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I'm having implant exchange/mastopexy. Will adding Seri-sling to a Capsullorraphy, increase the lifespan of my results?

My implants are 450cc and I am old enough that I do not want to have another breast aug in my lifetime. I am doing this now because I am healthy and... READ MORE

Stitch Abcess? (photo)

A had a revision done on my breast lift plus implants 25 days ago. 4 days ago I removed 2 sutures from the spot in the picture. I sent pictures to my... READ MORE

Silicone Implants Vs Saline?

I am having my old (too large) saline implants removed and having a mastoplexy with smaller implants placed under the muscle with Strattice usage next... READ MORE

Breast lift revision pictures?

I would love to see link to breast lift with implants revision pictures. Specifically scar revision pictures from benelli lift to vertical or other... READ MORE

​I have ruptured saline implant under the muscle. Would silicone implant under the muscle be the best option for me? (photo)

Is Silicone preferred currently?should thin skin go Under muscle? Is waiting risky with deflated implant of saline? Case is a ruptured left implant... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Breasts 11 Months Post Breast Implant Revision, Why Is This Happening? (photos)

I had my mastopexy w/implant surgery in November of 2011. After a few months I noticed that my right breast was not as full as my left. I had a... READ MORE

Is This Normal Progress Following Mastopexy with Augmentation or Symmastia? (photo)

I am a week post-op mastopexy with augmentation. I had saline implants placed 8 years ago and my left implant ruptured. After seeing several plastic... READ MORE

Had a Breast Lift Maxtopexy on Both Breasts, But Caspulectomy on One, Does that Explain the Uneven Swelling?

Open Caspsulectomy on left side with a Breast Lift MASTOPEXY on both breast on December 20,2012. The doctor added 30cc on the left side cause it was... READ MORE

Is 550 / 600 cc enough after a full breast lift? Is it a good choice? (photo)

I'm getting a full breast lift with replacement of my now 425cc saline implants .. After breast feeding 2 kids I have a lot of saggy skin , I'm... READ MORE

Do I need a breast lift on both sides? (Photo)

In a few weeks, I will be exchanging my 520/490cc saline implants for 680/650cc saline & also having a right side mastopexy. It is obvious that I... READ MORE

Had Mastopexy & Augmentation over the Muscle with Anchor Lift. Do I Need a Revision? (photo)

The right breast sits higher as if it hasn't dropped. The vertical cut on the right breast is 3/4" shorter than the left, I'm wondering if this is why... READ MORE

Breast Revision with Lift? (photo)

I am 4 days post of from a breast revision with a lift. Went from style15 397cc to style20 325cc. I am having a lot of swelling next to my breast in... READ MORE

What revision surgery would you recommend to correct sagging mastopexy with implants? (photos)

I am 8 months post submuscular mastopexy with implants and am unhappy with the results as they have dropped considerably. My surgeon has agreed that... READ MORE

Regret size-still too wide and flat. Will they change? 6/11/15-2nd BA 500cc Mentor mod+ sils under muscle with mastopexy (Photo)

5'5"-120, swim build.Upset I changed my mind about not getting hp as I think they'd look grt on me and give me the projection I want/need and fullness... READ MORE

Can I have a breast lift surgery + implants placed under muscle if i already have implants above the muscle?

I already have implants placed above the muscle from a BA from 5 yrs ago, and im planning on a breast lift surgery + implants now.. But dr says if i... READ MORE

Do I need another pocket revision? Do I need another lift?

First surgery- a year ago. Mastopexy (I think lollipop) and augmentation (375, HP, under.) I wasn't happy and my surgeon said he needed to release the... READ MORE

Mastopexy/implant replacement with tuberous breast, what profile would be best? (Photo)

Hello, I am preparing for a mastopexy with implant replacement this week. I was wondering if a moderate +, or HP implant would be best suited for me,... READ MORE

How was I injured so badly during surgery? 72 hours post op donut mastopexy with 360 saline to 375 gummy exchange (Photo)

Upper arm pain as bad as breast pain right after surgery, considered getting sling.brought it up the next day at my post op-told "yes at first... READ MORE

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