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I Am Wanting to Have Large Implants Exchanged for Smaller Ones, What About the Risk of Loose Skin?

I am 5'2 and have implants which were overfilled to 350 cc. i have been measured and told i am 32DD. i feel this is too large for my frame and... READ MORE

Will Revision of Saline 400cc Down to Silicone 300cc Result in Excessive Loose Skin? (photo)

In 2004 at 43, I requested to go from AA/A to mod C. I had sub-musc 375cc saline o/f to 405cc implants. Ended up a DD and too big. I dislike how low... READ MORE

Loose Skin and Rippling 4 Weeks Post Under the Muscle Silicone Breast Revision Surgery (photo)

I went from over to under the muscle silicone revision surgery. My right breast has loose skin on the outer side, unnatural shape, rippling in... READ MORE

Would You Recommend 650cc HP or 550cc Mod +? (photo)

Drs are requesting repost with photos so here it is. I'm switching from saline to silicone, measure 14 diameter with current 480cc mods saline. Need... READ MORE

Can my right breast implant be exchanged for a smaller implant without loose skin?

Hello, I had my PIP ruptured implants removed in March 2012.  These were extra high profile 265cc in the left and 245cc... READ MORE

Implant Size/type for Revision to Go Smaller and Avoid Bottoming out in 50 Yo? (photo)

Surgery 2004. 400 saline mods o/f to 425, 34DD. 5’ 7,” 125-130 lbs. size 4, large ribcage (32”), broad shoulders. Left implant... READ MORE

How Likely is It That my Doctor Will Fix the Assymetry That I Orginally Saw Him For?

7/20/11 I had Mastopexy/Aug & TT/lipo, for breast asymmetry, & loose sagging skin Pre-op right-c cup & left D-DD(did lollipop smooth mod... READ MORE

Will Loose Skin After a Breast Revision Tighten over Time?

6 wks postop. Over muscle saline 325 implants replaced with silicone 375 under muscle due to capsular contracture. Initially implants were not... READ MORE

Loose Skin, Abnormal Cleavage After Implant Exchange? (photo)

Original BA 350 cc saline 7 years ago. Very hard and unnatural. Had exchange done 4 mths ago. Asked for 500 cc hp silicone and ps put in 650 cc.... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, my breast has a weird shape, nipple are too high, and have loose skin. Is this normal? (photos)

Please help.. 4 weeks post op. This is the third time. 350 and 375cc over muscle. Theres a "line" across my right breast and a square shape. In... READ MORE

Enlargement of nipple/aureola size and unwanted stretch-marks due to implant change from 400cc to 835cc. (photo)

My surgeon says that my skin is fairly loose with my current implant (400cc) and an 835cc extra high profile implant will fit without problems. I am... READ MORE

Loose Skin Under Breast After Revision?

Silicon implant popped in sugery I ended up getting capsular contracture. After 4 months I had it redone now I have loose skin under my breast! I... READ MORE

Is It Impossible to Have Loose Folds of Skin in Your Armpits After Downsizing Breast Implants? (photo)

I downsized from Natrelle Style 15 Mod+ 371cc implants to Style 10 Mods 240ccs two months ago. My old implants were in for 1 yr and 7 mths. Without... READ MORE

Desperate for answers on my recent revision surgery. Please help. (photos)

I already started with large saggy breast as seen in pic. I got 800 cc saline. Loved them!loved the roundness fullness. But still had loose skin. 6... READ MORE

Breast implant revision, smaller size desired. Will my skin shrink back? (Photo)

Hi, I got a breast implant in April (6 months ago) I got ModPlus 520 CC's. I don't like how big they are because I'm so athletic, and I honestly feel... READ MORE

After weight loss, can a larger implant help fill loose skin as well as give me more cleavage? (Photo)

I lost 42 lbs and now have more of a gap inbetween my breasts and lose skin. I would like bigger breasts and more cleavage while maintaining the look... READ MORE

Is it normal that one of my implants has not dropped after almost 6 weeks?

Surgeon replaced 600cc silicone with same size. Needed strattice to cover a spot on right breast where implant was visibly protruding. He used... READ MORE

Downsizing from 450 to 300cc, is there a chance I will have loose skin afterwards?

I got 450cc 4 months ago and I think they are way too big. I am downsizing to 300cc on Feb 6th. I am 43 years old. I am scared I might have excess of... READ MORE

Can I obtain this look? (Photo)

I am looking into a re-augmentation, this is the look that I want to go for. I am thinking 700-750cc HP silicone implants, placed under. I am... READ MORE

BA revision with larger implant/bottoming out + diastasis recti, umblical hernia, minimal loose skin. (Photo)

I have 450 cc high profile silicone implants in Jan.'13. Which have bottomed out & Im not satisfied w/ lack of cleavage. I ONLY have minimal loose... READ MORE

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