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Moderate Vs High Profile Breast Implants to Retain Cup Size?

I am having Breast Implant revision next week due to capsular contracture from the first surgery 11 yrs ago. I have 430cc Saline breast implants... READ MORE

What is the Chance of Recurrence of Symmastia?

I am going for a consultation for symmastia revision. I would describe the symmastia as moderate. I do not want an overly large gap between my breasts... READ MORE

Revision from 300 Ccs Mod + to 400 Ccd Hp? (photo)

I have 300 cc mod+ silicone implants under the muscle. I was hoping for a very full C/D, but I only made it to the mid C range. I was a 34 B pre BA... READ MORE

Revisional surgery 1 week ago - Will my rippling eventually go away?

I had revisional surgery exactly one week ago. I got 550cc mod over muscle textured. Once some of the swelling went down, I started to notice my left... READ MORE

Could I swap out my moderate classic implants for high profile, or would they have to be too large for my frame to cover my bwd?

I currently have a slight double bubble, and horrible hypertrophic scars. My surgery was a year ago. I am 5'5, 135 pounds, 29 years old, 14cm bwd, 34... READ MORE

Is it necessary to tighten pockets when downsizing implants with a lift? (Photo)

I am downsizing from 400cc moderate siltex mentor to somewhere between 215cc -235cc moderate smooth implants along with a lift. One PS I consulted... READ MORE

I want bigger, fuller and more upper pole fullness, what are my options? (photos)

Had a breast lift. from my neck and down to my nipples there are 29cm now. before 10 cm longer. i have 400cc moderate subfascial placement. textured... READ MORE

Implant revision opinions? Very tight and non desired outcome. 8 months PO is my wish pic achievable realistically? (Photos)

110 lbs 5'3 ,275 cc moderate round silicone unders 34b/32d They moved way apart after swelling dissipated, desperate for cleavage .I am having issues... READ MORE

Projection and width for breast implants?

What is an ideal projection for breast implants. I currently hAve moderate implants silicone with 3.2 projection. Too flat. Will 2 cm make that much... READ MORE

Embarrassed by very small implants. How many cc's can I go up and still look natural? (Photos)

Got implants 1 year ago, 250 cc moderate mentor round textured dual plane (11,5 wide en 3,3 projection). Stats: 1,65 (5,5"), 53 kilo (116 pounds) and... READ MORE

Flat area on bottom and side of right breast. (Early Double bubble).

Hi I am 2.5 weeks post op for a implant revision. My old implants were far apart and I wanted the look of more cleavage. Doctor exchanged 500 cc mod... READ MORE

350cc Mentor Silicone Moderate Subglandular, Left Capsule Contracture. Need Revision/Lift? Submuscular? ADM? All three? (photo)

Original implants in 1999, 2003 had a rupture (left breast), replaced w/new, 2006 had a Grade III capsular contraction (left breast) - & found out... READ MORE

450cc Moderate Saline Implants to 750-800cc? Am I crazy?!

Love my current breasts, but want bigger! Currently 5' 61/2" & 139lbs. 450cc has me in a bra Sz 34dd but I feel small. :( Anyone with similar... READ MORE

Will my Sientra Textured round implants fluff and get bigger as they settle? Will bliss insurance cover me? (Photos)

I just had an implant revision surgery done three says ago. However, i am really unpleased with my end result size. i was originally a 30 AA 5 yrs ago... READ MORE

Is it safe to overfill a 450cc saline implant by 150-200cc?

I am getting revision breast augmentation, and to achieve the look I want (fake looking implants) my surgeon recommended overfilling a moderate round... READ MORE

Breast lift revision? What's best approach? (Photos)

Due to saggy post baby breasts I had donut breast lift and implant at 450 cc moderate silicone. 6months ago. My breast have have dropped and look... READ MORE

What is the difference between high profile and moderate? (Photos)

I currently have 400 cc/325cc (small c cup) and I am going in for a revision , currently I'm unhappy with my size and want more projection. I... READ MORE

Switching from saline to silicone, currently have moderate saline (under) wanting HP silicone. How many CCs? (Photo)

I currently have 350cc's, to get more volume and projection I'm thinking about going to a HP - how many CC's do you think would give me a nice full... READ MORE

Going up in size, which breast implant?

I had surgery in July, i had my breasts lifted and 425cc high gel profile. Im going back under at the end of the month. I want to make sure im making... READ MORE

How would you fix my asymmetry? (Photos)

I received a BA in May this year. I am disappointed in my outcome and my surgeon believes it is a good outcome and no further surgeries will address... READ MORE

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