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Please Help With Lift/Revision Sizing Question? (photo)

I am 5"5, 115, 34DD to 32DDD, with a BWD of 13. I'm getting Natrelle 410 implants, & I currently have McGhan 10's, at 14.8 cm and 480 cc's. My... READ MORE

8 Yr Old McGhan Implants Deflated, How Do I Choose What Type of Implant to Replace them With?

Are there any studies that have shown why one is better than the other. Also, I am now considering the new silicone gel implant, how safe is the... READ MORE

Potential implant exchange. 39 y/o 116 lb, 5 ft 6, Mc Ghan Style 410, 335 g ( w 12.0, h 12.5, p 4.8), surgery 2006. (photos)

I saw a big change in shape lately. The right one changed a few days ago. I had ultrasound yesterday which shows 11 mm liquid under the right implant.... READ MORE

Replace McGhan Anatomical Textured Overs to Silicone Under the Muscle?

Hi Doctors! In 2001, I had implants placed over the muscle by a fantastic surgeon but unfortunately I found out he passed away. After having kids my... READ MORE

Surgeon Referral for "Difficult Cases"? LARGE Implant Removal, Lift. OKC/DALLAS Area

In 2002, I had my first breast augmentation. Due to bad scarring I opted to go with very large implants instead of a lift. I have saline McGhan 850CC... READ MORE

Ruptured Mcgahn Implant replacement Warranty. (photo)

I had my Augmentation in 1998, after 7 yrs. Mcgahn saline implants. My left imlpant decreased in size by at least 1 cup. I had a mammogram and the Dr.... READ MORE

Changing from saline to silicone implants with major asymmetry how will this look? (photo)

12 years ago I got McGhan moderate profile style 65 (15 diameter, 5 projection), 600cc saline implants left overfilled to 700 and right to 630. My... READ MORE

Which type round or anatomical, CC, and profile? (photos)

In 2008 I had inserted 295CC round MCGhan implants, as I don't like big breasts.Although I do not want a Brest lift at this point. I am 169cm, 55 kg,... READ MORE

I am 44yr old had a BA 18yrs ago developed CC in my right breast so had that fixed year later. My breast size pre-op was 34A.

I have 310cc high profile McGhan overs presently but have developed grade IV CC in both breasts right one being more pronounced. My implants have... READ MORE

I had Mcghan saline implants in 2001, replaced 7 years later as right breast had leaky valve. It's leaking again. What can I do?

Now 7 years later my right breast is leaking again. I have a 10 year warranty , my surgeon wants to charge me 4300.00 to replace. This is nothing in... READ MORE

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