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How Do I Choose the Best Size Implants After Mastectomy? Going from 425cc to 650cc

I had 425cc implants put in but I have very little profile. I was a B cup using a great push up padded bra. I am 53, have always wanted larger boobs.... READ MORE

Tear-drop Implant Keeps Flipping Sideways?

After preventative mastecomies and DIEP reconstruction, one side failed and I now have an implant there. This tear-drop coehisve gel implant keeps... READ MORE

Will Insurance Pay for Capsular Contracture if I Had a Mastectomy Because of Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast?

I had a mastectomy and reconstruction done 19 years ago because of fibrocystic disease of the breast. I'ts been 19 years with no problems butI I now... READ MORE

What can be done to improve the look of my asymmetrical, misshapen breasts? (Photo)

Had modified radical mastectomy on right breast a McGhan reconstructive mammary implant, 630 cc inserted, McGhan 110 Biocell gel implant, size 300 on... READ MORE

Had Rads in 2007 & I Don't Have a Radiation Ulcer. Am Currently Going Through Breast Reconstr & Having Issues with Healing.

47 Yr old. Had breast cancer, chemo & rads (whole left breast) in 2007. Had bad mammograms at every 6 month f/up so I opted for bi-lateral MX.... READ MORE

I Was a Pre-Vivor "Trailblazer" but Have Had Complications. Please Help with my Next Decision? (photo)

I had prof. mastectomy '02 w/360cc (low prof.). TOO small. Went up to 450cc's 20 HP. They were ok. After 10 yrs. switched & Dr. put me in 650cc's... READ MORE

Can saline be removed from breast implants during a Mastopexy?

I have 630cc implants that were over filled to get more cleavage. I am having a lift with areola reduction in a few months but I do not have a lot of... READ MORE

6 years ago I have a preventative mastectomy. What type of implant would work best for me?

6 years ago I have a preventative mastectomy. I went from a full D (post kids) to a 600 cc silicone tear drop implant. I have absolutely no fullness... READ MORE

Have Gel Silicone Implant, Want Smaller Implant or Explanted, What Will Skin Look Like?

Had Left Mastectomy B/c of Breast Cancer in May 2011. Have Gel Silicone Implant . Implant Very Uncomfortable Want to Go with Small implant or have it... READ MORE

Can a reduction be done after a nipple sparing mastectomy?

I am small framed, large breasted; 32DDD. Can a reduction be done after implant NSM? What happens if i reduce implant size in terms of excess skin and... READ MORE

I am not happy with my gummy bears teardrop! How long do I have to wait before I can change my implants?

I have had a mastectomy w/ recon. While my expanders didn't look perfect they looked big/round (800cc), I had exchange surg. yesterday w/fat drafting,... READ MORE

Don't know what to do. Can't find the right implant for me since Becker implants are no longer available, options? (photo)

I had Becker implants overfilled to 985cc until I had to get new implants. Becker implants are discontinued so I got the new SCX 800 cc natrelle... READ MORE

Uneven size and position of implants plus hematoma after breast Aug and lift. Revision needed? (photo)

I had a breast lift with an implant 3 weeks ago,and i'm NOT happy with the results! i was told 250cc round implant is my only option,and with... READ MORE

Is it possible to still get symmetry and a natural looking result? Should I seek 2nd opinion?

Had double mactecomy with ITE. Had exchange surgery last week not happy with results. Dissoppointed in symmetry and upper pole on left breast is off.... READ MORE

Why are my implants suddenly misshapen after 8 years?

8 years ago I had a preventative mastectomy, nipple sparring with immediate reconstruction. Just recently dents have started to form around my nipples... READ MORE

Expectations post exchange; did I expect too much? Also supposed how much pain I am in?

I had my bilateral exchange yesterday and I know it's still early, my implants are 620cc and was under the impression from my surgeon I would be a... READ MORE

Under muscle or over the muscle?

I hhad silicone oil injected to my breast and after 15v years I decided to remove and reconstruct using Mentor implant but im so confuse for the... READ MORE

My implants are leaking silicone and need to come out, can I get new ones at the age of 71?

Also I'm told that if I don't have them removed that in about 5 years I'll need a total mastectomy because the silicone will start coming out through... READ MORE

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