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Rupture during a mammogram

This may sound silly, but I want to be prepared.  Is a doctor responsible to cover the cost to replace implants if it is ruptured when they... READ MORE

Older Implant Changes and Mamography

I have a 22 year old saline implant on the left that has shifted toward the armpit in the last few years and recently I can feel more rippling/folding... READ MORE

My question is why is my right breast capsulated again and if I get this corrected what are the chances it will happened again?

I had breast augmentation in 2002 silicone implants, in 2006 my right breast capsulated. In 2012 I had my implants replaced with implants that are a... READ MORE

Mammogram done 4 months after breast augmentation revision and now silicone-filled implants look weird. Is this normal? (photo)

I had breast augmentation revision on Oct 2013 due to leaking saline implants. I chose Natrelle style 15 silicone-filled implants that were supposed... READ MORE

Is a revision of silicone breast implant surgery advisable?

In 2006 I got silicone breast implants and a breast lift. In 2009 I had a mammogram and was told the implants were not positioned correctly. They are... READ MORE

My implants have ruptured. Should I replace them with new ones? (Photo)

What would happen if I didn't remove them? The Dr that did my mammogram told me I had lots of scar tissue too. They are 25 yrs old. What would I... READ MORE

I'm wondering if I need my implants replaced? I've had them for 30 years & starting to get some calcification.

I'm worried that my mammograms may not show lumps as easily as in the past. I also don't like the feel of them & there is some slight burning involved. READ MORE

Can an ultrasound detect a ruptured silicone implant?

Hello, I will be going for my mammogram, and an ultrasound. I suspect that my right implant has ruptured do to tenderness upon touching and that it is... READ MORE

Which is better to get before another breast augmentation with silicone implants; mammogram or MRI?

I'm going for another augmentation and they require a mammogram, but I have read that MRI is better at detecting problems, just that insurance doesn't... READ MORE

I had breast implants in 1989. I was informed it would be a good idea to get replacements. Any suggestions?

When I went to get a mammogram, I was informed it would be a good idea to get replacements. Mine are encapsulated at this point. When I received the... READ MORE

Breast implants for 10 years, with no complications all this time. Mammogram shows one is leaking. How much for a replacement?

My last mammogram shows one is liking they are silicone, i'd like to know how much approx, will be remove and implant a new ones READ MORE

Can I reimplant if I have had abnormal mammogram and biopsy showing fat necrosis beside my scar?

Two years ago I had my 26 year old saline implants removed along with a breast lift. I have lost 20 pounds since then (now 145) and my breasts keep... READ MORE

Bottomed Out implants, how would you correct this? (photos)

12 yr old implants bottomed out After breastfeeding 3 babies. I have very little tissue & thin skin. I want smaller implants & to correct the... READ MORE

Should the capsule be removed from saline under the muscle implants for health reasons and to view mammograms more clearly?

I previously had ruptured silicone under the muscle implants that ruptured after a mammogram. I replaced those with saline under the muscle implants... READ MORE

Is it ok to have revision already after only having augmentation 11 weeks ago? (Photo)

Pain in right breast after Mentor high-profile saline implants. Had mammogram says right implant is over muscle left is under muscle. Lots of cramping... READ MORE

Mammograms easier with over or under muscle saline implants?

Having 2nd BA in 2 weeks. Switching out from 339cc under silicone implants to approximately 550 cc saline. Are mammograms easier to read with implant... READ MORE

Do I need to have two surgeries or it can be done at once: remove leaking implants, capsulectomy and put new implants?

I had my implants in 1993. After my mamogram /ultrasound I was referred to a hospital for a consultation. A surgeon told me that my implants (both)... READ MORE

What should I do about leaking implants after mammograms?

I had an augmentation, lift and implants put in in 2002. In 2011 after a mammogram the left implant (saline) leaked. The doctor filled it or put... READ MORE

How soon after breast surgery can I have a mammogram?

I had to have my breast redone because of a capsule contractions 6 weeks ago. I discovered a lump a couple of weeks ago and my doctor told me to get a... READ MORE

Can one under-muscle implant be exchanged for sub-glanular (over muscle) since I am experiencing major flexion?

I originally had OM augmentation in 1995 & had them replaced when they began to ripple after 17 years. I believe the rippling was due to the age of... READ MORE

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