Mentor + Breast Implant Revision

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Considering a revision due to asymmetry, in your opinion and based upon the photos what happened with my breast? (photo)

Got my BA almost a year ago 12/29/14, 250cc under muscle, mentor smooth round high profile gel implants. I'm not happy with my results, I'm 21 no kids... READ MORE

Turned away on revision to lower pole problems on current breast implants! (Photo)

450 Mentor sili unders,high prof a year 1/2 ago.Want more rounded,lower fullness & longer distance from fold 2 nipple.Dr said no. He can do full lift... READ MORE

After weight loss, can a larger implant help fill loose skin as well as give me more cleavage? (Photo)

I lost 42 lbs and now have more of a gap inbetween my breasts and lose skin. I would like bigger breasts and more cleavage while maintaining the look... READ MORE

Revision is next week, from Mentor textured anatomical shaped. Doc is recommending Mentor textured round to replace? (Photo)

I am scheduled for revision surgery next week! (Nov 19) Currently have Mentor anatom 180CC textured. Not happy with firmness and shape is a bit funny.... READ MORE

I have extreme Muscle Flex deformity from sub pectoral Mentor cohesive gel implants. I don't want to sacrifice strength by cutti

I had the surgery a year ago.Whenever I engage my pecs the implants shift laterally under my armpits. It's very disturbing. I am a personal trainer by... READ MORE

Is this realistic? I'm 5'5", 120lbs, broad shoulders and chest. (Photo)

Want a diff look and want to know what is realistic for me to get boobs of Charlotte McKinney with her lips and boobs. Clearly, she was more endowed... READ MORE

What would I need to have done for Breast Implant Reduction/Revision and possibly a lift? (Photo)

Existing Implants Mentor Saline Smooth Round Moderate Profile 350, 10/20/2010 L: 400 R: 375 (unsure) I have lost a significant of weight since the... READ MORE

What are my options for breast implant revision due to severe muscle flex deformity/animation? (Photo)

I got 225 mod plus smooth round (10.9d 3.3p) mentor unders. I was a barely A with asymmetry after breastfeeding. I wanted to be small and natural.... READ MORE

I had 485cc anatomical shaped Mentor implant. Will I be able to redo it again using round silicone? (Photo)

I am 170cms tall and weight 95 kgs. I have had a very small breast as seen on the pictures. I had my breast implant done about 7 weeks ago using 485cc... READ MORE

Frustrated with size-5 months post-op (Photo)

2nd BA, 5'5", 117lbs, 500cc Men.mod plus sils under with another mini BA looks flat and wide. Wouldnt my PS know that my body can hold a lgr... READ MORE

Originally 34C now 36DD, options to making smaller? (photos)

I currently have 275 mentor gel implants. Originally I was a size 34C however over time with a little weight gain and menopause they are now a DD and... READ MORE

Implant bottomed out. Change implants or leave the old ones? (Photo)

My implant bottomed out. Need a new surgery. Have in 375cc mentor moderate plus. Should I leave old implants or go with 445cc tall moderate plus... READ MORE

Is 700cc too big? (Photo)

I started at 32a. I have 475cc HP silicone mentor memory gel implants. My surgery was 2/10/15. I wanted bigger, but that was the biggest I could go at... READ MORE

Want to go bigger. Which breast implants will give me desired results? (Photo)

I"m 5'8" in height and weighting 135 lbs. 5 years ago I had breast lift operation with Silimed silicone MP 325cc implants, dual plane position. Now... READ MORE

My anatomical implant has rotated. Would a change of implant shape be the best option? (Photo)

I had surgery 9 month ago, mentor 255cc dropshape and it was placed half under the muscle. i didnt like the result, shape and size. i saw a different... READ MORE

Will Mentor shaped anatomical implants be firmer than Sientra rounds?

I have sientra smooth round implants and they are already pretty firm. I plan to switch them out for Mentor anatomicals. I know these are textured..... READ MORE

Surgery #2 muscle release on Mentor 600cc smooth round HP silicone. Surg #1 was 6mo ago, surg #2 1.5 weeks ago (Photo)

My ps doesn't say much & my dream come true has turned 2 a nightmare. Can anyone tell me what could possibly be going on here? Also is there a way to... READ MORE

Regarding my question having rippling in my textured implants in cleavage area should I go smooth? (photos)

Thank you for answering my prior question and sorry, my revision from smooth round moderate plus saline 450cc to to my now hp mentor round textured... READ MORE

Can I switch from under the muscle silicone implants to over the muscle? I have 275cc implants and have started bodybuilding.

I got under the muscle 275cc Mentors silicone implants back in 2011 and now I've begun preparing for a fitness/bikini competition so I've lost 10... READ MORE

I had a bad botched breast augmentation with saline implants and a lift 3 years ago. Both breasts are not symmetrical (Photo)

I am a 36DDD I think he put a mentor implant 525. I went form a saggy 36B to a horrible 36DDD not sure of they are under or over but what do know is... READ MORE

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