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Breast Augmentation Revision? Smaller Implants Needed? (photo)

3.5 months ago I had 425cc mentor memory gel, mod+ profile implants placed under the muscle, crease incision. I was completely flat chested pre-op,... READ MORE

Bottomed out with textured implants? (Photo)

445cc-495cc mentor memory shape implants, textured anatomical cohesive gel silicone submuscular. 6 mos post op. I bottomed out with textured but i... READ MORE

Right breast swollen or was something done wrong? Redo from 400 saline SM to 600 memory gel SM (Photo)

I had a redo after 7 years, my saline right implant had a lot of scar tissue and was leaking and corroded. The dr had do to more work on my right than... READ MORE

Mentor Memory Shape Implant rippling. Does anyone know of anything that will help?

Had a revision surgery which was to correct severe rippling post breast reconstuction. I had Mentor Memory Shape 525 cc implants with alloderm put in.... READ MORE

Downsized Last November and Still Feel Too Big?

Hi! I downsized last November and still feel too big. I have memory gel, mod plus 375ccs, I want to go back to saline ( I feel safer knowing I would... READ MORE

Is 700cc UHP too big? (Photo)

I started at 32a. I have 475cc HP silicone mentor memory gel implants. My surgery was 2/10/15. I wanted bigger, but that was the biggest I could go at... READ MORE

Want my Recent Breast Augmentation Re-done?

I only went for 250cc silicone subgrandular but feel now after abour 6 weeks I could of went bigger.The swelling has gone down and settled.My only... READ MORE

Third set BA; 4 months out, not happy with positioning and comfort of implants. I'm asking for opinions and suggestions! (Photo)

I wanted high up implants, 595cc Ultra-high, round, Memory Gel Implants. They feel wonderful to touch but they are sitting too low on my rib cage. I... READ MORE

2.5 post op Breast implant revision, they are not even. Left side is drop lower than right side. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have breast replace from saline 420cc to memory gel 550cc. For two and half weeks now. But my right side is still higher than Lelf side . What I... READ MORE

I want to change from 325 cc Mentor Moderate Plus to Mentor Memory Shape. Can you recommend a size?

I'm 51, 5' 8", 127 lbs and had my BA in Dec. 14. I started as a 32A/B and had hoped to be a full C/small D. Instead, I am a 32DDD, which seems huge to... READ MORE

Capsular contracture on both breasts using 425cc HP mentor memory gel dual plane. What's my next steps? (photo)

I already talked to my PS about capsulectomy but I read about CC and doctors recommend using a new pocket. I'm already under the muscle now and really... READ MORE

Memory Gel versus Soft Touch Gel- which is more cohesive?

I'm going to be reimplanting in 3-6 months.Not fond of anatomical, which I used to have ,and which are promoted aggressively in Europe I'd like to go... READ MORE

43 year old mother of teenager currently considering revision. (Photo)

I had a BA almost 4 years ago. I never wanted huge breasts but wanted enough to make me feel more proportionate as I am 5'5 and 135lbs athletically... READ MORE

I have memory gel implants and suffer from cat IV capsular contracture. (Photo)

I have capsular construture Iv. I had to have the implant removed. I'm on Medicaid. Should the surgeon replace the implant? I can't imagine having 1... READ MORE

Does the muscle usually tighten up after a breast augmentation? The left breast seems tight and round (Photo)

On Jan 12, I just had a complete capsulectomy on my left breast from a baker grade 4 capsular contracture. I then did an upgrade to 550cc hp memory... READ MORE

My left breast is higher and more full compared to my right after revision from 475 to 600cc.1wk post op. Is this normal?(photo)

In February 2015 I got 475cc silicone memory gel breast implants. I developed capsular contracture in my left breast and opted for revision which I... READ MORE

I have suffered from cc for the 2nd time. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm considering mesh implants however was wondering if I decided to go with a smaller implant would I have a better change of not capsuling again?... READ MORE

Getting smaller breast implants and the risks?

I am 25 years old and have 450cc memory gel implants under the muscle for 3 years and I think they're way too big and I really wish I would have gone... READ MORE

30 year implant removal and replacement with Strattice. Is it ok to sleep on my sides? (Photo)

9 days ago I had my 30 year old implants replaced with Mentor HP silicone with Strattice. I have 800cc memory jel. No bruising. Drains removed at day... READ MORE

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