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Getting Smaller Implants - 700cc to 500cc Feasible?

Hi. Four years ago I made the stupid choice of getting 700cc (Round smooth silicone, high profile, 14.4 x 6.2cm)breast implants. I am a tall girl,... READ MORE

After Two Months I Feel a Pulling Sensation Under my Left Breast - Is This Normal?

I have mentor moderate plust smoothe 375cc's implants. After two months yesterday I began to feel a pulling sensation or like pressure below my... READ MORE

Bulge After Breast Implants - What Would You Do?

400cc, Mod+, IMF crease, 2 wks. ago. Dual plane. Bulge evident under left breast imm. after getting home :( Not dbl. bbl., implant creating the bulge,... READ MORE

Implant Size, and Saline or Silicone Revision

I had breast aug january 13, 2010. i am 5ft7in, weigh 135. i got mentor 400 mod plus saline filled to 400cc. slight asymmetry before surgery left... READ MORE

Is there an implant that would give me porn star fake looking boobs? Without bra I want them high up, close and full (Photo)

First I did 530 cc moderate plus saline implants , behind the muscle. , should I have done high profile gummy bear. Over or bedhind the muscle ? When... READ MORE

Attn All PS. 375cc Mod Plus Silicon and Wants Bigger? (photo)

Hello I currently have 375cc mod plus silicon in one breast and 325cc in the other due to the size difference I would like bigger perkier and fuller... READ MORE

I decided to downsize from 250cc to 100cc- what should I expect?

After talking with my PS, I have decided to downsize from 250 to 100cc. I got a lift, lollipop 250cc mod plus silicone implants 7 mon ago. Love the... READ MORE

Moderate Plus or High Profile Gel Implants?

I exchanged my saline 375cc MP implants for silicone 425 HP implants. I have formed a casular contracture and will be replacing again with silicone. I... READ MORE

11 days post opt breast augmentation with internal bra. They seem flat and small. Will they drop and fluff? (Photo)

I had breast revision done 11 days ago due to 350 cc saline implants bottoming out after 12 years. My PS recommended 425 cc silicone implants with... READ MORE

HP to Mod Plus? (Photo)

I am 10 weeks post op with 350hp mentor silicone implants dual plane. I would like wider implants for a little more cleavage vs projection. If my bwd... READ MORE

Downsizing from 375cc HP silicone to 300cc Mod+ Silicone. Would downsizing make a noticeable difference?

10 yrs ago i had 300cc salines o/f to 330 bringing me upto a 32C. I had a revision surgery a yr ago due to mild cc in my right breast. Also my salines... READ MORE

Should I get a revision to make my breasts closer together? (photo)

14 weeks ago I got 300cc mod plus implants filled to 360 under the muscle, and now I feel like they're so far apart that I look odd. I can't even get... READ MORE

Should I Have Gotten a Breast Lift with Implant Exchange? (photo)

I recently had to have an implant exchange due to deflation. I went from saline to silicone (mod plus). Of the 4 consults I went to, only 1 doctor... READ MORE

I am interested in a revision for more natural looking results, are my expectations reasonable? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation about 1.5 years ago. I am unhappy with the upper pole fullness, their firmness, and highness. I have 450 cc hp silicone... READ MORE

Choosing the Right Profile Implants for Revision Surgery?

I currently have high profile Silicone Breast Implants as part of Breast reconstruction due to breast cancer. I'm not happy with the projection and... READ MORE

What Type of Revision May Be Necessary?

Hi, It is most of the doctors opinion here that I may need an inferior release in order for my 325cc mod+gel implants to drop more after submuscular... READ MORE

Debating on 650cc's mod plus or 750cc'ss high profile. 5'1, 113 lbs. Is 750cc HP totally out of proportion with my body?

My measurments....5'1 113Lbs Projection 4.2 cm Width 13.6cm..Im getting a redo due to deflatted implant (saline). I'm going with silicone this time... READ MORE

I had a breast lift and 375 cc moderate profile plus round implant followed by revision for capsular contracture. Advice?(photo)

I had an uplift with 375cc implants 10 months ago. I loved the top fullness but my nipples was low. I saw my surgeon who said I had capsular lI had... READ MORE

Revision needed? Have 375HP unders ....would mod plus 300s give me a better look? (Photo)

Had 375HP unders placed one year and 3 mos ago. Implants did not settle into pockets and then a pocket revision was done 3 mos. ago...still not seeing... READ MORE

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