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How Do I Choose the Best Size Implants After Mastectomy? Going from 425cc to 650cc

I had 425cc implants put in but I have very little profile. I was a B cup using a great push up padded bra. I am 53, have always wanted larger boobs.... READ MORE

Tear-drop Implant Keeps Flipping Sideways?

After preventative mastecomies and DIEP reconstruction, one side failed and I now have an implant there. This tear-drop coehisve gel implant keeps... READ MORE

Will Insurance Pay for Capsular Contracture if I Had a Mastectomy Because of Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast?

I had a mastectomy and reconstruction done 19 years ago because of fibrocystic disease of the breast. I'ts been 19 years with no problems butI I now... READ MORE

What can be done to improve the look of my asymmetrical, misshapen breasts? (Photo)

Had modified radical mastectomy on right breast a McGhan reconstructive mammary implant, 630 cc inserted, McGhan 110 Biocell gel implant, size 300 on... READ MORE

Had Rads in 2007 & I Don't Have a Radiation Ulcer. Am Currently Going Through Breast Reconstr & Having Issues with Healing.

47 Yr old. Had breast cancer, chemo & rads (whole left breast) in 2007. Had bad mammograms at every 6 month f/up so I opted for bi-lateral MX.... READ MORE

I Was a Pre-Vivor "Trailblazer" but Have Had Complications. Please Help with my Next Decision? (photo)

I had prof. mastectomy '02 w/360cc (low prof.). TOO small. Went up to 450cc's 20 HP. They were ok. After 10 yrs. switched & Dr. put me in 650cc's... READ MORE

Can saline be removed from breast implants during a Mastopexy?

I have 630cc implants that were over filled to get more cleavage. I am having a lift with areola reduction in a few months but I do not have a lot of... READ MORE

6 years ago I have a preventative mastectomy. What type of implant would work best for me?

6 years ago I have a preventative mastectomy. I went from a full D (post kids) to a 600 cc silicone tear drop implant. I have absolutely no fullness... READ MORE

Have Gel Silicone Implant, Want Smaller Implant or Explanted, What Will Skin Look Like?

Had Left Mastectomy B/c of Breast Cancer in May 2011. Have Gel Silicone Implant . Implant Very Uncomfortable Want to Go with Small implant or have it... READ MORE

I am not happy with my gummy bears teardrop! How long do I have to wait before I can change my implants?

I have had a mastectomy w/ recon. While my expanders didn't look perfect they looked big/round (800cc), I had exchange surg. yesterday w/fat drafting,... READ MORE

Can a reduction be done after a nipple sparing mastectomy?

I am small framed, large breasted; 32DDD. Can a reduction be done after implant NSM? What happens if i reduce implant size in terms of excess skin and... READ MORE

Uneven size and position of implants plus hematoma after breast Aug and lift. Revision needed? (photo)

I had a breast lift with an implant 3 weeks ago,and i'm NOT happy with the results! i was told 250cc round implant is my only option,and with... READ MORE

Why are my implants suddenly misshapen after 8 years?

8 years ago I had a preventative mastectomy, nipple sparring with immediate reconstruction. Just recently dents have started to form around my nipples... READ MORE

Expectations post exchange; did I expect too much? Also supposed how much pain I am in?

I had my bilateral exchange yesterday and I know it's still early, my implants are 620cc and was under the impression from my surgeon I would be a... READ MORE

Under muscle or over the muscle?

I hhad silicone oil injected to my breast and after 15v years I decided to remove and reconstruct using Mentor implant but im so confuse for the... READ MORE

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