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Breast Revision Using ADM (Acellular Dermal Matrix)? (photo)

I've had my implants for 11 yrs with no complications. Last week I awoke to one breast being encapsulated. Thus far, I've visited two doctors. One Dr.... READ MORE

Recommended Procedure to Achieve Significantly Smaller Breast and Areola's with Minimal Scarring? (photo)

I'm 22 years old with sub muscular 360CC Natrelle Saline-Filled Implants. I underwent a breast aug. & a donut mastopexy 4 months postpartum my 1st... READ MORE

Best way to prevent scars after breast revision w/lollipop lift? 1st surgery w/benelli gave "starburst" stretched scar (Photo)

Having a breast revision w/lollipop lift. 1st op I had a benelli w/reduced areola. Started great then at 3mo areola stretched& the scar seems to have... READ MORE

Vertical scar disappear?

Docs talk about possibility of vertical scars disappearing. I received a benelli (ps suggested), scars & aerolas widened. Like a revision w/ best poss... READ MORE

How to achieve the shape I desire and is it possible without a lollipop lift? (photos)

I have 11 year old implants in tuberous breasts. I have never been satisfied with the shape: low nipple and my lower pole is nonexistent. Last year... READ MORE

Can I enlarge and go without the lift? Please No Lollipop Scar...... (photos)

I need to replace my implants.. What kind of lift could I get that would leave the least amount of scars? Could I have a nice figure and nice feeling... READ MORE

Need a redo, but I am not excited about cutting around the nipple or having a vertical scar. (Photo)

Is it possible to fill out the cavity with a shaped implant, understanding I wont get "perky nipples", or is there any other procedure that doesn't... READ MORE

Looking to reduce and replace my saline implants. Any suggestions?

Ive had 550cc saline implants for almost there yrs. Looking to replace with silicone or gummy bears. consultation I got quoted 8,800 to replace/move... READ MORE

Replacing 421cc implants with smaller ones? (Photos)

I had a breast augmentation in February 2013 and got 421cc mod+ silicone implants. I went from an A to a DD, which at the time seemed like a good idea... READ MORE

With a Breast Lift a horizontal line under the breast will have to be there, correct?

Reason why is because I want to make sure About it. I told my dr that I want I lift but not so much - and I remember he saying he did not do one... READ MORE

Can my recent breast augmentation be made smaller with minimal scarring? I hate them! Oh, my Dr. loves them.. lucky me!

I had small saline implants in 2009. Last year(2016) I had them replaced... the replacements were huge and way to high. Had them redone again and now... READ MORE

Is a year too long to have breast augmentation redone?

I am 5'2" and 124lbs. I received a breast augmentation a year ago and went from a 34 B to a 34 DD. I have 450CC HP implants above the muscle. I feel... READ MORE

How can I make sure my scarring is minimum (doughnut lift) breast implant revision and lift?

I have just had revision servers going from a 375cc round to 440cc shaped with a doughnut lift, I do not want surgery again and I am trying to give... READ MORE

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