rotated sideways and it feels like it's not centered. Do I have to see a doctor?

My left breast has moved and it feels sideways and not facing straight but instead it feels like it has rotated... Do I have to see a doctor? READ MORE

Am I Bottoming out Why Do I Have Indention and Odd Side Shape when I Raise my Arms? (photo)

I had mastopexy with implants in jan, i wanted a d cup and was barley a c so i had a revision in april, I switched from silicone to saline bec i... READ MORE

15 Days Post Op My Left Implant Isn't Moving Like the Right. Should I Worry?

I had round implants removed from over the muscle +a capsulectomy performed both sides as left was a baker 3 + right baker 4 capsule, implants... READ MORE

Breast Implants Replacement

I had implants placed 6 yrs ago. Now, 5 yrs later the implants seem to have moved out of their pockets, they are at different positions on my chest... READ MORE

Will I Need Revision? 2 Mo Postop Lift/aug Mentot Round Smooth? (photo)

In beginning L breast was much more painful & tight on lateral & armpit. Equally swollen, but L low pole was very flat & choppy. R is very... READ MORE

Are Brazilian anatomical implants soft and movable?

I have silicon round implants submuscular. About to replace them for anatomicals cause when i tense i get an unnatural round appearance due to having... READ MORE

Headed to surgery soon, wanted other doctors opinions: Bottom out breast (textured or smooth). (photos)

The doctor is going to take the fluid out of my breast 2 weeks before surgery . He is going to tighten my poles , the bottom and the sides . I am... READ MORE

Swollen or Implant Moved? (photos)

I had breast lift revision (left) and scar revision on (R) on 1/6/15. My left breast was saggy, not as tight as my right one and my nipple was to high... READ MORE

About 4 months post op, 430cc UHP silicone overs. Feels like my left implant has moved "out of the pocket". (photos)

It feels different to the touch than the right, and it has more rippling on the bottom. Am I being paranoid or does it look concerning? How... READ MORE

Worried About Breast After Revision for CC?

My Breast slighty firm and bigger after revision surgery for CC. If i lie on my belly it's harder but will soften in minutes and I dont really notice... READ MORE

I Had a Silicon Breast Revision Done 3 Weeks Ago, my Right is Lovely and Soft but my Left is Still Really Hard?

Can Someone Please Explain to Me, Why when I Lift my Arms Above my Head my right Soft Implant Stays in the Same Place, but my Left harder implant... READ MORE

Skin tenting repair, breast implants too wide for frame.

I just had surgery to fix tenting almost had symmstia. Ps said not symmstia. He recommended neosubpectoral pocket and moved off midline. I also... READ MORE

I've had one breast augmentation and one revision and needing another revision I can't figure out what's going wrong? (photo)

I had implants put in may 19th of 2012. They are silicone with 475cc on left and 450cc on right. 4 weeks after surgery I had slight symmastia. When... READ MORE

I have had my breast implant in since 1976. Should I have them replaced?

Looks like implants have move to side and some ripples. I don't know if I should get them replaced. READ MORE

My right breast implant moves to much in the pocket when I lay down and move from side to side. Both look different when lying.

I had BL and 240ml saline implants removed and had new 150ml silicone implants inserted. The old implants had capsulated.I have been back and showed... READ MORE

Could my implant be encapsulated? (photos)

I had breast implant revision on 12/06/16 My previous right implant had moved up and formed a very notorious asymetry. My surgeon lifted that nipple... READ MORE

Can my right breast be fixed and is it bottoming out or just pocket to large? (photos)

Hi had 450cc dual plane in aug 2015 I love my left breast doesn't fold over or hurt but my right aches in a downward pull and even with a bra I am... READ MORE

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