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Am I Starting to Develop Symmastia 2 After Scar Revision Surgery?

I am 2 weeks p/o from revision surgery to lower my left breast and upsize to 500cc mod plus silicone unders. My cleavage is much closer now and the... READ MORE

Massaging Breast Implant Downwards After Capsulorrhaphy on the Lateral Aspect, For How Long Is This Effective?

I recently had revision surgery- capsulorrhaphy on the lateral sides of the implants. Now they appear to be a lot higher than before. Is there... READ MORE

Would TENS Breast Massage Electrode Pads Be Helpful in Preventing Capsular Contracture?

I have CC on one breast and am going to get new implants but prefer to stay sub-mammary and not make new pockets under the muscle If it can be... READ MORE

Third Breast Augmentation in 9 Months - What Should I Do? (Photo)

Right implant ruptured 7 months post op. So PS redid both implants. 2nd surgery I noticed small hole w/ leakage in incision. The implant dropped thru... READ MORE

Implant Still Wont Drop Even After Revision, What Can I Do? (photo)

I had my orginal surgery in 6/22/11(425 saline sub), and then a surgery in 12/1/11 to "pull the implant down" since my left implant never... READ MORE

Can I Massage my Boobs After Capsullorhaphy?

Had capsullorhaphy a month ago, disolvable stiches were placed. Massage will displace the stiches? Had revisional surgery for bottoming-out. READ MORE

When Should I Massage After Breast Implant Revision?

I Had Implants Removed and Replaced 7 Week Ago, is It Too Late to Start Massage? READ MORE

Should I have a capsulectomy, capsulotomy, or just continue massaging? (photo)

I had my BA almost two years ago. Saline, sub-muscular, with 370cc in the left and 380 cc on the right. A month after, PS recommended massage for the... READ MORE

I Feel the Implant in my Right Nipple? (photo)

Hello, please help me, I just hade my third breast augmentation 450cc subglandular aereola scar Eurosilicone brand and the left breast is bigger than... READ MORE

Do I Need to Have a Pocket Revision? (photo)

I had my surgery 4/24/12, 325cc silicone unders. My left side still hasn't dropped and it's sitting high on my chest wall and slightly into my armpit.... READ MORE

My PS Does Not Want Me to Do Self Massage Therapy on my Lift and Revised Implants, Why? (photo)

My PS does not want me to do self massage therapy on my lifted and revised implants. I am 5 weeks post op. What could be the reasoning? READ MORE

What is causing this dent? And can massage help get rid of this? (photos)

I had my breast implants done over a month ago, but a month in my left breast had a seroma so I had to have a 2nd surgery. The dent in the left breast... READ MORE

What's going on? 6 weeks after re-aug after double bubble, my right breast is high & left is sinking. What do I do? (Photo)

First aug in 7-2013 w/391 cc under-the-muscle silicone, mentor med-profile implants. Double bubble happened. Re-aug happened in 7-2014 & went larger... READ MORE

Did I massage too hard after Capsulotomy (2nd one), or is this outer/underside of breast swelling (no bruising) normal? (photo)

I had my 10day post of from capsulotomy(2nd one I've had on left) and implant exchange(175cc saline to 300saline).I have been instructed to massage,... READ MORE

Breast implant won't drop after capsulotomy. Should I be worried?

I had a capsulotomy last 2 week... I had a capsular contracture in my left breast... but now the implant still high he doesnt drop . im doing severals... READ MORE

My Left Breast is Still Higher then my Right? (photo)

I had surgery in April 12, 2013 my right dropped great! My left still looks long and not as full as my right! I massage everyday and where the band.... READ MORE

Do I have capsular contracture? Do I need a revision surgery? (Photo)

Currently 6 weeks post op. The breast that I am concerned about(left) had excess bruising at 2 weeks PO. I developed a flat spot at week 4-5 post-op.... READ MORE

What is your opinion on my bilateral total capsulectomy with implant exchange and lollipop breast lift surgery? (photo)

I would like to get a second opinion on the size of my areolars, as they appear to me to be different sizes. I would also like to have an opinion of... READ MORE

Does wearing a bra increase my chance of capsular contracture of sub-glandular revision with silicone smooth round 400cc? (photo

5'5", 150 lbs, 63 yr, no preg, no yo-yo dieting or major weight loss. Original implants 1979. Braless since late '80s. 2 revisions / sub-glandular... READ MORE

Massaging Saline Implant! Is It Only Moving the Implants Around or Squeezing Too?

Hi I'm 26 5'2 113 pounds. Had my first B.A 500 cc silicone on 3/9/12 last year in Mexico he also did a lift .I have one baby. Had my second surgery on... READ MORE

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